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deover Purchased

Good day dear developer Today bought your script. Works great! Very pleased with his work. But there is one problem. The script does not check domains * .team. How can I check these domains? Thank you!

Hi, I’ve tested it on the domain fish.team and it works fine for me. Also could you try port 587 for the email ?


deover Purchased

Hi. 587 port does not work on yandex mail. When adding nttp: //fish.team to monitor, get a 504 response gateway time-out


deover Purchased

Error in server logs by adding 465 port-mail: [error] 547#547: 9361 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client: 46...16, server: .ru, request: “POST /index.php?p=admin/mail_settings HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “http://109...67:8080/index.php?p=admin/mail_settings”, host: “.ru”, referrer: “http://**.ru/index.php?p=admin/mail_settings”

Add Domain * .team and did not work unfortunately. http://nanopic.ru/image/Jhb

Why is there a 5 site limit? Is there a way for me to monitor more websites?

Hello, go to Administration -> Users and edit your current user, and set “Maximum servers” to 0

Thank you soooo much! Don’t know how I missed that setting.

Hi! A very interesting script. Question. Is it possible to monitor the server on certain grounds? For example, whether the text or logo on the page?

Nope, that is not possible unfortunately


rreddel Purchased

Your product is great and I am a loyal customer. I would like to enhance how I use it and I believe it would be great to add SMS notification to alert when a site goes down. Do you know if there Is a way to add SMS notification?

Hello, I’ve set all the environment correctly (also the crontab) and system check keep saying all is OK, but when I click on a server to see the details it stucks with the message “Loading Dashboard, please wait for a moment.”.

What can be the problem? Thanks for the support


What browser are you using ? And when you go to Server Manager, do you also see this message?

Greetings, I would like to know if your script has SMS integration with services such as pushover ? If not, how do we get SMS notifications?

Thank you


No, the script does not support SMS integration. The script only supports: - email (SMTP / PHP) - Pushbullet

So you can’t get SMS notifications.


I have add : curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST, false);

line 130

On cronjob/Checker.php for resolve the “SSL certificate subject name does not match target host name” error

Check the SSL Y / N for a website, could be an option for the next update ;)

Hello! I’ve just bought your script and got it up and running. However, if i try to sign in, i just get redirected back to the login page.

Tried removing the if is logged in on index just to test, and then signed in , but it only says that the session expired or invalid token.

Any solutions for this? I’m developing on Mamp.


The demo does work fine for me. I can try to make my own login / registration system if I cant get it to work..

What you also can try is upload it on a webhosting or try it on xampp maybe that will work.

Hi again! Thanks for the reply. Has to be some kind of problem with mamp and not the code itself. XAMPP works fine. Have done a custom solution for the login and signup.

Thanks again for the support!

Hi great script, i was wondering do it has RSS feeds also of downtime and uptime like they have uptimerobot.com … so that i can access that feeds in my other PHP scripts ….. and i cannot check my own sites in demo …. how can i check them ?


The system does not support RSS Feeds (yet). Also, I’ve disabled most of the features in the demo to keep the demo clean.


abadux Purchased

Hello, Install worked 100%, however I have the following problems! 1) Why dont you have a email for support – Do you really expect user to post FTP info for problem solving here – That really bad service. 2) If you delete a service check, it acts really weird – It only deletes after a few tries – only then it gets deleted. 3) Monitoring does not work – We want to log uptime on routers, however all test fail – Message is [Uptime Monitor] “Site” is offline – We detected unknown error on your website – Error cod7 and also HTTP Code:0 say – this is for a service say on http://router.net:8080. However If I check it with your own site on http://webresolver.nl/tools/ping the router pings 100% fine – then using that same address for a service to log then it does not work and get the above errors. Please advise

Hi Their,

what if i want to monitor someother port? how do i do it? is their a place to change the port??


You can monitor ports by entering in the url field http://domain.com:port/

The port that you try to monitor must have a webserver to work

ok thx, so it check web server responses!


i am not getting any advanced statistics, i am onlly able to see the following

Statistics Today Name domain URL http://www.domain.com Today uptime 100% Total uptime 100% Server online for blank

Can you make a screenshot of it and send it to me?

When I try to export the entire server list and all information, clicking the “download” link throws a 500 error.

Clicking on the “see documentation” link on the “Complete Installation” page throws a 403 error.

I have screen shots for both cases if you want them.

Otherwise, everything seems to be working as expected. Nice work!

My main priority is figuring out how to configure the .csv to bulk upload all my servers rather than doing it manually.



The 403 error should be fixed now.

Also can you send me a live demo trough email ? You can contact me by email via my profile.

Regards, Justin

Hi, great script, thanks! Is there a way to check page loading times for past 30days? (that would be a good feature)

No, this is not possible (yet). I was planning to add this feature in the next version.

Is it possible to put monitoring scripts on multiple servers? So 1 dashboard script but other severs check the uptimes?

No, this is not possible.

Love the script, great work!

Thanks again for the great work and feel free to reply if you’re interested in working together, further. Quality code! Saved me a ton of time.

Do you have some design notes for me, please? Specifically for the login page design.

Thanks again!

Regards, Brian Furphy Founder PC Uptime, Inc. 1-800-PC-Uptime www.pcuptime.com

Hi there,


The dashboard is just a clean bootstrap layout with small changes. And the login page is just a remake from an image.

Regards, Justin

I need this to ping server IPs instead of URLs. I will buy this as soon as you can add this feature. Please reply to this comment when/if added so I can purchase :)

This was already on the todo list, but I don’t have an ETA yet. But if I release it, I will let you know.

Do you offer customization service to this script

Depends on what kind of customizations


kimaaa Purchased

Hello, Great script but can i also ping a Ip adress?

No, you can check an IP address if that IP address contains a webserver, but you can’t ping it.


IMSware Purchased


Is there any way to beautify the widgets (like seen on isUp.li)?