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Is there a way to make results show up in 2 columns instead of one?

Hi I sent you an email about the customization estimate, did you get it? It’s very urgent.

Just answered to it !

Hi just sent you a reply message.

Is it possible to change the placeholder text inside buttons?

Yes sure, can be done from the display.php file inside the plugin folder. Just search for the <input elements

I did a search but the only thing I see is this:

if($no_info_links!=1) { $content .= ‘ ’; $content .= ‘$i.’”>’.$GLOBALS‘store_locator_lang’.’’; if($stores$i>0) { $post_url = get_permalink($stores$i); $content .= ’ – ’.$GLOBALS‘store_locator_lang’.’’; } $content .= ‘ ’;

Where exactly do I change the text?

Also, I actually want the button to take you to the URL that was entered for each store, so far I changed the code to this, but I still can’t figure out how to change the placeholder text.

//Test Button $content .= ‘0.’” class=”ygp_sl_detail_page_url” target=”_blank”>’.$stores0.’’;

It should be within a tag starting with <input with a type=”text” – That may be in one of the file within the plugin’s root folder

Can you please add a search field on an admin store list page so that it’ll be easy to search a specific store for edit? I have sent you an email as well but didn’t receive any response.

is there a way to limit the mileage radius of where locations are found?

With the shortcode parameter distance_filter=1 yes, of can be done for all results from the source code as well

I was needing more of a set default radius already embedded in the code, I sent you a request for a quote. I need this urgently if possible.