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does this have option to allow only logged in customer to review the product?

@Phuongtruong. Yes i has the option

Thanks. I don’t mean the original option “only verified buyer can review the product”. What im looking for is any logged in user without purchased the product to be able to review it as well. Can you make the star rating to display per review? or does it only show the average star rating under product title?



Can you please contact me via skype or via ticket system

skype : varunsridharan23

Ticket System :

Is there a way for me to have multiple styles of rating bars (based on jQuery Bar Rating) active at once within one product? I’d like to have several, at least 3, different styles active at once—where the product overall rating contains the summary count (from 1-5) of all ratings.


Right now its not possible with current version. but its a good idea.. so i will add this in upcoming version

can I select reviews (ex. 3 reviews out of 10 reviews) to show in my product page?

@high6 Sorry i dint get you.. can you pls explain a bit ?

a Woocommerce Product can have reviews/ ratings from different visitors/ customers. And a Product review can have more than 1 review. Let’s say the product gained 10 reviews from different customers. Out of 10 reviews there are 3 reviews that I would like to display/ show in my product page review section the other 7 reviews I don’t want it to be displayed. So meaning the plugin should allow me to select which Review to display. Can this be done in your plugin?

@High6 Nice idea.. but right now we dont have it in current version.. but i am already working on latest version . which has lots of improvements and also new feature.. i will add this in coming version :)

I am looking for a plugin That will accommodate the following requirements.1 Works with woocommrce 2. allows for reviews to be placed BY THE USER from the frontend on a chosen woocommerce product. 3. Allows nextscript or a similar social media automatic posting service to send that review with a Image of the product, title, and link, back to the product page, to twitter and facebook after it is posted by the user. Can this plugin be set up to do that without additional coding??


75% it will work for you.

1. Works with woocommrce - Yes

2. allows for reviews to be placed BY THE USER from the frontend on a chosen woocommerce product - Yes User can go into each and very product to rate / review.

i am working on a brand new version of the same plugin. in which i will add / integrate social media posting option.

which will be released very soon.

Thank you for your prompt response Very soon to me is tomorrow! Your idea of very soon???

@gnfb1234 :O not that too much fast. it will take min of 1 month


is this plugin still updated?


Oh no,

I found a serious problem:

I want to achieve that people have to leave rating when posting a comment. It must be nessecary that people rate each rating critera before they can send the review.

But now:

The people can leave a review without rating a criteria.

Also, when they leave a criteria blank, it counts as if they have choosen “0”.


Kindly open a support ticket @ so that we can assist at our best.


Thanks :) A brand new version coming soon

Hi, I would like to know if with your plugin is posssible to use the coupon code of woocommerce and if your plugin works with this:


@ilcava it will work work with coupon code. and also it should work with the other plugin. if not i can make it work.

You can also contact me via email : / skype : varunsridharan23

Thanks, Varun

Is this still active? and compatible with the latest woocommerce version 3.0+ ?


it is we have a brand new version coming out soon with wc3.0

your prices are very low I suggest to increase them, your awesome plugins are very unique and no one can find theme even on the (free wordpress plugins site), why do not you make your price range between $450 to $550, and it is enough to sell few plugins and make a fortune, I am just sicking tired of viewing some junk works over the net!!!!

Thanks for your feedback :) I agree with you

Available demo?

@Yes but not online we can show a demo via skype.

it is not updated in a long time…. how come? woocommerce is changed a lot since 2016.


Yes you are right. due to my health issues i was not able to work on it. but i have a brand new version coming soon. which i started working on it. 2months before

Hello! We are developing one site for comparing products. There was a need for a system of rating the product by different criteria. In the market I can not find anything sensible. Your version looks at least very interesting, but the latest update was so long that it makes you think. Can I expect support and updates when I purchase this product?


Yea its been so long since i updated. i have already worked on a new version. which is yet to release. and its under testing pace. which will be released soon.

I’m waiting for the release of the new version. I’m very interested in the multi rating system. It is necessary that our client can rate the product according to the multi criteria.

@astre615 sure. we are working on the testing part. if you would like to be a part of it please purchase this and contact me on skype :

the new version will be released soon.

Hi, if I purchase the plugin to trial it would it be possible to get a refund if I find that it isnt the right solution for what we need?

Hi. First of all: Great Plugin and Idea. I’ve purchased this plugin, installed it and now.. the comment form on my woocommerce products still looks like the default one coming within wordpress. Any idea how to fix it or any hints?


Can you please open a support ticket.

We have a beta version that we can share with you.

Hey, thanks for your fast reply. Awesome :) I’ve take a closer look to your files and insert some “apply_filters” to the Template file “single-product-reviews.php”. After that, i’ve copied the file to my themes woocommerce folder and now everything look as excepted. You should definitely write a documentation for that ;)

@Stanlay84 Sure will do that. As said before i am working on a brand new version which has a lot of improvements and major changes.. hope this would be better than the current version.