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hmmm, so that means it is encrypted and you will have to pay them for how you need to edit for your needs. ugh, all these guys do this. they don’t make money on selling like this. They make money on customize it for you. ugh

We are on leave. Will get back to you on 21st feb


sraza74 Purchased

When creating a task I dont seem to be able to find my users to add those tasks to, what am I doing incorrectly?


sraza74 Purchased

hi, can you kindly respond to above queries. thanks!


sraza74 Purchased

hi, can you kindly respond to above queries. thanks!

Hello, please add wmlabs in your skype contact to get the issue resolved.

Hi, Can we share with me the details about the new update ?

We are on leave. Will get back to you on 21st feb


Visad Purchased


I gived the right envanto username and purchase code on install, but say that i am not authorized…. ?


Visad Purchased

Got it, this was only my username was spelled like ’’visad’’ but tried with ’’Visad’’ and worked :)

Good to hear that you are able to install the application.

Hi wmlabs, could use of assistance. Looking fwd to using your product. I have all green lights on the checklist screen. On the install screen, I proceeded through all data and clicked Install. All of the DB tables were successfully created in mysql. From there, I got redirected automatically back to the initial checklist screen. I did enter my purchase code, etc., and the system seemed to accept that info; otherwise, I’m assuming it wouldn’t have created the DB tables.

I read the instructions and tried to ‘install’ again and of course failed as it informed me that the license was already applied. When I hit any route at all, I’m redirected back to the /install route with the green items on checklist.

The only thing that I’m thinking could have triggered this is that I used a non-secure pw for the db user as it’s a local Vagrant box. That field was ‘red’ but gave me no formal error, just used your standard abc123 pw. I’m wondering if maybe that was the problem?

I registered for your online portal to create a ticket but have not received your email (and not in spam) to either of 2 accounts.

I appreciate the work that you do. Thx in advance for your help.

Please join us in the live chat support which is available at http://support.wmlab.in

It’s 1020 EST US, .1522 GMT. No live chat option on your website. What times are live chat available and in what timezone? I love the fact that you cannot reset a license. Really not off to a great start.

We have already sent you reply over our support system. Please check.

I want that “Manager’’ can not view any personnel details like email, contact, address etc of other users. Is it possible in this script ? Can you provide schedule or automatic task option like Super admin or manager (if super admin give them permission) can assign unlimited no. of task to any user. But user can view only one task at a time but once submitted by the user. Immediately and automatically next work will be assigned to him to the scheduled time.

Please submit your customization request at http://wmlab.in/request-quote


behxxx Purchased

hello , how can i change domain? because old domain had expire i want install in other domain .

Please raise a ticket at http://support.wmlab.in

I need help to install on my hosting, i follow the instructions my hosting are ready


but when i try to install with “http://www.corporativosi.com.mx/install”, i get a error


Please raise a ticket http://support.wmlab.in with your ftp details.

I already open the ticket, thanks you

Your ticket is resolved.

Hello just have purchased your script

i have installed the script , created some users , created test task

later on wanted to check the task from USER account , and couldn’t log in

went back with my admin account to see user list

there was only my account and no users are listed there ,

tried to create them again but it says user name has been taken along with the email address

went to check the database and found the users are in user table , but we cant log in with them or even see them from admin user , kindly help

PS : tried to create a support ticket but it keep asking me to log in after i have already logged in and submitted my ticket

Your request is already processed by Skype conversation.


pidaine Purchased

I’m having issues with installation. I get error “connection could not be established”. How do i fix it?


pidaine Purchased

None of the links help me. I get to installation page and after inserting details, I still get the same error “connection could not be established”

Please join us in the live chat support available at http://support.wmlab.in


Congratulations on your work. I have a question, is it possible to be notified by email when a task is completed?

Thanks for your appreciation. It can be customized as per your requirement. Please submit all your requirement at http://wmlab.in/request-quote

Thanks for the answer. I just have one more question, what are the email notifications that are set up?


You can custom email templates and setup a mail driver which will be using to send emails to your staff. For details visit http://atm.wmlab.in/template

Hi, i would like to ask if it is possible to translate language. Is there any language pack that we can modify and change it for our needs ? Also we are planning to integrate this script into one of our project. Would be glad if it is possible to work with you for the integrating part. How can we contact with you about this matter?

Please contact us at support@wmlab.in

Hi, ia have a 404 error when i start the application on localhost. Why?

Please read all the installation document carefully available at http://support.wmlab.in/support/solutions/folders/17000098173. If you still find any issues, you can raise ticket at http://support.wmlab.in


pidaine Purchased

Hi, is it possible to create checklists per task and have that reflect as the progress on task progress bar?

Please submit your custom requirement at http://wmlab.in/request-quote

Hello team Demo is not working kindly fix it. Would like to know do you provide free installation? Features: 1. for user task rating is there option for hiding on and off by admin such that the tasker may not see the rating depending upon the visibility settings? 2. Admin can few overall performance of a staff in terms of rating ?

What problem you are facing in the demo? Can you please provide us some more details?

We do provide one time free installation in the live server. For any kind of customization request, please submit your requirement at http://wmlab.in/request-quote

Hello, I’m considering buying but I need to know if one is able to edit all the source files? I just need to make sure that I can customise any of the files so that I can make my own adjustments. I am familiar with the laravel framework and would therefore want to edit some of the code for my own use. Thanks in advance!

I need to know the purpose of your use. Please send me details at support@wmlab.in

Hi Is the script encrypted or free to edit to suit us. Is the feature has calendar of tasks events

Its open source which you can modify as per Envato License term.

Hello, Im looking to buy this, but I have some question. The designation shows locked, means I dont see the option in admin to edit those designations. I need to edit them. Is it possible ?

And, for task creation and assignment, is there a SMS API integrated so when a task is created, it will goto the user mobile number ?

No, nothing is locked. It might be possible that in demo the feature is disabled. Currently you can use Nexmo api. If you want any other SMS api, you need to customize yourself.

I mean, the positions I dont see any option to edit it.

Can you please provide us more detail what exactly you are looking for?

Is this possible to assign task department by department on completion of each assigned task ?

for example :

  • Dept. ( A ) assigned task to dept. ( B ) (once dept ( B ) completed their task they forwards it to dept ( C ) and notify them about task)
  • Once Dept ( C ) completes their task they forward it Dept ( A ) for approval
  • Dept ( A ) again checks and mark project task as completed

It seems very user specific requirement. Please note that this script is for general purpose. You need to customize the script as per your requirement. You can do it at your own or you can hire any laravel developer for it.

The bottom footer credentials removal is covered under regular license and keep our own company or blank. We wanted to use it for own internal purpose. Is that possible under regular license.

You can remove it at your own with no issue.