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for Customer Support

Purchased the application 4-5 days ago and sent 3 request to the author because it hasn't been working I have not gotten a response yet. Seems like it was purchased recently by others but the author never got back to me. I'd love to have this application for my business and want to even purchase custom features directly from the seller but cannot do so if he doesn't respond.... :(

for Code Quality

It never worked for me, I contacted support when my support license was valid without any solution.

for Bugs

Horrible full of bugs
unusable in its currnt form


Author response

Full of bugs?
Explain me why it has been purchased by over 100 people and you're the first one with a 1-star rating?

You should e-mail a developer about the issues you're experiencing first, before rating the product.

for Customer Support

The author was very patient and helped me out to get this to work on my computer.
The tool is a must-have if you need a great marketing tool to bound customers to you.

The bot has many useful features. Give it a try! You won't get dissapointed.

for Customer Support

Excellent customer support and AMAZING app! Highly recommended for anyone wanting to take their marketing to a new level.

Thank you!
Ken Reno

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