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Hi, can you group the tags and output based on group? For example I am using tags by brand, color as group name. Thanks!

Hello. Is it custom taxonomy? Or a hierarchical terms?

Hi, i am referring the wordpress tags. not sure what is custom taxonomy or hierarchical terms. is hierarchical terms = category and custom taxonomy = tags?

There is no grouping option for tags because it is not hierarchical taxonomy. We can not create parent tag as we create parent category for categories.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question, It can be used by shortcode on a page?

Hello. Unfortunately there is no shortcode for this widget.

Hi there,

It looks like I purchased the wrong plugin from you, I didnt realise you had two that dealt with tags! What would be the best way to go about switching to the Extended Tags plugin?

Ive also only discovered this after installing the advanced post one, and as I was playing with that it failed to load in any of my categories? Not quite sure why that was?

Cheers, Shane

Hello Xenoshane. Please ask the support team if they able to replace the wrong purchased item with the other. Unfortunately this plugin only plays with post_tag, not the post categories.

When I clicked on the support option I ended up back here- is there a direct mail I can use? Or is it Envato support you are referring to?

Hi Xenoshane. I don’t have the ability to refund or replace with the other one.

Hi Im wondering if you can help me. I want to show a list of tags that list the latest tags used. I’ll try to explain. Lets say I create a post and tag it with TAG1, TAG2 and TAG3. Using a widget, I would like to see the list as:
  • TAG1
  • TAG2
  • TAG3
Then, when I create a new post after that with TAG4, TAG5 & TAG1, the list would auto-update and look like
  • TAG1
  • TAG4
  • TAG5
  • TAG2
  • TAG3
Basically, when a tag is used, it goes back to the top of the list and it does matter on post count. If a tag is used, it goes back to the top of the list. Kinda like a “Recently used” tags list.

Can this be done with your plugin? Have I explained this clearly? I hope so! :)

Hi cal. Yes, I understand it, sort the tag by recently used. Unfortunately that is not possible.

Hi there I’m confused,

Does this plugin work with current wordpress version? Is it possible to filter tags? I think so, right?


What do you mean about filter? There is options to include/exclude tags, search, order by, etc.

RESALE QUESTION. Can I use this plugin to explode posts from RSS feeds? Thanks

Hello, what is exactly explode post?

sorry *exclude!

No, this is intended to show term tags, not posts.

ok so I would to add a tag called post codes to my word press post I’am using the avada theme does your plugin do this and will the tag be shown on display

Hello. There are lots of free plugin that create custom taxonomy.

For custom taxonomies, please take a look of this plugin of mine: https://codecanyon.net/item/taxography-premium-graphical-taxonomies/1124074