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Great plugin :) Good luck with the sales! Can I select to only show the email field in the widget?

Thanks for the great feedback.

Yes, you can select to only display the email address field.


Oh no, I meant to purchase the Mailchimp edition!

The plugin looks awesome, and it was very easy to set up. But, I am having an issue with it. I don’t know how it happens, but when I set it up, it works great. But, it seems that the AWeber settings aren’t saved (or something). Because when I test it on my website, just after I’ve saved the settings, everythings works great. But, when I test it the next day, nothing gets stored. And, when I look at the AWeber settings, it has switched to a different “newsletter”.

Right now, it seems that I need to go inside the admin area and save the settings every day?

Please let me know if there’s a way I can solve this problem.

Mmmm, that doesn’t sound right at all. The settings definitely save. Could it be that you have another plugin installed that could be conflicting?

I use it on various sites and the settings always stay what I save them as.

If you want to contact me through my CodeCanyon page and send me your Aweber details, I will do some testing with your details.

Thanks Broady


The plugin works fine. From your screenshot it looks as though you may have a theme issue.

Please check your server error logs for any errors that may be occurring and are not displayed.


After installing version 1.3, I don’t see the “Subscribe to RSS feed” icon and text any more in my website Teknófilo. I should appear in the first line of the widget

I have edited default.po and added this but the widget still shows “Subscrite to RSS feed” rather than Suscríbete a nuestro RSS>

[line 885] #: lib/aswae_layout_one.php:76 lib/aswae_layout_one.php:77 #: lib/aswae_layout_one.php:86 lib/aswae_layout_one.php:87 #: lib/aswae_layout_two.php:117 lib/aswae_layout_two.php:118 #: lib/aswae_layout_two.php:127 lib/aswae_layout_two.php:128 msgid “Subscribe to RSS Feed” msgstr “Suscríbete a nuestro RSS”

[line 908] #: lib/aswae_plugin_admin.php:158 msgid “Subscribe to my RSS feed” msgstr “Suscríbete a nuestro RSS”

Could you please contact me through my CodeCanyon profile page and send me a copy of your translation (po) file and I will test it.

Thanks Broady


The plugin sets up and work great. Just what I needed. The only issue I have is with the height of the input boxes – they’re too small. Anyway for me to change the height? Thanks!


The height of the textboxes are set through the CSS file that is included with the plugin. If they are displaying as small your theme CSS styles may be overriding the plugin CSS file.

You will need to investigate whether your theme CSS files are conflicting with the plugin.


The social icons used to be on the bottom in a nice row. Now they don’t show-up and all the triggers are on. Any ideas? George

Hi George, What version of the plugin are you using? Could you please also send me the URL of the site you have the plugin installed on.

Thanks Broady

Any chance of optimizing the plug in for speed by putting all the icons onto a CSS sprite? This is always recommended for this plug in when I run speed tests.



That will be recommended for any plugin that uses individual images. I will look at sprites in the next update.

Cheers Broady

How do I place the widget in the center of my sidebar?

You could try changing the plugin CSS code to center the widget.

Open the file “wp-content/plugins/asw-aweber-edition/css/asw-aweber-edition.css and browse to line 10 where you will find:

div#advancedsocialwidget { font-family:inherit; width:100%; margin:0 0 10px 0 !important; padding:5px 2px 18px 2px !important; border:1px solid #ddd !important; font-size:90% }
Change this to:
div#advancedsocialwidget { font-family:inherit; width:100%; margin:0 auto 10px auto !important; padding:5px 2px 18px 2px !important; border:1px solid #ddd !important; font-size:90% }

You may also need to modify your theme CSS as elements for the sidebar are normally styled within the theme CSS file.


Hi there,

I’ve bought this plugin but cannot install it.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Please advise?


Wordpress 4.6.1

Newsmag3 theme


Please extract the plugin zip file from the dowbload.

Do not install the download file as it includes the documentation also


is this plugin still working with current aweber and social media ?