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What is Advanced Skype Bot?

Advanced Skype Bot is the ultimate and perfect tool for companies who work a lot through Skype, you can also use it for personal use, it’s fun and easy to use. It is a skype marketing method which a lot of companies prefer to have, you can keep all of your customers satisfied by chatting with them instead of using e-mail or anything.

Take a look at the screenshots or read the FAQ underneath.

Which platforms does this application support?

I only support the Windows platform with .NET framework installed. There are no plans to create a Mac version.

Can you rebrand this tool with my application name, logo etc.?

No, i don’t rebrand the tool since i’m an exclusive author and for exclusive authors it’s against Envato’s rules and it will be riskful because the application could be re-sold.

Can you build me a custom command or function?

Yes i am able to build you a custom command or function, contact me and we will discuss the possibilities and the price.

Custom commands example: User says: !shownews

And the bot will do something you want, or could send the user information crawled from a specific page on the internet or read a specific file on your computer.

Will this application get more features?

Ofcourse! I love building in more features once i got idea’s. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate and just contact me, i will see if it’s possible to build it in and realize it.

Do you sell any extended licenses?

No i don’t sell extended licenses, so please do not contact me about that. It’s an exclusive product which is being sold on CodeCanyon only.

I get a .NET Framework related error, help me fix this!

It seems that you don’t have .NET Framework installed on your system, or your current version isn’t supported. Make sure you download and install the latest version of .NET Framework from here:

If you still get an error, then contact me with a screenshot and an explanation of the error you got.

What is Skype Bulk Contact Adder?

Skype Bulk Contact Adder gives you the ability to add a whole list of contacts at once, you don’t have to do it manually, it’s all automatic. You simply import the contactlist from a txt file, you press the button “Add All Contacts” and it will automatically add them.

What is Fake quote generator?

The fake quote generator is an extra fun feature, which will give you the ability to fake quotes. Quotes are a piece of log of what a person said. As example, when you copy a piece of text what someone said, it will automatically get copied to a special clipboard of skype, you can’t edit that log, but with this feature you are able to edit it.

What is Auto decline calls?

Auto decline calls speaks for itself, it declines all the incoming and outgoing calls, so you can keep your skype status on Online without getting disturbed by contacts who call you.

What is AFK Message sender?

When you are Away you can check the “AFK Message” checkbox, when someone talks, your skype will automatically reply with your custom text. For example, an user says: Hello or Blabla. Your bot will reply: We are sorry, at the moment we’re not open. We will be open tomorrow from 7:00 again.

What is Message Schedule?

Message Schedule is a really handy feature which gives you the ability to schedule messages. If you want a message to be send to all of your contacts, you can simply fill in the text and the timestamp it should be send on, you can add unlimited schedules. After adding those, it will send every schedule on it’s planned time.

When you check the “Send to specific people” you have to import or add contacts to send them to (keep it checked if you want every schedule to be send to it).

What is Auto Responder?

Auto Responder is the most requested feature for this application, it speaks for itself. You can give up a custom text which the bot will respond on.

For example, i want the bot respond on everyone who says “Bye”, when someone says “Bye” the bot will reply, “Have a nice day, bye!”.

What is E-mail to Skype ID?

E-mail to Skype ID gives you the ability to import any e-mail address list and checks every single e-mail address if it’s connected to a skype account. I recommend you not to touch the application once it’s running the E-mail to Skype ID feature, since it asks a lot from your computer.

Keep the interval on 3 seconds if your computer is slow.

What is Broadcast Message?

Broadcast message speaks for itself, you can simply fill in a message, and can choose who to send it to. You can choose between All contacts or All online contacts.

What is Mood changer with interval?

Mood changer with interval gives you the ability to change your mood status every few seconds/minutes/hours with a custom text you imported. You have to import a list of text or facts or whatever you want to be shown in the mood status, mostly it’s being used for nice facts about your company, customers really love to know things about your company they didn’t know yet.

What is Block/Unblock contacts?

If someone is disturbing you or isn’t a serious customer or whatever he/she does, you can simply block this contact.

What is Change your Skype status?

You can change your Skype status to Online, Busy, Away or Appear Offline. This does not affect the bot, everything will still work.

What are Chatlogs?

The chatlogs will show every message received from your contacts, your sent messages will not be shown.

What does this application require to run smooth?

  • .NET Framework
  • Windows Platform
  • Skype 6.x ~ 7.x
  • Internet Connection

My virusscanner detects this as a virus, what now?

That is possible sometimes, this is because we’ve made sure the source cannot be seen by third parties, because there’s a high risk of a malicious person to steal our source and release his own version of this software. Because we made our source unreadable, virusscanners can’t read the source either so they mark it as a virus.

It’s a false positive, do not worry about it. Disable your virusscanner and firewall to try and run the software.

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