Advanced Reward Points Magento Extension

Advanced Reward Points Magento Extension

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Advanced Reward Points Magento Extension allows store owners to create their own exclusive loyalty program that allows shoppers to win loyalty points for different actions they do on the store like registration, newsletter subscription, product reviews, sharing products with friends etc. Reward Points Magento Extension encourages the shoppers’ experiences in the website while allowing them to get rewarded for free. With this module, you can absolutely set a firm starting point with useful features.

This extension is designed to help store owners to convert their visitors into the loyal customers who eventually become their advocates in a short period of time, resulting in increased sales and revenue. Shoppers can earn free loyalty points for certain actions and the free points can be used to save on future purchases.

Benefits of Advanced Reward Points Magento Extension:

  • Improve Brand Recognition
  • Free loyalty points earn you more and more exposure and recognition.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • More customer getting free loyalty points are encouraged to visit your store for more.
  • Customize Rules
  • Store owner can set different rules about how to redeem the reward points.


Free Loyalty Points

Online buyers enjoy free loyalty points for different actions they do on shopping website like registration, newsletter subscription, comments, product reviews, product sharing, etc.

Use Loyalty Points for Purchase

The free reward points can be used for future purchases, depending upon the rules set by Magento store admin.

Customers & Admin Can Track Rewards

Store owner and customer can keep track of the reward points earned through different actions. Admin can also track the point transaction history of all or specific customers.

Point Redemption Rate

Store owner can set rules for loyalty points’ redemption, such as the value of the individual point.

Set Point Validity

The validity of loyalty points is subject to validity period set by the store owner from backend.

Set Maximum Points Allowed Per Account

Admin can set the maximum number of loyalty points that can be used per account on per purchase.