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Hello friends,According to user request,support for static icons is also included. Now. this addon support,font awesome icons as well as static icons.Thanks for support!Have a nice day!

Hello friends, Thanks for support.Please don’t forget to check these add-ons created by me specially for sngine v2 1)Facebook Invite Addon For sngine v2 2)Stop Spammer Registrations Addon For sngine v2 3)Disable Pages And Groups Feature-Addon For sngine v2
All verify buyers,Thanks for support!As a reward,I will give you FREE solution to fix “See More” and paragraph’s size in post and comments for sngine v2!Please contact me,after purchasing any addons from me!Thanks again! stay tuned for more! :-)


how are you

Please, I want to ask about how to take advantage of the application

Are my posts can be shared on Facebook with all my friends who have whatssapp ?

Is it a mobile application or the PC?

Does the application support writing in Arabic languge ?

can a creat groups at whatsapp and send my posts to this groups ?


Answer is Yes.11 sharing services are supported including whatsapp.This addon allow your users to share their public post on whatsapp,facebook,twitter,google plus,vk,linkedin,pintrest,reddit,digg,tumblr,email.whatsapp is mobile app,By using this app,you can share all post from your website on whatsapp with any friend or group of friends :-)

Hi prashantre, i installed your addon, but I have two reservations. Why are not icons on a separate line? And why not displayed at all posts, but only for photos? Thanks for the reply.

Hi,There are two versions are available. 1)with font awesome support (for fast loading) 2)with static icons support 1)if you want static icons >>upload content from folder>themes with static icons support 3)You can able to share only your public post(because if you select (friends only option from dropdown menu) for post,it is private post :-) so share option is not available for friends only post ) If you know what I mean. Please watch live website demo >> username:sntest password:123456

If you like my work,please add 5 stars rating and review!Thanks for support! :-)

Last Update 17 March 16 …. didn’t find that changed.

If you like my work,please add 5 stars rating and review!Thanks for support! :-)

I did )

Thanks :-)

Hello friends, If you like my work,please add 5 stars rating and review

Beware of duplicate add-on which is created with the same name.As my add-on was trending on codecanyon,one author took advantage of the situation and created duplicate add-on with the same name which offer less features

Just purchased 4 of your plugins for sngine v2.

Please how do i get FREE solution to fix “See More” and paragraph’s size in post and comments for sngine v2 like you promised?

thanks for support!Please send me email through this contact form >> I will send you solution.And don’t forget to add 5 stars ratings and review for my add on :-) take care

or I will send you solution now from your contact form.

Please check your mail inbox,thanks for support! :-)

hi is it possible to make it multi language

yes it’s possible. :-)

Hello friends,

One more essential addon to invite your friends and drive more traffic to your website is released today.Import and Invite Gmail Contacts is an Addon for sngine v2.Social sharing feature is also included.

Other useful addons to invite friends and drive more user traffic to your sngine website are

1)Facebook Invite Addon For sngine v2

2)Multiple Email Invitation For Sngine v2

This is a list of addons created by me !

Thanks for support!Stay tuned for more!

Hi, The demo user name and password is not valid!

Hello friend,someone changed it.Now,please check again,it’s working :-)

Hello, I tested the Social Share Addon For sngine, so, when I click to share on facebook, not appears the same image or the same text, that is on the sngine. Appears the Sngine site image only, and not the content where I want to share.

This is demo website with default demo sngine facebook image og meta and description that’s why the same image and the same text appeared. Facebook not allow direct sharing of image or your website’s post text on facebook,it only allow to share link and you need to add reason why are you sharing this link along with link and when user click on that link which is shared on facebook,they will redirect to post on your website.

I removed default facebook meta tags provided by sngine script from demo,Now check demo and try to share image post from demo website :-) Demo url: Username:sntest Password:123456


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Hello excuse my English is very bad, one consultations have bought the plagin. and we have tried to place but we have no success, here I pass data to FTP please vericar. OK thanks greetings

Hello friend,Please don’t post your ftp details in comment section,Anyone can access your website using it and destroy your website.Instead of this,always contact me and send imp. detalis using contact form! I will help you to configure this add-on :-) Thanks!
Hello friend,

What is your website Url ?Please send me your website url address where you installed sngine :-)

Done. I configured add-on using your ftp details,but unable to check final result as you never provide your website’s url.And please don’t forget to replace default “og-image.jpg” with your own website logo and banner image! /content/themes/your theme(default or material)/images/og-image.jpg Take care!Have a nice day!

Hello friends, Please don’t post your FTP details in comment section.Because anyone can use ftp details and destroy your website!Please send imp. details related to your website using contact form! Thanks! Have a nice day!

Will you add telegram feature ?

Dear friend,yes,I will! :-) new version of sngine will available within 10 days.So,Innext update of this addon,I will add telegram,too

please check your facebook, i chat your fb and no response


hello please install Social Share addon per sngine v2 and Bonus:Meta tags for facebook and twitter post sharing

as usual,send me ftp details along with url :-) on fb

Share App ID Missing The ‘fb:app_id’ property should be explicitly provided, Specify the app ID so that stories shared to Facebook will be properly attributed to the app. Alternatively, app_id can be set in url when open the share dialog. Is there someplace I need to insert this in one of the files? If so just let me know where please. BTW, The absolutely cleanest and easiest install I have EVER known with a script. :)

I thought it might have to do with sharing only the default site image on posts. Meaning normally when I share a post from somewhere it picks up the picture of whatever I’m sharing, or the text if that’s the case, and what I’m getting now is just the default site image and short about. Is that on Sngine’s end? I thought there might be a line somewhere in the code that would execute that action. Thanks for your prompt response. I have a few more I intend to purchase asap. :)

Yes,default script not support proper sharing on facebook.After using this script on live website,I found one solution which is included in documentation,too.After using this fix,you can easily able to share “single image which you will upload on your website.Fo r live demo,try to share image post on fb which is given in demo link. :-)

OK will do, thanks, that must be the changing of the og:meta tags. You DID say it would probably take about 24 hours but I wasn’t sure if we were on the same subject. :) Thanks much!

Is it possible that an unclickable mask would stop post images from sharing? I updated the _head.tpl file in Notebook++, I’ve viewed source, I’ve inspected element on both my site and on your demo and I just can’t see what is causing mine to not give the image other than the og_image. It shares wonderfully and to the correct site but without the image and description which is the whole reason for sharing anyway. If it would be possible would you please FTP to the server and see if it’s possible I’ve missed a step somewhere? My safe online email is I could then send you my FTP info. I installed both the FB Inviter and the Emoticons scripts after the Sharer and they’re both working wonderfully as is this one except for that. I’d truly appreciate it. Thanks, FallColours

That’s why,I told you in previous comment,It will take 24 hours to accept new meta tags info which we include. :-).And don’t forget to remove old og-meta tags from _head.tpl. Yes,I can help you!Please send me ftp or cpanel details and website url through contact form >>

Share Post to Facebook.facebook meta tags.

Hello friend,you don’t need to add anything.Please read documentation and follow steps>B)Bonus:Meta tags for facebook and twitter post sharing


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how to install ??

Hello friend,Please read documentation.It’s very easy to configure!