Discussion on Advanced Hosting Cart - WHMCS Order Form Template - One Page Review & Checkout

Discussion on Advanced Hosting Cart - WHMCS Order Form Template - One Page Review & Checkout

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Hi There,

I bought this orderform but it’s not working on WHMCS V8.

Please provide a refund as this will not work for me.

When will you make it compatible with 8.4.1

When will you make it compatible with 8.1.3?

Good luck with your sales

When will you make it compatible with 8.1.3?

hi any updates on support for WHMCS 8 as i see 8.1 is already in Beta

Hi there, I just have a presale question, is compatible with WHMCS? if not.. do you have a date for a new update with 8.0 compatibility?? Thanks!

Hello, yes, we will soon update the product and notify you. Thanks.

I am having an issue, but your support link doesn’t seems to be working. Please get in touch.

Hi, I am Mahmudul hasan Rubel from RactStudio. Please use and send your issues. I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Thank you.

Pre purchase question. In Bangladesh can i use bkash payment checkout if i buy from sslcommerze or from others. Can you add that module with extra charge? Thank you

Hi, suronjitweb; Yes, we can help with the sslcommerze. We are also from Bangladesh so, you can directly call us here (+8801734998405) or email us at


*Sorry for the late reply…

Hello. From 4 configurable options with Quantity Option Type, only on the first the price are recalculated in the cart. This happens only when i’m using the Advanced Hosting Cart. With another types of hosting carts all is OK and when i change some of the configurable options quantity, the the prices are recalculated.

I have sent you an email with the solution. Please check your email. Thanks.

Yes, thank you. But is not what i want :) I want the initial style of input boxes like it was in your demo.

Input box was an unwanted bug and I fixed it the way it should be… Also, This input box wasn’t in our actual demo anywhere… Thanks…

Hello. After I purchased the Advanced Hosting Cart Orderforms and uploaded it in the orderforms folder I got a spritps.min.js error after searching for a domain with the error “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘register’ of undefined” and the domain suggestion have an infinity load. with the standard modern orderform its working. I have the WHMCS Version 7.9.1

i need this kind of slider ( ) check screenshot i want this slider to be in my website and that connect to whmcs product configuration and when click order now open this ( kindly check this

Hi, it’s possible. Please contact me on Skype: live:ractstudio or Email me: for further discussion… Thanks.

Hi there,

The order form domain validation does not seem to work. Even on your demo page the bug exists:

1) Click on “order now” for any product 2) Choose, for example, “own domain” 3) Enter any domain name and click continue, for example “”

4) The message “Invalid domain name provided

Domains must begin with a letter or a number and be between and characters in length Please check your entry and try again.”

is shown

How can this be fixed? Thanks!

Hello wpopt;

Please delete your templates_c cache files from your WHMCS and your cookies, cache etc from your browser. Then try again. This problem sometimes happens with WHMCS.

We didn’t change any internal code that actually might cause this problem. We have actually visually changed the design of the Standard Cart Order Form.

Yet if this problem occurs very often, then, please see that the file permissions of the WHMCS installation directory are correct and also try changing the Domain Registrar (Lookup Provider from Domain Pricing page in WHMCS Admin) and do it a few times. Also, when you are doing it, try searching domains from the front end of WHMCS (Client Area – Order Form), this might resolve the issue. Finally, when the issue resolved, change the Domain Lookup provider as your choice. But I recommend using the WHMCS Name Spinning Lookup provider.

Hope this troubleshooting guide will help you. If you need any more help then do not hesitate to contact me (

Best Regard.


Greetings, I’ve done all the steps you have mentioned but unfortunately the issue persists. It is only this order form that has this problem – others work without any issue. Copying the js files from the js folder in standard_cart partially fixes the issue, but when different options are selected in the domain registration box (register domain, transfer domain etc) the text underneath does not update (for example, you select “Transfer a domain” – the text underneath still says “Register a new domain”) so it’s still confusing and not usable at this time.


May I ask you which module or configuration you are using on the available add-ons section please? For example addons “Protect your site with SSL” and “Powerful Website Builder” allows the client to have multiple choice for an addons.


Unable to unzip your archive. complains about access denied to desktop.ini. Also other file .TPL inside the zip.

I also cant register to your Support site, its not sending me activation link.

could you check both please. Thanks Denny

How do we get support for this? your not replying here and your support ticket system does not work. i am not receiving and emails so i cant open a ticket.

I need a zip that works, can use this for 2 days now.

wow no way to get help, purchased this and cant unzip the file. No replies to my requests here and no way to reach them from their website!

hi, have error when i try select orden form…

Oops! Page Not Found

We couldn’t find that page.

Please try navigating using the options below.

Hello, I bought this addon in codecayon through the whmcs marketplace, everything apparently worked fine, until I decided to do tests, when I select a dedicated server and the system asks if you want to register an domain, transfer it, or manage it yourself, it generates failures “Invalid domain name provided” to any type of domain that is placed, investigating apparently is an exclusive problem of the cart form that I acquired from you, please request your help to resolve this as soon as possible.

I Use WHMCS 7.7.1 and PHP 7.2

I have repaired the problem temporarily by making the following changes:

Original file Standart Cart:


Copy to the address:

public_html/templates/orderforms/hosting_cart/js/scripts.min.js (replacing the original)

Edit the file and modify the following line: 

jQuery (”# ​​order-standard_cart”). find (“input”). not (”. no-icheck”). iCheck ({

For this: 

jQuery (”# ​​order-rs_hosting_cart”). find (“input”). not (”. no-icheck”). iCheck ({

In that way I fixed the error of “Invalid domain name provided” in its plugin.I hope I get an updated and corrected version so I will change my rating once I answer my support tickets.

  • This correction is done for WHMCS 7.7.x version

Is the “One Page Review & Checkout ” can be tranlated in another language ?

Hi Ismael;

Yes. It is fully translatable into another language. This Order Form using the default “Standard Cart” order form languages from WHMCS. So, just translate those similarities with WHMCS standard cart order form and you will get what you need within your language.

Also, you can manually add text into the order form core .tpl and .html etc file as STATIC form.

Note: This is not yet support WHMCS v7.7…


Thanks for the information

How do I activate the “Recommended for you” in the checkout?

Hi, just use the standard WHMCS procedure to add add-on and to assign to the appropriate product you want, The add-on automatically will show when a user adds the product in the cart as “Recommended for you” in the checkout. You don’t need to do anything special for it. Thanks.

Hello, How do i get my ssl certificate and other add-ons display for selection during checkout like the one in your demo

Hi, just use the standard WHMCS procedure to add SSL add-on and to assign to the appropriate product you want, therefore the SSL add-on automatically will show when a user adds the product in the cart and checkout. Thanks.


how can send you the image for error with theme


Use our support center here:



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