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Sorry a misspelling that should have been Status if you would like to check it out.

Nice! Thanks grynge, just shows how easy it is to integrate – and how effective it looks when done!


I have added a small bit of code that shows the servers uptime if you are interested. You can see it on the site.

Excellent addition grynge. If you want to share it, contact me directly via my profile with the code and I’ll integrate it into the script for others on Themeforest!

Can this send an email alert for any service going down at any time to a specific email.


No the script does not do this at present, it’s a feature I may investigate adding though.


I need this feature integrated and i will buy this and pay additional for that. I just need a script which can be placed on REMOTE SERVER to monitor a LINUX SERVER , keep a CHECK on these things :

1. All services. (HTTPD, MYSQL and other necessary) 2. Also i need the script to check the SERVER LOAD and trigger an EMAIL ALERT above a SPECIFIC Limit of say 10.00.

Can you do this for me, please get me back to me via email.

I need it done asap. Regards

Hi there,

It sounds like you need a constant monitoring solution, something which is beyond the scope of this script.

You will also need access to CRON jobs on your hosting platform.

Have a look at

Is there DNS support (instead of monitoring based on IPs)?


Hi there, thanks for the comment.

At present the script only supports monitoring of IP addresses.


can you add uptime history?



Thanks for the purchase.

It’s something I have investigated before but it’s difficult to achieve an accurate result without using CRON to automate the process. Not everyone has access to CRON jobs so I didn’t implement it in the script.

If I get enough requests for it I would consider integrating an uptime history feature.


I’d love it if you included server load and uptime to the script.

Thanks for the purchase and for the comments. I’ll look into including these features.

Hi, I have just purchase this. The setup needs fixing as on first install it complains about missing files. You should add dummy files in the installer to remove these errors. Ie; data.dat and message.dat need to be there or it complains. Also I have set mine to monitor ports 25, 80 and 443 on the same server. The script is hosted elsewhere but that shouldnt matter. Port 80 and 443 report as online but port 25 is offline. All other port checking websites say it is open, so is the fact I am sending and receing emails. Can you advise what the issue might be?Thanks

ALso how do you get it to display the correct time? The system message reports as 4/8/12 at 1141am but in fact it is 4/8/12 at 938pm.

Thanks, answered via email.

Hii is it possible to get an email notification if one of the servers is down?

Kind regards,


Hi, not as standard but it could easily be integrated into the script. Thanks.

is it possible to have a Resolved Events page so all closed messages show there.

Hi there, not as-is but the script could be modified to display this if you have knowledge of PHP.

sent you an email, also is there a way to edit message button?

blank page, nothing is showing up :/

Thanks for purchase, check the root folder of ‘status’ on your webserver for an error log, the reason for a blank page should be there. Otherwise ask your host to turn on error reporting to screen and also double-check you’ve set the script up exactly as outlined in the readme.txt file.


I also encounter the same issue. It show blank page and no the demo.php show

Warning: file(data/message.dat): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/x/public_html/status.php on line 56

Warning: array_reverse() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /home/x/public_html/status.php on line 56

Can I know what is the issue and what is needed to solve this issue

Thanks for purchase, I have replied to your email.


I really need a “when a server goes doen”- email part. I hve some knowledge of PHP but not enough to make it. Can you please create this for me? I can pay for the update.

Greetings, Robin

Are the servers all up and running or are there lots that are down? How many do you have listed?

When there are 2 down it gets very slow, i have 8 servers in it atm, but more will come.

I would suggest setting the ‘timeout’ variable to something you feel gives a quicker response. Take a look here


Regalmo Purchased


I bought this product and it seems that the status.php displays a blank page and the administrator panel does not work either after ‘a simple install’. I could go ahead and mess around with it myself but I’d rather not as I expected an easy install & go as suggested by yourself.

Is there a easy fix for this problem?


Regalmo Purchased

Well there is no visible error or error log at all. The page does not show, and appears to be completely empty despite the code. And the demo page seems to be showing up regardless. This is literally all the information I myself have.


Regalmo Purchased

It seems I’m missing data.dat?

data.dat gets created once you login to the Admin area and start adding status monitors. Sorry I really don’t know what more to say without some form of error? Can you login to the Admin area?