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hi I do not see how to auto accept requests do I need to enable sheduler?

hi I tried I do not think feature works anymore.

It still works, there’s no way it can stop working. Could you contact me through e-mail.

I tested it and it works correctly it was a problem on my end. Well worth $17.

sounds nice :) will get this too :D

Hi i have seen many people having issue they change text in welcome message but it dont save …

Hello, great program so far but i am getting an error when i try to import the contacts…

QualityHelp I havent gotten the updated program yet.

im still waiting for the updated version of the skype bot that you stated you were sending.

I’ve sent it to you already. I have just re-sent it for the second time.

Great tool and fantastic support. Highly recommended!

Need Help. Error occurs when i open it on my pc.

Thanks for your purchase and message! I’ve sent you a message back to your e-mail which should fix your issue. :)

working now thank you


daviber Purchased

Hey man, I buyed your bot, and I exclude it from my pc… now I download it again… but it not working and ask to me to contact you…. What I need to do?

Hello Daviber, could you send me an e-mail at info[at]souf.nl. :)


daviber Purchased

Yes, email sent rigth now! Thank you for the instant reply man!

Software not working? first time im attempting to use it and I have a internet connection screenshot http://screencast.com/t/LEEHucO17

Hello Lowridertj, could you send me an e-mail at info[at]souf.nl. :) You’ll be receiving the latest update.


jijoua Purchased

I have the same problem, can you send me update? thanks

I’ve replied to your e-mail with the update! :)

Does this software still work? Work with Windows 10? You don’t list Windows 10 on your list of Compatible OS Versions. I would like to buy it, but need to know if it works with the latest Skype version and Win 10. Thanks!

Hello, thanks for your interest. The software indeed still works fine and works on Windows 10 as well. It should work on the latest Skype version, I haven’t heard any issues about that.

Ok great. Thanks for the quick reply.

Hey sent an email from my address about the internet connection problem. Awaiting update :)

Hey sent an email from my address about the internet connection problem. Awaiting update :)

Is the source code available? And Can i edit with visual studio? C# or what language? Is it still working 100%

The source code is not for sale, so you can’t edit it with C# or VB.NET. And yes it is still working 100%.

Do you have auto contact acceptance

You didn’t give the tool permission to connect to your Skype. Open the tool, and then open your Skype and allow it.

I couldnt find auto contact acceptance

It’s on the first page. It’s a checkbox.

hi i´d like to know if this software still working. I have win7 with netframework 4.6. i read most of comments and some issue rising are all fixed?. thanks


The tool indeed still works.


I’m getting the same error no connection please help

Send me an e-mail in order to get this fixed.

Vouch+ awesome tool! Easy to use and great support ;)

Hi, how many auto responses can we set in it? Is it unlimited? PLUS can you add html text in it too? e.g. click here where the receiver may not be able to read the URL first and ignore it? Or Skype does not accepts html coding and only shows text.


You can add unlimited auto responses. :) And unfortunately I can’t add HTML support into the message section, all new Skype versions have been protected against this, as well as the Skype library. In the older versions (Skype 5.0) this was still possible, but now unfortunately not. (I assume this is to prevent abuse and links to phishing)