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Question: Is your php script compatible with php7

Thank you

I speak on the home not in the admin


Then I talk about it as a function?

Thank you

Will consider in future about the concepts you showed.

demo link not working, Correct the link to see before I buy this. I wanted to add to PHP pages and not wordpress. Will this work for php pages. Thanks

We have fixed it. It was an issue with database password. We changed the passwords but forgot to change in the files :) Thanks for noticing and informing


A year and a month ago not received new update? Do you plan to add an update? with new functionality

Thank you


I need to know a date? I am working on the new version of our site To avoid doing the same thing twice,

Thank you

Almost completed. If you come online in Skype then we can share a screen with you before releasing an update

Hello, I’m sorry, I do not have Skype, only by email Thank you


I’m still waiting for a date?

Thank you


Corrected your file “average_ratings.php” Missing a ’../’ on the logo and the css file.

Very good job, I am very happy with the update. We have soon finished our new site.

It is simply missing a member area for customers to submit or edit their reviews.

Thank you, also wish you a very happy new year 2018!


There is a problem on the update? I did a test I publish a testimony, testimony is well published. the only problem, a positive testimony, is a negative testimony attached image?

Except that there is only one testimony, why it but in addition a negative opinion Another small problem in mobile phone mode It is missing a css code. We do not see the rest of the block? attached image? Then an error on our log file
[08-Jan-2018 12:31:20 UTC] PHP Warning:  Division by zero in /home/temoignages/public_html/temoignages/common.php on line 297

We will soon renew our support for 12 months in the future days.

Thank you,

Thanks for notification. Will update in the next release soon


When is the new update planned?


I think you need to fix the script for explorer 11 – the images show up huge.

in testimonial.css find .tc-client-image img { class selector and look for width property which is width: auto; Change that to width: 100%;

Hello Mr admin

It would be nice later that you also give the modified functions or lines; this makes it easier to replace our changes over time (especially on large files). I have installed the next to last version, the list of files that have edit on the latest version?


You can use compare files using


Could you please give me the .POT file for me to add new translation strings on PO and MO files

Thank you

We don’t have a POT Template but you can do using PO-edit Software Kindly please post your question at our support forum. I see you have not yet extended license your support license is expired


Support Forum Address ?

0) How to add chain news with PO-edit software under mac?

1) I see that our payment by PayPal has not yet been validated, I speak on the renewal of the support Waiting for answer by paypal

2) I add a new category field on the form with the JS function everything works fine except that the category is not add on the testimonial once validate?

Thank you

Hi, I changed the user and password buy Mysql, but I can not access. What do I need to do?

We have a dedicated support forum to give support for our customers. Kindly please register at our support forum and post your questions, all your questions will be answered there on the support forum.

Support Forum | AivahThemes | Dribbble | Twitter


In version 5.7 you forgot to add the css code for the class “bar_wrap” for the mobile phone

@media (max-width: 767px)
.bar_wrap {
    margin-right: 2.1rem!important;

To make the update, I just have to upload the files here?

- addnew.php
- admin / menu.php
- admin / upgrade.php
- admin / formsetting.php
- admin / changelog.php

Thank you

Thanks for the information. I will consider adding that in the 5.7.1. regarding updating you read the documentation please. If you still have doubt kindly please extend the support and we will be happy to guide you on updating the files.