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Hello, great script.

One error though, when you use links it will parse it like this:””

However I have fixed this, by editing creatlink.js

var tagText = "<a href=\"" + text + "\" target=\"" + trgt + "\">"

To this

var tagText = "<a href=" + text + " target=\"" + trgt + "\">"

This seems to fix the problem and works across all browsers, had this error in chrome even on your demo site.

Kind Regards,

Lee Johnson

Hi Dominator,

Thank you for the purchase and for the comments.

I’ve recently moved webhosts and this issue has occured with a few of my scripts, thank you for informing me and I hope you enjoy the script!

Hi! Nice script. One suggestion for future releases is the option to include an image in the quote. Best regards /Daniel

Thanks for the purchase and the suggestion Daniel, I’ll look into it for the next update.

Nice script, though it would be nice to have an option to replace the quotes (“) with a graphical quote, like gif or jpg.

Is this possible? I would make the script more special.

I am using the script as an include in my current website.

Hi HHawk,

Thanks for the purchase and for the question.

For this script to pass Themeforest testing the quote section had to be made to the W3C standard. (i.e. the actual quote and the author had to be enveloped in the W3C standard markup) so as it stands you will not be able to achieve what you want unless you move away from this standard and style the quote element yourself.

I tried to email you via your profile with the steps required to achieve this but you don’t have the option for me to contact you. Just contact me via my Themeforest profile and I’ll send you some instructions.

Thanks Bricktop!

I have just send you an email. :)


Is it possible to add images in this?

Or to set the time frame for ‘refresh’

thanks avinash

Hi there,

Thanks for the question.

The script is designed for text quotes only although can be modified to support standard HTML code if you wish to link to an image.

You would need to use a refresh script (simple line of Javascript) if you wish to refresh the page at set intervals.



I just get this script. How can i get a random with 3 comments?

Best Regards, CDart

Hi casadart,

Thanks for the purchase. Please contact me via my profile and I will let you know which lines of code to change to achieve this.


Hi! I’m really excited to get this working, but I’m running into a wall here. It’s my understanding that the PHP won’t automatically work with my html site. I need to edit my htaccess file. Correct so far?

Where do I find this file (hosting with godaddy) and what exactly to I need to add to it? I’ve searched for the past hour and can’t get a solid answer from anyone.

Thanks so much for supporting the n00bs :D

Hi there,

Thanks for the purchase and for the comment. You’re correct, if you are using files on your site ending with .html then the php won’t work automatically.

The easiest way to work around this is to simply rename the file you want to incorporate the script into with .php – so yourfile.html becomes yourfile.php.

it won’t effect the way the page displays in any way and just means you’ll be able to insert and run php code on the page.

Obviously you will need to update any links thta pointed to yourpage.html to yourpage.php but other than that it should work fine.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much! Works perfectly!


Thanks for the script

Is it possible to change the look/font / color of pagination links such as next, previous??

My knowledge of PHP is zero!


Pl reply asap

Best Avinash

Hi, you can edit the ‘quotes.css’ file in the ‘css’ folder to make changes to how all the page elements look.

Thanks for the purchase, hope this helps.

Hello. I purchased this and installed it. For some reason it is listing all the quotes one after another on the page. I was hoping it would just show one quote and then on refresh it would randomly choose another one and just show one at a time.

Any suggestions?

Hi basslion,

Please see the included readme.txt file for instructions on how to achieve this. There are two different ways of displaying the quotes, one way shows them all in a list and the other shows them individually and on refresh it changes.

If you get stuck just message me via my profile and I will give you further instruction.


Is there a way to randomise the quotes when you view them in pagination??

Say to show ten per page but randomise the first ten every time you load the page?

Sorry, on the ‘quotes.php’ file.

Ok thank you, Is there any way I could embed this into a wordpress page??

Hi, I’m sure it’s possible but I’m not a WP developer so would be unable to advise further unfortunately.

I haven’t seen anything on this so thought I would ask. Is it possible to add paragraph or line breaks in the quite to separate the paragraphs? I am using this for testimonials so paragraph separation is needed. I’ve tried

and it strips the html out so I end up with one long rambling paragraph.

Hi, you can remove the html stripping code, contact me directly via my profile for further instruction if you wish to do this, thanks.


I have put some serious stuff into this script and used it for display of my analysis apart from testimonials


But now i fear that the contents in this script are not SEO friendly, is it so?

Because google is not catching the contents within the script.

Is there any soluation?

Thanks in advance.

I am having an error trying to implement the random quote…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: htmlspecialchars_decode() in /homepages/27/d315952733/htdocs/apm-net/quotes/quotes.php on line 100

How can I fix this? I’m not very php savvy…

I also get this error at the bottom of the admin page:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: htmlspecialchars_decode() in /homepages/27/d315952733/htdocs/apm-net/quotes/admin.php on line 93

Hi there, thanks for the purchase. This usually mean you’re using an old version of PHP , something prior to version 5. If you could check with your webhost, they should be able to upgrade it for you. Thanks.

Too many errors: Notice: Undefined index: fct in C:\wamp\www\quotes\admin.php on line 231 Notice: Undefined variable: errors in C:\wamp\www\quotes\admin.php on line 259 Notice: Undefined variable: success in C:\wamp\www\quotes\admin.php on line 260

hello. pre sale question you don’t use database, right? where are stocked all quotes? in a txt file?

Hi, yes they are stored in a text file, thanks.