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1) With this plugin are you able to change the color of the plugins background to a color instead of white?

2) Am i able to change the monkey with hat to a custom picture (but the same size as the monkey image)

thank you


Yes you can remove or change the background of the widget. You can change the MailChimp icon if you like. You can either save your image with the filename “mailchimp_icon@2x.png” and place it in the plugins image directory or simply change the path to the image in the plugin CSS file.


Just install the plugin and all widgets other widgets and plugins disapeared form the web page!!! i deactivated and all came back to normal!! Do you have something in mind that might cause this!!! I am Using Chroma Bistro Theme

I really couldn’t wait because i am starting my vacation today! I bought a similar plugin and it works out of the box and within 5 mins it was up and running!!Sorry but already delete your plugin because it causing me to many troubles and i couldn’t afford the troubleshooting hours it may needs. FYI i open a ticket for refund.

Not sure what you are referring to “as you couldn’t wait” as it was me waiting for you to send me the URL you had the plugin installed on. Glad you found something that works with your theme. FYI. As previously mentioned it was your theme causing the issues and not the plugin.


I mean that i don’t have time to troubleshoot this issues and because you said that “you wait for me” , i am telling you that you asked for the login details 1 whole day after my last reply. So that night i tried the other plugin and it works. As of “my theme causing the problem” , i can accept that, but you must understand that none of other plugins i use cause that kind of problems, and as i mention before i didn’t even use it on my site , i just activate it !!!! I wouldn’t want to give you a bad review because i understand that incompatibilities are common issue , but you was negative from the beginning and bottom line i paid you 10$ for something you said it “works with WP 3.9” not it works with some Themes on WP 3.9. So stop be negative and rude and start treating your customer with a little respect.

I’m getting the following errors – can you tell me what could be causing it?

Warning: spl_autoload() [function.spl-autoload]: Unable to access wp_atom_server.class.php in /home/hotel/public_html/wp-content/plugins/asw-mailchimp-edition/asw-mailchimp-edition.php on line 23

Warning: spl_autoload() [function.spl-autoload]: Unable to access wp_user_search.class.php in /home/hotel/public_html/wp-content/plugins/asw-mailchimp-edition/asw-mailchimp-edition.php on line 23


The Advanced Social Widget plugin uses an autoload function to make sure that it includes all the required file in the plugin directory.

The warning that you are receiving are not related to the ASW plugin but to some of your other plugins which are not loading correctly.

Please note that these are warnings and not actual errors.

These include your plugins trying to use these files:
  • wp_atom_server.class.php
  • wp_user_search.class.php


I just uploaded the latest version and got a white screen?

I’ve had to delete the plugin and revert to an old version

Now I have had to deactivate the plugin as my old version renders my theme options panel useless…

Could you please check your server error logs and see if you can tell me what error you are getting.

Apart from updating the plugin did you update any of your other plugins or themes. We are not getting any issues with the new version or older versions of the plugin.

If you are using a caching plugin please be sure to flush your plugin cache after any changes.


Hi Broady,

Was instagram ever added?

both =) instagram is one of the largest social media platforms.

OK, will try and add them in the next update




I already purchased/installed/configure the plugin on my site, and I must say – it’s good one. I like the simplicity and funtionality.

However, I’m having issue with Google plus follow button. It’s displaying 0 followers, and as per my findings – the counts that your plugin is showing are not the Google plus followers of the page. Instead, it’s set to show that for how many times the site domain has been shared on Google plus.

Can you please look into this issue at your end? It should be the number of Google plus page followers, and not the site url shared on Google plus (at least this is what makes sense to me the most).

Looking forward towards your response!

I will look at adding this functionality in the next plugin update.


Ok, when we all can expect the next update please?



can this be displayed on a normal WP page or post with shortcode ?


Yes, the plugin can be used as a shortcode in pages.


Plugin works great Only is the text after subscribing (green color) in English. Is it possible to have a text in a different language ?

Hi, after checking the plugin code, the string that defines the success message is translatable. Here it is:

$this->default_success_message = __('Thank you for joining our mailing list. Please check your email for a confirmation link to complete the subscription.', $this->hook);

Cheers Broady

Hi there,

Just installed the plugin and after entering my mailchimp api the whole thing doesn’t want to work. The TABS are greyed out so I can’t click on any tabs to make anymore changes. When deleting and installing the plugin again it keeps my mailchimp api key in place – doesn’t remove it at all so I can’t do anything right now.

