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This is pre sale question.

My website host does not allow chat system.

Can I install your system in another host and use on my website?

hi, I have implemented this in a “admin panel template”. This chat works perfectly, but, when I open a message window, and I resize the box, after I try to reopen clicking again on the icon resize the box, the box will not open.

I noticed that the error is given by a part of the css code to bootstrap the admin template>

*, *:before, *:after { -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; }

Unfortunately, if I try to remove this code, the message box works fine, but the theme aspect is damaged.

do you have any idea to propose (to keep the css code shown above and run the resize the chat)?? thanks

NB sorry for my english

Its compatible with buddypress?

i don’t know

i want to purchase this application

Hi, I have a social network website. Can i integrate this chat system from my website ?

Yes why not ?

Hello, i’m having problem with the configuration of the chat, Can you help me?

Ok, the problem was that in https i can’t get the jquery by a link, i already fixed. Thank you, the chat is very god, i loved!!


i know it has sound alerts but some people at office don’t have speakers

Can it have a notification for the browser ? so if the person chatting is not on the browser but doing something else his browser will blink letting them know there is a new message ?

do you have an email adresse for your send file update ?

i have just sent it via email

can i integrate this with socialstap?

i don’t know socialstap :/

Have plan to add social aunthicate login?

Hello, I’m having a problem with the chat. When I Log in the chat it says: Fatal error: Call to undefined method DateTime::diff() in /home/howig721/public_html/hub/chat/scripts/load/members.php on line 75

This function need PHP 5.3.0, update your php

Ok, Thank You :D

how about chat logs – if one can check previous chat logs – then for how many days he can check the logs

i meant can we access chat logs from previous days – user and admin

Does this chat system integrate with SocialKit?

I don’t know “SocialKit” sorry.

This is ridiculous,

there are huge vulnerabilities in your code, it is a painful as hell to integrate, really a waste of time…..

Hey thanks for the application. But may you able to help me to integrate this to my app? I have already sent the code to you. Please have a look and give me your feedback. This is urgent, please.

Can I integrate to the exsiting application like “Friendly” social network application which is available in the Codecanyon. Please do let me know.

It all depends on your technical knowledge. I don’t know this platform but anything is possible in programming. Just has to know if you can and if the platform can integrate .

Is there a way to create groups of users connected to some operators and is it possible to use my own users login details instead of yours.

hello friend bought WhizClassified script – Classifieds CMS to use it here your system works with him on my server

Just bought this item but it doesn’t extract…


Well I have a suggestion, maybe you could add, I can do it myself as I have a reason for it, but could you add prefixes for the SQL tables, as I have a ton of tables on one of my DB and I prefer keeping things tidy!