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Hi, The thumbnail option is not working. Here is the link to my site: <a href=”http://www.mochileirodigital.com.br>Mochileiro Digital</a> Help please!”>

The widget is below the Twitter box. The cache directory is already set to 777.

Hi, I was using Photon from Jetpack. Whem I turned it off, everything went back to normal. Thank you!

Stopped creating small images, already reinstalled and nothing, my wordpress version is now 3.5.1

The link to my page http://www.djtrackbrasil.com.br/, The widget is central to the title (Integrantes). Help me: (

Hi, please set the “cache” directory permission to 777. It is not accessible http://www.djtrackbrasil.com.br/wp-content/plugins/advanced-pages-widget/cache/


I’m facing another problem… The “Excerpt By” option is not working. I have created a custom field, selected it and nothing is happening.

I’ve sent you a message with a screenshot for the widget settings

Thank you for your help! Problem solved!

You’re welcome.

Does this work with Pages in Custom Post Types?

No, this is aimed for “Page” specific. Perhaps you will need this for generating posts from custom post type term taxonomy> http://codecanyon.net/item/super-post-wordpress-premium-plugin/741603

One of my favourite plugins, unfortunately though I have various pages selected, but it is only showing 2 of them in the widget. Any ideas why this is happening?

Hi Jp, please check your widget settings and read the inline documentation. You can try to delete the widget and drag a new one. Let me know if you still have problem with this.

The plugin is broken. Just installed it, but the widget controls don’t work, can’t click any of the configuration tabs, Template, Authors, Date Format etc. Also, under the widget title Advanced Pages, it says Super Post 2.0.1, so thats weird.

Hi, yes, I have tried this lots of times, makes no difference. Also, I have tried this in different browsers.

Hi, please send me message via my profile page regarding this issue.

I have sent you an email.

I get this too, I put it down to a JS conflict between my theme ( which is particularly fussy, Bazar from TF ) and was waiting to see if anyone else was encountering it..

Hi, JP could you please send me your site link via my profile page? I really want to help to make this plugin supports all themes available on the net.

With the updated version, it works PERFECTLY! Respect to you for always pushing it forward and supporting what is an excellent plugin. Thankyou. :D

Hi, thanks. Don’t forget the 5 stars rating. Thank You.

I did the update and now some of the tabs like “template, advanced etc” are disabled. Could you tell me how to correct this?

My current version is 2.0.1 from 6 May… Could you please check if there is something wrong?

Hi, I have modified the js file but it seems it still load the old version. I don’t know how to clear the cache. Please check. You can send me a private message for a new patch.

I have sent you a private message for the patch.

I have the same problem with the tabs, please help me! :-)

Hi, please send me message via my profile page for new patch. We will submit new version to this site.

I´ll do! Thank you so much!

I just purchased this plugins. Can i arrange the page list with horizontal setting?

#advanced-pages-3 ul.page-widget li {
    color: red;

Could you send me the link to that page please?

This is the 2 content page widget (widht:45%): http://cipagantiglobal.com/bidang-usaha-kami/coal-heavy-equipment/ This is the 3 content page widget (widht:45%): http://cipagantiglobal.com/bidang-usaha-kami/mineral/

I stripped all the selector hashtag for you to examine… to see the override css.

Could you please send me private message for this custom code? Thank You.

Hi. Just purchased this plugin. Does what I want. But the “excerpt” read more link does not function. It only shows plain text and no link.

Also the “add image” button opens the add image window. But its off screen. I only see the edges of it. I’m using Safari 6.04

Most crucial the excerpt link. Can you fix it?

Regards Olle

Hi, could you please send me access to your site via my profile page? Thank You.

Hi. Any news on this? I sent you a private message several days ago.

Regards Olle

Hi olleka, I found no message from you. Could you please send me again?

Hello I sent you a new message from the profile page.


Sent you email.

Hi, I bought and installed the plugin, but does not create the thumbnail! I send you the link where you use your plugin http://lnx.arkimedesnc.it/soluzioni-software/rilevazione-presenze-galileo-time/

Hi, could you please send me access to your site? Thank You.

I can send you in private?

Yes, please go to my profile page and you can send me message there directly to my email.

Hi, purchased and installed and I get the below message on all my pages and posts!:

Warning: Missing argument 2 for apw_the_title_filter() in /homepages/12/d83359071/htdocs/DazzleWordPress/wp-content/plugins/advanced-pages-widget/advanced-pages-utility.php on line 28 Welcome

Hi, please send me private message via my profile page. I will send you the new update.


Hi. I bought this plugin because i was looking to show 5 latest b=pages that are grandchildren of a page. The plugin work, only that it doesn’t do what i need. Looks like some sort of a bug. any thoughts?

Hi, could you please send me the link to your page via my profile page?


Sure mate, thanks for the quick response :-)


I just purchased your plugin and I can’t make the thumbnails appear.

Here’s the URL: http://juicingjournal.com/

Yes, your theme uses custom thumbnail function, and it does not allow another plugin to hook it. Can you get rid the function and use default thumbnail ?

It will cause more issues if I’ll disable that function. Maybe this is not the solution for now, I’ll just contact you once I migrated to genesis framework later this year if there will be any issues. Thanks :)

Hi filipinoblogger. Yes please. Don’t forget to use theme that allow another plugin to use the WordPress default feature. All the best.

This is a disappointment. With a website to launch (hopefully) this night I dished out the money without giving it too much thought because I really need this functionality. It doesn’t work , that is, the thumbnail does not show up, I mean, that’s all I want, a thumbnail and some excerpt underneath it, without messing up all the other code. The thumbnail just does not show up. I get this kind of url: https://helpnepal.website/wp-content/plugins/advanced-pages-widget//timthumb.php?src=https://helpnepal.website/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/20392_885780538144881_980769506300520057_n.jpg&h=320&w=240&zc=1

Does two consecutive slashed do not look good for one thing. For the rest I do not have a clue.

Can you help? I’m running out of time …

Hi, please send me private message via my profile page. I can help you with that. Thank You.

Hi, i bought the plugin 3years ago. Im gonna use it again but, my question is the next. Is there a way to include it as a shortcode or in some php template file like a function or something like that?

Best regars

Yes, there is Shortcode & PHP Function in the widget panel. we can use the shortcode in the content or the PHP function in theme files.

bonjour, je voudrais afficher une catégorie d’articles sur une page. est ce possible ?, et comment faire?. (je m’exprime en français, car j’ai vue que vous parliez français….mais je peut le faire en anglais si nécessaire). Je ne trouve que les informations pour afficher un ensemble d’autres pages, mais pas des articles, par catégorie !. Merci de votre aide !

it is possible to make a list a post on a single page, filtered by category ? with this plugin , or just pages !?

Hello. Unfortunately this plugin only for WP Page. Sorry about that.

no problem, it will serve me !

  • my website is wordpress and I use automatic social media pluging ( to push the content from my wordpress to my social media pages ).

the isuue socail media pages skip some of my images ( imean it post the post without images ) and iwant to Quranty to push my images to socail medias incase if the post content images ( by automatic resize images after ubloaded or what ever ) is your pluging can do that ? My Reqards.

Hello ismat, unfortunately there is no option to do such thing for this plugin.