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Hello, Very nice script I want to purchase this script, but I have few questions,

As an admin we assigned a task to user, when users complete the task, will I get any notification that the is completed by the user,

Is there any feature where I can verify the task before it goes to complete status? means when a user complete the task admin can approve or disapprove the the task,

what does “Notification Position” mean what kind of notification these are?. will we getting the notification related to activities being performed?

Thank you so much in advance,

Raj Shrivastava.

Hello, I am on leave. Will get back to you soon!

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘class’ (T_CLASS), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or ‘{’ or ’$’ in /home/salamat/public_html/pm/public/index.php on line 50

When running for the first time There is no explanation for the installation with attachments :(

Hello, It is taking time to complete the update. Can I fix your script bug till it completes? I need to have your app login details and ftp login details to check it. Please reply via email.

ok i am send for you

You issue is resolved now. Thank you for your patience.

Hi Great work work on the code. I was wondering is it possible to charge end users a fee to create their own profiles, and projects where I’m not part of them. I’m just hosting the software on my server. These users will be creating accounts to use it. For their own personal and commercial projects. Aka Asana

Looks like you are looking for SAAS version. Please email me at with detail of your requirement.

Hi, please solve the following error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’.’, expecting ‘&’ or variable (T_VARIABLE) in C:\wamp\www\taskmanager\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Foundation\helpers.php on line 477

how to enable it please

I have install the system, as you said everything is enabled now, but it is asking the same install again and again.

sent ftp details, please check

Is this panel multi-company?

Do you make that personalization the part?

Yes, please submit your requirement at

Hello, did you see the budget requested for multi company in the form up?

Your features list, on Details page, says that you have customer registration ability, but your demo shows no way to do this.

Also, if customer registration is enabled, what can they see, or do? We need them to be able to view ONLY their project, and they need the ability to upload files to the project. Is that possible? If so, what is the process for enabling this, and how can I view that portion of the script, in advance, to make sure it will work for us, prior to purchase?

You completely misinterpreted the script. This is not a project management tool, its only task management tool not involving customer activity. The registration is for staff who can manage the task as per their requirement. Also there is not word like “customer” in the product detail page.

In the sub task “Mint Task Manager” is much “Advance” than the “Laravel Advance Task Manager”. “Mint Task Manager” allows to attach files to the sub task, register the status “completed” or “incomplete”, in addition, view the status of the sub task with the creation, update and completion dates, “Laravel Advance Task Manager” only allows to create the sub task with the description. Seriously, is a very limited function.

I put in my purchase code and my ID from envato and keeps saying connection cannot be established.

It means, your database connection is wrong. Please recheck your database detail which you are entering.

Yes you are correct, now its saying “eMail Field required” all I see is username and password? I cannot login with just the ID…. do I need to make a change in the DB somewhere?

got it

Hi, I am trying to work with this application, and I my system was going to be redone from scratch. I released my purchase license before I decommissioned the system. Now i go back and need to re-setup the system and it showed first a message saying “Something went wrong” and then next it showing “This license is already been used” What can I do?

Please share your purchase license at

I shared my license once already. Recently my system got a new hard drive because I am running this locally and not over the web. I sent you an email requesting to reset my license please.

Request processed.

Hi should we have a composer.json file in route ??? I am extdending this script a little more and have come across a problem with missing composer.json and composer.lock.. and input would be appreciated :) as i would rather not recreate and add all the vendors manually.


I have modified this script to have the feature implemented that you are asking for (you would need to create the account for them but they are able to view the task progress but not edit it) as well as customer signature, fillable worksheets with html templates, timer that stops and starts depending on task progress, as we are using this for our engineers we can also list the equipment the client has onsite and add them to the task directly including make model and serial number..


chriscom Purchased

Hi, me again, I am now needding the package.json (so that app.scss and other scss files could be compiled to css) please let me know if this is available, and if it’s possible to send it to the same address as before, many thanks

This script does not use package.json, app.scss or any other scss files. You can use those files from laravel project.


chriscom Purchased

thank you for your reply

Hello, I recently purchased your scripts from envato and have run across a problem.

The admin is able to send and receive messages using the internal messaging system; however, a staff cannot send but only receive. I have checked the roles and it appears okay. Not sure why – are you able to help check and fix this?

Please remove your purchase code from here. Users may misuse your license. For your issue, raise a ticket at

Hello – i need to be able to upload other file types in task – excel, word and powerpoint and image files. At the moment, the system tells me file is not allowed and it has a maximum size of 1024KB. This is too restrictive especially when i am hosting it on my own dedicated server.

Is there a way i could have these files included and also increase upload size?

You’re a superstar – just saw your messages. Thanks a mil for great support

Thanks for appreciation. Don’t forget to rate the script at CodeCanyon

Hi. I am trying to install the software at however the page keeps going back to I have spoken with Tech support from the hosting company, but they get the same issue, even though they have made sure all the settings match your software specs. Any advice? Regards Dave

Please create a subdomain say and point it to task-manager folder. You were not following the documentation. Read it at