Advanced Product Video Extension for Magento

Advanced Product Video Extension for Magento

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Advanced Product Video Extension for Magento Community Version

Advanced Product Video is a very useful feature to highlight product features by adding videos to product page with customizable carousel slider and in product video listing under description tab. Extension supports different types of videos like Vimeo, YouTube, and local video files. Show video as lightbox popup with title and description information.

Easy to use and Intuitive interface. Advanced Product Video Extension does not overwrite any Magento core files. Work with custom templates.

Frontend Sandbox Demo | Backend Sandbox Demo (Username/Password: demo/demo123)

Main Feature

  • Support multiple stores
  • Unlimited product videos
  • Easy to manage videos through video manager
  • Easy to assign videos to products
  • HTML5 video player support for local video files
  • Supports different types of videos like Vimeo, YouTube and local video files
  • Fully responsive, touch enabled carousel slider
  • Responsive video using fitvids jQuery
  • Masonry Product Video listing under description tab with custom title
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • Video with title, description, cover image and video type configuration
  • Sort Order of Videos product wise
  • Dynamic product video thumb list title
  • Auto Play Video Setting
  • Set Product Video in Loop – Yes/No options
  • Display Title and Description in LightBox popup with position – Bottom/left/right options
  • Adjustable Product Video Width/Height, Thumb image Width/Height
  • Enable/Disable Carousel Slider in video image thumb list with Next/Previous buttons
  • Upload Default Video Thumbnail/Cover image
  • Enable/Disable jQuery Library
  • Simple CSS & layout to set custom view style
  • Easy 2-minutes installation
  • Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility
  • 100% open code


ver. 2.1 (31.08.2016)
- Changed: If there is any existing jQuery available for popup then video popup was not working because of conflict. We changed lightbox JS to remove this conflict.
- Fixed: Fixed issue of not able to scroll in video popup in mobile if video description is short.
ver. 2.0 (19.08.2016)
- Added: Disabled whole video block if all of the videos are disabled
- Added: Added default value of specific numbers of video thumbs in one visible carousel slide
- Changed: Configuration options changed from Global to store view
- Fixed: Removed one extra  tag in video popup
- Fixed: Fixed issue of not able to disable more than 5 videos at a time using bulk action
ver. 1.7 (11.06.2016)
- Added: The loop attribute option - When present, it specifies that the video will start over again, every time it is finished
- Added: Display Title and Description in LightBox popup with position - Bottom/Left/Right options
- Fixed: Fixed some warnings and notices generated in the log file when save products.
- Fixed: Lightbox close button issue when merge JS
- Removed: Text message "No Product Video Found" in Video listing when there is no product video
- Fixed: Rotate your phone from portrait to landscape then lightbox gets stuck on the bottom and if you rotate your mobile back to portrait then lightbox goes off the screen edge
- Fixed: CSS issue when you select configurable product options
ver. 1.6 (16.05.2016)
- Fixed: Fixed some warnings and notices generated in the log file.
ver. 1.5 (27.03.2016)
- Fixed: Header Sent already error resolved which was occurring for some hosting servers
ver. 1.4 (13.03.2016)
- Upgraded Extension for Magento Version -
- Added: Assign video to multiple products from add/edit video page using video manager
ver. 1.3 (26.11.2015)
- Fixed OWL carousel CSS issue when there are other carousels available on the product page
ver. 1.2 (01.11.2015)
- Upgraded Extension for Magento Version
- Added SUPEE-6788 Compatibility (See for more information - 
ver. 1.1 (12.10.2015)
  - Changed Video Configuration
  - Removed Product Video thumbnail from main product images thumb-list and added it below main product images thumb-list with dynamic title
  - Replaced Product Video tab to direct video listing with custom title under description tab
ver. 1.0 (12.08.2015)
  - initial release


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