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Great innovation!!! integration with Ultimate affiliate pro and I am in!

Hi John, thanks for the feedback. We’ll surely take it into consideration for next update. Cheers!

fantastic work, very well done ! ;)

Thanks Eric :-)

multiple paypal account email? have to be a certain one, or every time make a paypal button, i could use different paypal account email?

Hello tangpage,

Multiple paypal account email-s. Every time you create a paypal button you can enter different paypal account email.


Great work! :-)

Thanks DEV-Themes, I’m glad that you like our plugin :)

Useful addon! GLWS


raulim Purchased

Hello, So when I add a custom button image, it uses 150px width, if the picture is larger it still crops in a weird way. So I changed the Media Settings (wordpress), still nothing, then I uploaded a smaller button, now it stretches it to 150 px… In Visual Composer you can set the value for image, thumbnail, full etc, this should be with this plugin also, why not?

Hi raulim, sorry for such a late reply and I’m sorry to hear that you are having troubles with the plugin.

There might be a conflict with some third party plugins. Can you please email me your website url (using the contact form on my profile) so that I can check the plugins/theme that you use?

Once again I’m sorry for my late response and I’ll do my best to get this issue resolved. Cheers!

Great job! GLWC

How do you change the size of the button?

BTW! Great Plugin! Fills a HUGE need for simple sites with out having to put e-commerce in. (Even Multi-PayPal user pages1) Now just to add some Text based and other button style options & it should be a best seller for sure!

I want to 5 Star this thing, but definitely need to be able to do more with the buttons. (Even if its manual CSS it’s worth it!) Let me know ASAP. Thanks!

Ah… found how to resize the buttons in “vc_paypal_button.php” with the plugin editor

$output.='<input height="XX" width="XXX"   <------ Replacing the X's with desired height.

This of course changes it for all buttons, but that works for this instance…

FEATURE REQUEST! If you can make this accessible from the UI and available on a per-use basis! Thanks! Still a 5-Star purchase!

ok, as i understand, I can create a content with a PayPal button, let’s say $30, so when people click on the button, it takes you to PayPal with a $30 charge and then the payment is registered somehow in Wordpress in order to see a payment report, right?... well, basically, what I want to know is if button includes PayPal integration or it is just a fancy button with no functionality. Please let me know.


BNLPros Purchased

Some new update is causing the tool to fail intermittently.

Now visitors get “Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.” about 40-80% of the time. :-(

Spoke with PayPal Support and hey said it has to do with a change that was implemented 2 days ago.