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Can we display a default image instead of the map if user refuse to share location? Currently chrome display default list but Firefox display nothing – just empty space

I am not able to see any list. I only see the store on the Map on that page

Sorry for the misunderstanding,

we need to display an image whether user share location or not, we already defined Google API and we validate it through .

Currently if a user preview website from chrome browser he see the default map, but on Firefox he sees nothing only empty space

any help would be appreciated


jannine Purchased

I’m wondering if there is any limit on how many locations it can be used for. Is it scalable?

No limit, since it’s supporting pagination

Hi guys, any way to contact you directly? (It’s not a support request :P) I am trying to get in touch for some time…

Kind regards, Kuba

Yes sure: contact[at]


besfe70 Purchased

This plugin is not working, I have installed on my live website “active business saving credit cards online” so I can not geolocate anything and i can’t add any store, I am running latest version of wordpress, THE API IS CORRECT, Please give solution for this issue without asking for my site administration, it will not be given to anyone, or just refund me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please contact me through my profile page with a link to your locator and will get back to you, thanks


We have bought the plugin and installed it on our website as well.

This does not seem to be working as expected though. Following are the issues being faced:

1. The search functionality does not seem to be working. It lists the same results every time.

2. When, we zoom in or zoom out it, the map disappears.

Please look into the same, and advise at the earliest possible.

We are on the verge of release of our website.

Website URL:

The map is at 2 places:

1. AT the very bottom of teh homepage. 2. At

Just answered to your email, check it there, thanks !

Will this work on WordPress 4.7.2?

Sure ! We didn’t update the version but will work just fine

How to get this to work with https. Since we went secure plugin is broken.

You would just need to replace the “http://” by “https://” in the plugin files that are including CSS or Js files. That should be it !

I have pre-sale question. Can I create an RSS feed with your plugin? I want to be able to list my stores with your plugin but also create an RSS feed to place into a MailChimp template.

I look forward to your response!

No sorry, but an RSS feed can be added easily as a customization !

Is it possible to show the logo or post-image in the listing instead of the location-map?

Just a comment that I received fast and accurate support regarding disabling “track your physical location”. Thanks again!

Hi Just a pre-purchase question. Is it possible to search two address at the same time? Our client wants to have something like this site:

As you can see there are 2 “Suburb or postcode” fields.

Not really no, this plugin is working with one address (can be just a zip code, country, city, address, or a combinaison of all) – Not sure I understand the concept of searching 2 different addresses in the same time, but not that way this plugin is working :)

Thanks yougapi. For example, I can search Address A and Address B at once, then it will show shops near these 2 addresses.