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My Twitter widget no longer works

Since the introduction of the new Twitter API, Twitter requires all users that make requests to their API (which the plugin does ) to register for a new application in order to get their associated keys.

Visit this page to register your new application:

When creating the application use the below fields as a guide when completing the form.

Name: My website Twitter integration
Description: Application to integrate my website with twitter
Website: Your full website URL
Callback URL: Your full website URL

One you have successfully completing the application request you will be directed to a page listing your application. On this page will be the required keys for the plugin.

Simply copy and paste the following keys into the plugin settings:
  • Consumer Key
  • Comsumer Secret
  • Access Key
  • Access Key Secret

This only has to be done once.

I received the error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_post_thumbnail() in public_html/wp-content/plugins/advanced-widget-pack/lib/advanced_widget_pack.class.php on line 497

Your theme must support “post-thumbnails” to be able to display the thumbnail images. If you theme does not support post-thumbnails add the below code to your current theme’s “functions.php” file.


Does the plugin support Custom Posts Types?

Yes, the “Latest”, “Popular” & “Random” widgets support custom posts types.

How do I change the default “No Image available” icon

In the widget folder there is a folder called “images”. Inside this folder you will find a 75px by 75px .png image called “nothumb.png”. Simply create your own .png image with the same name and dimensions and copy it to the images folder overwriting the original.

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