I installed the complete zip file but not the one that says documentation. Please help I feel like breaking my screen – uninstalled this thing 6 times already!!

thanks adel

Hi There,

The plugin was fine until I put in my mailchimp api. How do I get this api removed from my plugin install files? I cannot click on the about tab as it is greyed out and not functioning.

It can’t be my theme as the plugin worked fine like I said until I saved the mailchimp api in it..

I am not switching around themes, can you please let me know next steps?

thanks A

Hi – I think it is easier if I just get a refund as the plugin might continue with issues around my mailchimp please.

I can give you a day to try and fix it – let me know if you need steps or screenshots from me.

Thank you. A

If you are not willing to test it if it is your theme there is not much i can do. The plugin has been working fine without any issues.

Please note, Any refunds need to be directed to the CodeCanyon staff for investigation. I cannot issue refunds directly.

You also need to check your theme for errors and also check for JavaScript errors which you can do with tools like Chrome Development tools or Firefox Firebug.

Hi does this work in a Drupal environment?

No, it is a WordPress plugin. You could try the PHP edition: http://bit.ly/14OXCgB


hi I have installed your widget in a genesis/dynamik widget area but it is not centering on widget area and text is offset to widget. I have asked at dynamik and they feel it is mailchimp widget issue. the widget and problem can be seen at www.youthworkireland.club


You have to modify the CSS to align the widget to the center, By default the widget aligns to the left. To align the widget center, follow these steps:

  • Browse to the widget folder “wp-content/plugins/asw-mailchimp-edition/css/” and open the file named “asw-mailchimp-edition.css”
  • Scroll to line 10, where you will find this code:
    div#advancedsocialwidget { font-family:inherit; width:100%; margin:0 0 10px 0 !important; padding:5px 2px 18px 2px !important; border:1px solid #ddd !important; font-size:90% }
  • Replace that code with:
    div#advancedsocialwidget { font-family:inherit; width:100%; margin:0 auto 10px auto !important; padding:5px 2px 18px 2px !important; border:1px solid #ddd !important; font-size:90% }
  • Re-save the file


Thank you Broady, that worked perfectly

Fantastic, enjoy the plugin.


Hey, just wondering whether this plugin is still actively being developed and supported – it isn’t listed as being compatible with WP 4.3. Thanks.

Hi, yes the plugin is still being actively developed. I accidentally missed the compatibility settings on the CodeCanyon website. I have now updated it.

Thanks Broady

...just for info your demo is broken

Hi, thanks for making me aware. I was having some issues with the Content Delivery Network.

All demo sites are working correctly again.

Thanks Broady

Hello, I’m being told there is a new update for the advanced social mailchimp plugin, but I don’t see a way to update on my wordpress plugin page. Do I have to download it all over again, as if it was a new install of it? If so, will my settings carry forward or do I have to set it up all over again? Thanks, Linda

Hi, please completely remove the existing WordPress plugin folder and replace it with the updated folder.


Or… just uninstall it? Would that be easier?

Yes, you can uninstall it.


Hello, I see there is an update available. Do I deactivate the MailChimp plugin I already have installed, and THEN upload this new updated one? Or do I have to actually totally uninstall the current one? If so, will all my settings be retained? Thanks, Linda

Hi Linda, It is safe to uninstall the current version of the plugin and replace the folder with the updated version.

You will not loose any of your settings.

Cheers Broady

Thanks – worked great.

You are very welcome. Enjoy the plugin.



Why don’t you make the codes compatible for https websites? Some of the codes are not https. So, the browser shows a warning. This time, I’m manually editing your codes. But please, integrate https on the next version.


http://s23.postimg.org/7b3y5g13f/before.png http://s23.postimg.org/5i11h4fwr/after.png

Files Modified: asw-mailchimp-edition.php aswme_layout_one.php

Widget is now live on my website WebWacko

Thanks and Regards.

Please note, this is not a support request or bug! Please consider this on next update!

No problem, will implement it in the next update

Cheers Broady

hi does this still work

yes, the plugin works fine.


Hi ! I’m looking for a plugin with a view to display a simple mailchimp inscription for in various languages, or with widgets, or with shortcodes (I use polylang for the multilingual features). Regards.