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Great plugin, but why do you locked live preview?

Thank you. Currently, there is a Demo video and a link to live demo Will be available soon

Looks great. Is there some sort of caching implemented or are feeds pulled with each page load?

Please watch the User Guide Video

Sorry, but if you’re interested in selling something you should make it easy for potential customers, I’m not going to watch a 3min video in search of an answer for such a critical question.

Hi jelloul, I want to contact you because i need to add some extra items to the RSS of magento like discount and special price. There are any way to contact you to talk about the work and payment?. Thanks.

Hey Jelloul, i send you email there but i dont recive any answer yet. Thanks!

Hi; sorry I found your email in the spam ! I will respond to your email tonight. Thank you;

I send you an email with my offer, I’m still waiting for your response. Thank you,


Bought this item, and realized it doesn’t support Pinterest. Do you think you can add it?

no, sorry a new module will be created specifically for Pinterest soon

Hi Jelloul,

I am considering to purchase this extension. Just few questions wanna be verified.

For Facebook, can it support the fan page feed? And how are you handling it, is it pure API or it’s based on FB widget? I have tried several extensions before but they all base on official FB widget which is iframe and can’t provide the layout/column flexibility for my responsive design framework.


Hi Wenyu,

I made this demo for you, you can place feeds everywhere in your store.

You will find a very detailed documentation on this module. You can also follow this User Guide Video :

Let me know if you have a remarks or a suggestions. Don’t worry, you will find the necessary support.


you need only a facebook page ID