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Hi, when you expect release new version 1.5? Thanks

I don’t have an ETA yet. You can check the progress of version 1.5 here. https://monitor.p00.nl/newVersion.php

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Why am i getting this error “Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on boolean in ….includes/database.php on line 13”

Seems a select statement is being done in database.php but db is still empty

Hi, did you get any errors while installing the script?


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I first did not get install screen at all, only above error. So I manually ran database.sql and then opened base url, that brought install screen fine and and all good now.

Hmm weird, that should not supposed to happen. I’m glad you got it now!


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Can I change the homepage to show a html landing page instead? I have the html page, so simply giving a link to login/register pages, will that work?

It will, but you have to move the system to another folder.

So if you have the panel in your root directory, create a new folder called panel or something like that and move the monitor into that folder, and after that you can add a homepage in your root directory.


csine Purchased

That means I have to reinstall in subfolder? Or can I put landing page in subfolder (home) and use root htaccess redirect to home folder.

Otherwise, why not in root itself? I understand you need index.php in root to be intact, but is default page required to be index.php in root folder? If the default page is index.html instead, wont that work with the monitoring code, because you will use explicit index.php in urls – rite?

It should also work with index.php and index.html in the root folder but not sure.

Also when you move the panel you don’t have to reinstall the system.


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Hi, I installed your script but the cron doesn’t works. My hosting support tell me that the cron is well configured but the application still doesnt works and the cron doesn’t run. this is the script error:

The last cronjob runtime was at 0000-00-00 00:00:00 so it seems like your cronjob stopped working.

Can you send me a screenshot of your cronjob configuration?

Could you try to rename /usr/local/bin/php to /usr/bin/php

I want this script to also check for cPanel Account suspended status. 500 Internal Error. Can this do the test as I said

The script can check for 500 internal errors but not for cPanel suspended accounts.

Hello, do you plan to make authentication check. I have some webpages with username and password to check ? Actually I use opensource zabbix, but is big system and hard to maintain. http://www.zabbix.com/web_scenarios ?

Hi there,

No, I don’t have any plans to make an authentication checker.

Is it possible to enable keyword monitoring?

No, this is not possible.

Hi there,

Sorry for the late response, I missed your message. But if you mean something like this: https://monitor.p00.nl/demo/widget.php?id=1
Then it is possible.

Kind regards,


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Is it possible to define (maybe recurring) maintenance windows?



This is not possible unfortunately.

Figured it out

Hey Justin, i had some questions, but they where ansered by you with this link: https://monitor.p00.nl/newVersion.php

What i need in particular are the SMS notifications and the Public Status Page, It is so great to see that they are comming soon, cant wait!

I am currently using a free php server monitor script which lacks a lot of features but has sms notifications.

Anyways, i have some other questions:

1)Will globalsms be supported? 2)Have you redisigned the overview page? 3)Do you have any newsletter / can i be notified when the new version is ready? 4)Under which licence do you release it? (just asking if i can make modifications to it when i own a licence) 5)Is it possible to scan for a specific text on a website? might be a special request but i need this feature to be sure that the website is online 6) is it possible to check for other services / ping? the script i currently use can check for example game-servers (ports) if they are online.

unfortunatelly i cant use this script without sms notifications :(

kind regards Patrick

Hey Patrick,

I’m glad you like the upcoming features!

1) What do you mean with global SMS?
2) On the overview page is the navbar changed.
3) Sure, send me an email trough my profile and I will notify you.
4) It will be released under the regular licence, you can modify the script but you can’t resell it.
5) No, it is not possible to scan for a specific text. (yet)
6) In the new version it is possible to scan for ports and ping an IP. Ping only works when the PHP exec() function is enabled.

Kind regards,

1) sry i meant smsglobal https://www.smsglobal.com/, but i can also use another provider :)

3) will do that

4) thanks, that should work

5) thats unfortunat, but i think status code will be fine tho.

6) sounds great :D

thank you for the clarifications! looking forward to the new version.

1) Ooh, In the beta version I currently use MessageBird, but maybe I’ll add some other providers later as well


I am interested in the “Support for Advanced Website Uptime Monitor ”.

I need to know two things: - if it is possible to install it on a php 7 server with mariadb - if the extended version has some extra features.

Thank you, Andrei Revenco

Hi there,

I currently run the script on PHP 7.1 and MariaDB 10.2 and everything works fine.

No, with the extended version you will be able to use the script on multiple sites. More info here: https://codecanyon.net/licenses/terms/extended

- Justin

I have a problem.

After install I am receiving error 500.

In the http eror log I have: Mon Jul 17 23:05:46.680386 2017 pid 28737 PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on boolean in /var/www/html/dev/includes/database.php:13\nStack trace:\n#0 /var/www/html/dev/includes/autoload.php(21): require_once()\n#1 /var/www/html/dev/index.php(6): require_once(’/var/www/html/d…’)\n#2 {main}\n thrown in /var/www/html/dev/includes/database.php on line 13

Looks like something went wrong with the installation. Would you mind sharing me your webhost details in email ? Or support through teamviewer?

I managed to find out that the config table was not created. Please give me a dump of that table wit a user and I will manage from here.


It is a bit more complicated to give you file access to the server. I have to send you the authentication key – please let me know what is your email address.



My email is: info@qw0.eu

- Justin


arevenco Purchased

Hi again,

I have found a series of issues and I don’t exactly if there are bugs or there are some compatibility issues.

1. New account cannot login: - I have created a new account - I have confirmed it - what trying to login with the given credentials I receive the error: “This username/email or password was not found.” (after checking the database I notice that the new users are not inseted in the user table)

2. The statistics page has some bugs: - today uptime is 0% - total uptime is 0% - request succeded is 0 - request failed is 0 - average load time is not being calculated (I think)

- even if it was downtime, I see the message “there was no downtime today”

3. On the main dashboard page: - I have the value “0” on “Averages” for all 3 entries - total response codes is always 0 - “Response codes last hour (all servers)” is empty

Best regards, Andrei Revenco

Answered on through mail.

Hey – first of all let me say this looks very cool and waiting for you finish 1.5 before i purchase

i have noticed you haven’t started doing the “public pages” part of the update – may i suggest you configure access from this open source project to your service and that way your clients can benefit out of the public pages ? – this is the project i am referring to https://cachethq.io/

good luck

Hi there,

Thanks, I will take a look into it. But I can’t promise I will use it.