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can i use mobile number for login in place of email

is This open source ? and Do you have turkish language support

hi dear im send to you skype request plz add me and will talk about your app

I want to purchase product but please I want it to test app live. So, please can you share demo apk?

Hello your app not working at all. Whats this? You are not providing any type of support also.

no more updates????

hi Easy Installation and Setting up ? easy Personalization ?

have help movie Installation and Setting up ?


iNeskui Purchased

no updates?


conq24 Purchased

Hi, Do you have any updates coming on ?

This is not working at all. Please do not buy this.

Hello can you help me to bring push notification in android app as I am not able to receive any push notification.

i need a refund for this.. its no longer use. -5

demo apps demo link

iOS version??

Hi, why do you abandoned the app bro? I wish you to have a resurrection power to update the app:)

you ditched your other social network app, so I came here and noticed that this another advanced version exists with more features but looks like this one’s abandoned as well.

Worst app. Please dont purchase. No support also

Breaks on image upload. at com.atouchlab.android.socnetwork.helpers.FilePath.getDataColumn(FilePath.java:117) at com.atouchlab.android.socnetwork.helpers.FilePath.getPath(FilePath.java:82) at com.atouchlab.android.socnetwork.activities.posts.PublishActivity.setImageUriValue(PublishActivity.java:467) at com.atouchlab.android.socnetwork.activities.posts.PublishActivity.onActivityResult(PublishActivity.java:237)

Don’t Purchase, worst App, I want my refund.