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your view button is pointing to a 404 page

Yes, but the widget is visible :)

Really like this.. bookmarked it!

Thanks frisser for the kind words. Glad you like it.


It has Twitter share button?

And one more thing:

In the live previw page, there is a widget that is a grey tabs… What is this widget? I have interess in it, if you may help me…^^

Thz and God bless you!

Hi inpression,

I am in the process of writing the code to release the tabbed widget on CodeCanyon. WIll be available for sale very soon.


Hi guys, sorry for the 404 page on the preview. I am in the process of moving the site over to a dedicated server. Will be all up and running shortly.

Have amended the URL for the demo. Should all be working fine now.

Thanks Broady

Hey great work, here is my question i run my website on a WordPress site would i be able to add this to my footer? just using a PHP call ?

Thank you.

Hi Silencespr. I have a WordPress version of this plugin for the same price.

This should suit your needs better as it ties in with WordPress.

Cheers Broady

Hi, is it easy to remove things from widget box, for instance, removing subscribe email, rss etc… all i am wanting is viewing how many the likes, follows and google + have.


Yes you can hide the features that you do not need. It is all documented.


My icons are´nt showing up – will full paths upset this script?

Hi Scandic, Do you have a URL for your site so I can take a look?

What do you mean full paths?


Hi Broady – Thanks I got it sorted – it was a templates issue – Any chance of adding Mailchimp to this widget?

I have developed a separate MailChimp Version of the plugin.

can i use this script like .. i mean webmasters can get a code to add it to their website .

This is just a WordPress plugin. There is no API for the plugin at this stage.


Hey. Im just looking to use the subscribe email box on its own. Is this possible and does it come with a php script that sends the email?


Sure, in the PHP configuration file that you need to add values to, just leave them blank and it will not display that functionality.


What is Subscribe to latest Updates function do? Where the emails store to?

The plugin allows your site visitors to subscribe to your Feedburner RSS Feed by email.

The emails are not stored anywhere. They are stored by Feedburner (Google )


Is that same as Subscribe to RSS Feed which is under Subscribe to latest Updates field?

The “Subscribe to RSS Feed” link allows you to view the actual RSS feed. Have a look at the demo site and you can est the inputs and links.


My site use Smarty PHP . I added : {php} require_once “includes/advanced-social-widget_class.php”; $asw = new AdvancedSocialWidget(); $display_asw = $asw->generateASW(); echo $display_asw; {/php} but page got error…

Hi scliew,

Thanks for purchasing the Advanced Social Widget script.

Could you please contact me through my CodeCanyon profile page with any support requests.

In your request could you outline the: 1. site you have the script on, 2. The version of PHP , APACHE you are using, 3. The exact error message you are receiving and any other relevant information.

Thanks Broady

I have to ask is this a word press widget ?

The PHP edition is not a WordPress plugin. It is a PHP script. The same script is available as a WordPress plugin here: Advanced Social Widget Feedburner Edition


Thank you I had to ask because I was having some trouble. I guess it’s back to the Doc’s thank you for your help.

Hi it seems to me that my PHP server is returning nothing at all when the php is called. Any idea why this might be? I tried uploaded the “demosite” and the same thing happens. Please help!

Where is the location of the server?

Tested it on a live server in Singapore and a local server here in Melbourne Australia

Are your server logs showing any issues or errors?

I think I need a refund. There is no way to install this plugin. I was looking for a easy to install plugin not a bunch of scripts and PHP. I have knowledge of how to use this stuff. All I want is a widget in my sidebar.


You have purchased the wrong version of the plugin. You have purchased the PHP edition where as I think you wanted the Advanced Social Widget Feedburner Edition –

The Feedburner edition is a WordPress plugin that will give you the functionality you are after.

In regards to the refund, if you create a refund request I will honor it and then you can purchase the WordPress version by visiting the link above.