Advanced stock notification

Advanced stock notification

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If you are still unsure if this extension is for you , I will give a brief description on it’s core functionality. The module was conceived from the base structure to the design UI to take care of your product stock and customer needs with ease and not in a time consuming fashion, were in the end means maximizing the store profit. Stock Management : The extension has a number of parameters that can be changed by the administrator , according to the online store. For eg you can change the minimum amount of the product quantity were the module will notify you when the stock is under the limit you set . Here you can tell the extension that you also would like to be notified by email when this happens. You will find all this information about the stock in the module admin pages . Customer needs management : This module is all about maximizing your sales even if the products are low or not on stock. If you enable this feature , the customer will see on the product page a form where he/she can add his/her email to be notified by email when the product will return in stock. Also, you will receive an email where you will find information about the customer and the product is interested in. When you send the notifications back, you will decide if you let the module sent this emails automatic or in a manual way by pressing one button to notify. In the admin page of the module you will find information about the customers and the specific products that your customers is interested and would like to buy when they come on sale. You will also be able to customize the email you send to the customer .

This extension was developed for the store owner who wants to maximize the store potential and also don’t want to bother with technical and time consuming stuff.

This module also has some custom systems to help you along the way. It has a Update Notice System , Report System where you can send possible bugs with only one click and also a Support and Suggestion System. The extension receives updates weekly , it’s your decision if you want to update it. We can add features in the updates and fix possible bugs.


Stock management system
Notification system
Better back-end architecture
UI Design with customers needs in mind
New features
Bug report system for faster way to solve problems.
Dedicated support system for help and suggestion.
( Plug and Play ) no more installation process.
Faster way to check for new updates.
Module information shown in a more friendly way
Custom email message
Manual or automatic mode to send request
Improved stability
Improved loading time.

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