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How can I make the 10 star ratings not round up to a full integer? For example, we would like to display 9.2 instead of 9 if that is the actual rating.

Sorry. No such functionality available. You can code it though using the ratings from database, if you are a programmer. thnks

it doesn’t show what I rated?

Hi guys anyone knows why install process is stuck on submit button. I have send 2 emails to jaybabani but no answer, I hope here I’ll be better luck to get the answer

Hell there, Pre-Sales question …I have a marketplace where users trade with eachother .. so i was wondering if buyers can leave feedback for sellers after their purchase, like it is on ebay, amazon etc ?

Please reply me as soon as you can


Yes. It can do it. Thnks

Hello, hope you had a good xmas, i was wondering if there is anyway that i can user this feedback plugin on my wordpress site or do you have a sepreate plugin for wordpress ? is there any workaround for this to be used on wordpress ?

thanks Suleman

Hi codepassion
Pre sale Question
When you ask someone to rate you give him a blank rating form and you show total after rating is completed. Does you system offer that, if so please provide a demo.
Thank you

Hi everyone, It seems the install script is stuck because of a couple script errors. I manually installed using the install script references and it seems to work now although i just set it up.

I setup the MySQL db as required then used the SQL queries from dbdetails.php and ran them manually in PhpMyAdmin in the order that they are done in the file. Then you will notice at the top of dbdetails.php the script is also writing to 2 files. You can either copy the script till fclose($file2) and run it as a seperate php script (you will need to allow write permissions on these files as well as double check the output, in my case my dbpassword was trimmed) or you can copy the line [code]serverhost=localhost;serverdatabase=ratings_db;serveruser=ratings_user;serverpassword=12345[code] to cc_rating_db.php and the rootpath to cc_rating_rootpath.php (in my case i’m 2 folders down the directory tree and the cc_rating_rootpath.php file simply has /

Hope this helps anyone trying to install!

UPDATE to Install Fix: make sure your cc_rating_rootpath.php simply includes the path to your ratings install ie. / for the root or /app/ratings/

Do you still improving and plan to update your script?

this script is not good, did not install even, not worth the investment in my opinion. I have been trying to install it for the past 3 hours changing database creating new database and script doesn’t install.

Hello there id like you to answer a few questions if possible. 1. Can this feedback system be implemented in PHP (laravel) based website?

2. Can this be customized and turned into a user rating feedback system like ebay where buyer and seller leave one another feedback rating.

Please let me know. Thanks

Yes. It can be made in user rating feedback. Thanks

is this still supported? will it install on xamp notint that zamp only works with a mysqli connection. or what is the databse connection. sql or Mysqli


I assume this is dead in 2018? If so please give me a refund i bought the the instructions are not very clear at all, i don’t think i will even bother dealing with the hassle