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Does it work with any type of websites (wordpress, joomla, or other CMS) or only with some of them? If so, which ones, please?


It depends how you will implement it inside these systems, but generally should work with any kind of website, but for some you should have more experience to implement it properly.

Thank you. After logging, users can be redirected to any pages (those pages are set-up before from admin). Such redirections are possible?

The redirect link is set in the code where you protect the page

I have purchased your script in september 2015 but never try to use until now. Because i have some errors (“Non-static method Access::require_login() or login() or logout() should not be called statically” can you please send me the last version? Thank you!

Hello socio. You must be able to download the latest version from your account in “Downloads” section at

can I know does this script create can create multiple users and multiple folders protection,

for eg. I have a specific functionality, where I can create clients username and password and I want to give access to that particular client folder, not all the folders

It’s relatively straight forward. I don’t think you will have any problems. Just keep in mind that you have to keep my copyright text. If you want to remove the copyright text you should buy the extended license.

I dont get this, I am not buying items from themeforest for the first time, I haven’t heard this kind of condition by any of the provider, I would not prefer to buy it.
11. a) License: When you buy an item, you acquire the right to use that item; you’re not actually acquiring the item itself….
19. e) the author retains ownership of the item;

You are not allowed to replace my copyright with your own.

Hi Ivan, would you please add more option to enable auto expire user status for xx days/month? for example when I activate user today, it will automatically not active after 30 days

You welcome!


boyriot Purchased

any news about v2? what about my suggestion?

Unfortunately unexpected life events held me from working on my CodeCanyon portfolio. I cannot give any estimation regarding v2. What I have coded so far is the current functionality with modern php and using framework, but it is not in any way different than the current product. The idea is to be able to extend it easily and add the suggested features. I hope I will have time to finish it soon, but can’t promise it.

Pre-sale Question: Back in 2014 a comment mentioned the APS script will include an expiry date in the next update. Has this been included in the 2016 update?

I am not exactly sure what are you referring to, but I haven’t published the next major release (v2). Some unexpected life events changed my plans and I wasn’t able to work on this project. I was nearly done with the architecture and the core code of the project, only the interface was left to be coded. I am not saying the next major version is not coming. I just do not want to give any estimations which I cannot keep. The current code is running fine on PHP 5.6+ so you should not have any problems to use the software.

I have troubles with the logout function ....
I need 40+ different pages with subscriber only access… so far… its working well!
BUT the logout doesn’t seem to work well.
So Login works!
A button to logout is there aswell, BUT
klicking on the logout button does nothing (at least it looks like no reaktion) ...
so no logout and no redirect to any page.
Where should I look for the error?
My config file looks like in example file:

define(‘URL’, ’//’); define(‘DEFAULT_RETURN_URL’, ’//’);

Hello martinius. The error log is located at different places for each hosting. If you are using cPanel you should have access to error log in the panel. The provided details don’t give me any clues why the logout might not work.

I can’t create page and group. The following error occur in jquery.

jquery.min.js:4 POST http://projecttask.comoolajax.php/ net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
send @ jquery.min.js:4
ajax @ jquery.min.js:4
m.(anonymous function) @ jquery.min.js:4
(anonymous) @ functions.js:296
dispatch @ jquery.min.js:3
r.handle @ jquery.min.js:3

What is your PHP and web server version? I don’t see anything wrong in the config. PS: make sure to not use this DB password anywhere else because you posted it here for everyone to see.

xampp v3.2.1

PHP on Windows is acting weird sometimes. Please open file init.php and change line 18
define('DS', '/');
and let me know if it is working.

Hi, any chance you will update into responsive design?

The responsive design will come with the next version, but I cannot give you any estimates yet.

does this work with / protect laravel websites?

We haven’t tested it with any frameworks because usually these frameworks have similar packages already built. This tool is for more simple websites.