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Hi, I have lat/lon of all usa citiesstate (45000). I have a list of lat/lon places city/state (5000) I want to find the closest city to each place in bulk. Use a csv, run script and get a list of the 5000 places showing the closest city/state and lat/lon. J

The app should search for the closest locations, once all your data are imported

Hi, I have a presale question. 1. Is csv import possible 2. which fields do I need. 3.does the store locator work on php 7.

Thanks for your answer in advance.

1. Yes but done as a customization 2. Any CSV file with your data is fine 3. Yes

Thanks for your answer,

1. so the csv is not a part of your program. I have to insert it via phpmyadmin? 2. I start your demo on FF, there is no map shown. The map is shown, after I take a search. In IE I see the map when starting your demo. Is it a bug? 3. If point 2 is corrected, is it possible to start the map with a country for example germany?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

1. If you want to use phpmyadmin you need to have the lat and lng of each address. Otherwise you can use our import service where we can do it all. 2. Able to see the Map, need to make sure you accept to share you location from the browser is asked – 3. The Map cannot display a specific country, it’s displaying the stores and the map adjust to the stores displayed automatically


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Is there backend’s demo?


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Nevermind I have already purchased it

Cool hope you like it !


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How can detect the users location by using https? Is it already set in the script?

Yes already set when using https. Can be activated or not from the config file

Hi, does this only load the businesses/markers which are in the section of the map which is visible? for example if there are markers all over the world and it loads just a small area of the map where the user is, will it only loads the businesses/markers in that area or the whole database? (and when the map moves, it would check and loads new markers in the area displayed?)

Also it does not “cluster” the markers if there are multiple and zoomed out. Could this be implemented please?

You can define how many markers are loaded on the Map per page. Example only 10. And when a user will make a search typing an address, the closest 10 stores would be displayed and the Map would automatically zoom to have only these 10 stores. You can check the demo to get an idea. Currently the cluster is not supported. We’ll think about it for a future pro version ;)

So when the user moves the map, it wont be able to load new markers in the area that is being shown?

No it won’t, it doesn’t load the stores based on the Map location, but on the search criteria. That would be a nice feature to add though, to have it work a bit like on airbnb

Is there an option to add featured stores, where they would be listed on the top?

Currently no sorry, but would be a great idea for a future update !


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Hi, is it possible to hide the google streetview man icon? We have selected 0 from the config which has hidden the streetview from the popups however the orange man icon is still there.. can this be hidden aswell? Thanks

Oh you mean the orange man on the Map itself? That’s actually added by the Google Maps and not sure if that can be hidden or not. If yes would probably need to do it in the Javascript code where the Google Map is called.