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hi sir, is it possible i host my on videos in a folder and play them randomly with your player without hosting it with any other service.


This plugin supports videos hosted on Vimeo servers exclusively, so it would not be suitable for this purpose.

Hello Tean Support, we are unable to run the player, please provide your support


Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with details of your issue and provide a link to your webpage so we can have a look.

We have sent you message, please check and reply

Presales—can this plug do an video preview on hover (where the video starts playing when the mouse is over the image)? My client’s website will be using Vimeo videos.


No, this feature is not available.

Joomla 3.6.4 Installation Errors.

Warning JInstaller: :Install: Can’t find XML setup file. Error Unable to find install package


This is jquery plugin, its not meant for Joomla.

Bummer. My mistake. Please refund my charges. Deposit via PayPal Receipt: RCD8963242

We can only provide refund if the item hasn’t been downloaded.


I am a beginner to this stuff, but desperately needed something to play our church’s sermons on iOS through our Vimeo channel. Can you provide some help on how to launch this? I have copied and pasted all Vimeo info into the file as designated in the help from the Vimeo API app. It still says that the vimeo info cannot be found.



Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with more details and a link to your webpage.

hi. I set this up here on my server--http://imaginatii.com/lasermd/stories works. Another server….http://imaginatii.website/stories2/ works! My clients server—which is digital ocean….does not work. I also set up my own instance of a digital ocean server/droplet here: and it doesn’t work. The error is could not retrieve vimeo data…it gives a 500 error on the CURL with these servers. Any idea what could be going on here?


We have replied to your email.

As it seems I can’t get a refund on this player. How can I use this with Adobe Muse? Can I export it in some way or add it into muse to use a widget? I want to be able to Link my Vimeo albums so that the player auto updates whatever video I have in that album folder on Vimeo.


I am not familiar with Adobe muse. Can you add it to the page in standard way? (copy / paste parts of the player from head and body tag into your webpage)

Hi Sir. Does it include a progress tracking API? So I can apply for online classes

Is there a link to this tracking API on Vimeo or this is supposed to be custom?

Ok, I understand. Player does get progress times internally (current time / duration) as video plays, but I guess you need some custom work to make use of this?

will this autoplay vimeo groups on mobile devices? Will it work with Visual Composer?


No, it cannot autoplay on mobile because mobile browsers like Apple ios dont allow that.

This is jquery plugin for non wordpress so there is no visual composer here.

Hi, Can I just use this for simple html5 website pages that will each hold 5-8 of my videos that are hidden from Vimeo and play one after the other with just a single play ? Please note just single videos no channels, groups, portfolios etc… and ALL HIDDEN from vimeo. Thanks !!

Thanks ! I am about to switch from PRO vimeo subscription to PLUS, they say there is NO third party player support. Is our template considered a third party player or is it a “vimeo” player ? That is very very important to me ! Thanks for your support ! Great template by the way !!!! Really love it.

This is a Vimeo player.

great thanks !!!!!!!!

We’ve been looking for a nice Vimeo playlist product, and we think this is it! The only possible issue for us is the playlist location…we wish to use a vertically scrolling playlist under the video. We’ve only seen demos with a horizontally scrolling playlist under. Is it possible to always force a vertical scrolling playlist of x height under the video player? (fingers crossed)


Hello and thanks for your interest!

Playlist comes as vertical right or horizontal bottom in this plugin.

Unfortunately there is no vertical bottom playlist example.

Thanks for the quick response! We’d love it if you’d consider adding this to the feature request list.

Thanks for the suggestion, we will consider this as part of future updates.

How do I go about getting a refund? I got this for my company a few days ago and it has been impossible to implement. I had assumed I was purchasing something that was a little more user-friendly. I was hoping I could drop the sample code on our web page, point it to our album and customize the CSS. The instructions given were quite obtuse. Even to the 2 web developers I gave this to when I gave up. A full day later and no success. I would just like to find a different solution.

1. upload unmodified deploy folder in empty directory to your website

2. add vimeo api keys inside outside-web-root-settings.php

3. show me the link to index_scroll.html

You ave error in console:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)


Not sure if it cant access that php file because of some server settings or its just not there.

If you cant resolve this I would suggest contacting server admin and asking why you get 404 not found on this link.

Advanced Vimeo Video Player Regular License 6 months support (expires on 28 Mar 2018) Purchase code: 8ee53c4e-145d-46af-b454-70b0d06fed48

Hi, Is there an option to play home movie clips that are not vimeo’d?

It an excellent product !! djb


This player support video types from Vimeo, so unfortunately its not possible to play different type videos.


Ta, Do you have a complete config help, cant seem to find it??

Documentation is in source/help directory.

Hi, Is there possible to have a random play inside the player using hundreds of vimeo videos? I mean if I add 100 videos inside the player if there is a possibilty each time the player starts to play randomly from the videos. Thanks !!


There is no such feature in this plugin, but If you embed this into a page, why cant you add this php to detect it because use rip and timestamp its not related to vimeo?

you mean it is not in your plugin but it is in vimeo api and with php you can embed it into html page ?

Sorry, I am not familiar with this feature. This plugin uses vimeo iframe embed: https://developer.vimeo.com/player/embedding

We are already using Video Player HTML5 Youtube Vimeo – Wp Plugin on two sites for a client—they are now asking if we can setup another using a responsive Wall Layout using Vimeo videos like this application has.

Unfortunately the current plugin of yours we are using doesn’t support this type of Layout - unless I am missing something.

We need to use whatever you suggest inside a Wordpress based website.

Thanks in advance for your help with this.


I dont have anything similar to wall layout using vimeo videos, only video players.


Hello, I cannot seem to get this code working. I am just trying to test locally with adding an album from my Vimeo page, and I am getting the error: There was an error retrieveing vimeo data: undefined. Then if I inspect the page, the console reads:

Failed to load file:///


C:/Users/Mikew/Downloads/codecanyon-7868738-advanced-vimeo-video-player/_deploy/includes/vimeo/vimeo_data.php?rand=8062690.944593793&type=vimeo_user_album&path=4784417&user=57739726&sort=date&query=&page=1&per_page=21: Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https.

Any ideas?


You need to use local server like xampp.

Thanks. I didn’t think about that. So, I got that setup now. But now I have a new issue. The console reads: You must use OAuth 2 over a secure connection (HTTPS). I don’t get an error, but the playlist never loads.

Nevermind. I got it working. I edited the vimeo.php file earlier in testing. But I changed it back. Thanks for you help!


We are not able to launch the Demo player, it is not working “Out of the box”, without any code changes or customizations. Please let us know what can you do to help?


please upload unmodified deploy folder in empty directory on your server, set up your vimeo api keys per help instructions, and show me the link to some demo like index_scroll.html


is this video player compatible with videos on our own website, or it is just working and playing remote videos on vimeo?


This plugin will play videos from Vimeo servers.

If you need a video player that can play videos from Vimeo servers and self hosted videos from your servers we can recommend several to choose from: