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Is there a way to make results show up in 2 columns instead of one?

Hi I sent you an email about the customization estimate, did you get it? It’s very urgent.

Just answered to it !

Hi just sent you a reply message.

Is it possible to change the placeholder text inside buttons?

Yes sure, can be done from the display.php file inside the plugin folder. Just search for the <input elements

I did a search but the only thing I see is this:

if($no_info_links!=1) { $content .= ‘ ’; $content .= ‘$i.’”>’.$GLOBALS‘store_locator_lang’.’’; if($stores$i>0) { $post_url = get_permalink($stores$i); $content .= ’ – ’.$GLOBALS‘store_locator_lang’.’’; } $content .= ‘ ’;

Where exactly do I change the text?

Also, I actually want the button to take you to the URL that was entered for each store, so far I changed the code to this, but I still can’t figure out how to change the placeholder text.

//Test Button $content .= ‘0.’” class=”ygp_sl_detail_page_url” target=”_blank”>’.$stores0.’’;

It should be within a tag starting with <input with a type=”text” – That may be in one of the file within the plugin’s root folder

Can you please add a search field on an admin store list page so that it’ll be easy to search a specific store for edit? I have sent you an email as well but didn’t receive any response.

is there a way to limit the mileage radius of where locations are found?

With the shortcode parameter distance_filter=1 yes, of can be done for all results from the source code as well

I was needing more of a set default radius already embedded in the code, I sent you a request for a quote. I need this urgently if possible.

Hey I ve just installed the plugin on my local this might be the problem I think ) and cant get it working. When I tried to add a store it doesnt do anything. Any help? it says on console: Your site URL to be authorized:

I have answered your email

Does this pluing create single pages for the stores?

Do you mean WordPress pages? No, the store details pages are created on the same page the shortcode is used, using URL parameters to load each individual detail page


maudke Purchased

If anyone has problems with UTF characters, I can help. In db.php file please change create_tables() function: add “global $wpdb;” and “get_charset_collate()” function so it look like this: function create_tables() { global $wpdb; $charset_collate = $wpdb->get_charset_collate(); $sql = "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS " . $this->table_name . " ( (...) `created` DATETIME NULL ) $charset_collate ;"; $this->wpdb->query($sql); $sql = "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS " . $this->table_name_category . " ( (...) ) $charset_collate ;"; $this->wpdb->query($sql); } You need to remove old tables, and turn off/on plugin again. Now all your charachters should work. WARNING: Removing old tables with stores and categories is good option if you didn’t fill up your data. If so, you will lost all data. If you already fill up your categories and shops, please change your database manualy.

Is it possible that when adding stores you only add coordinates instead of an actual address? This is one of my requirements as I will also be publishing “neighborhoods”, these won’t have an specific address, it’s just a marker in the map. Also is it possible to upload via CSV (mass upload)? Thanks.


aleph2u Purchased

Hi. I just moved to a new server and have a lot of errors.

Deprecated: Non-static method Store_locator_wpress::plugin_action_links() should not be called statically in /usr/www/users/ecospa/fitfire/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 300

Why does happen this?

I guess you have the error logs enabled. That’s mostly notices and can be hidden in a prod mode setting

Hi, I emailed you but had no response. I need to add either ‘Loading’ or a rotating circle while the results display. Can this be a paid customization?

Just answered your email !

can i hide the search and use auto locator meaning stores will auto show based on user location once the come to a page

Would need some customisation. Also would need to detect also if a user has accepted to share his location or not. Plz reach us through our profile page for an estimate

Pre sale question. Does the plugins support cluster location when there are too much locations on the same area?

No sorry

I have sent two emails, but have not received a response yet. I deactivated the plugin on my development server, but my activation code is not working on the new server. I keep getting the message that my code is already used and/or invalid. Please help and Thank you!

Should be fixed, just answered to your email.

Thank you for getting back to me, but now I am getting a different error. Email sent.

Hello and thank you for your help, but now I am getting the following error when I try to activate the plugin on the new server: “Your purchase code seems incorrect. Please check it out or contact our support team for assistance”. Thank you!


krafti Purchased

hey there, I got 2 licenses for the Advanced Store Locator for WordPress, but cannot activate them on my new website. can you help me?

Answered your email

Hi, I have sent an support request through the above link regarding incorrect distances from search location. Can you assist please?

Hi can I use this plugin with this one –

So I want users to be able to sign up and create their profiles with various bits of info.

Then I want to show users on the map and to be able to filter by name / category like how you have done it in your plugin. When I click on a pin it will just show user name etc and then I can view their full profile page.

Can I do that?

Sorry not currently. This plugin doesn’t interact with permissions or privileges defined by the other plugin.

Pre purchase question Can you disable the map to work a bit like this site ?

hi! -is it possible to have a rating for stores? - also is it working with USERPRO plugin (need to import store by user itself)? thanks


samshouse Purchased

Any plans to allow changes to URL from ?Store id=25 to something more reader and SEO friendly?