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I can`t use it becouse my product line in order detail is modyfied. I have additional columns in product line. Can you added this rows to module? Or give instructions where to do this. Becouse module un useful without this columns. I thought module using columns from product line template.

Hi Bogdan01, please send us an email to to discuss it. Regards

I have sent e-mail to before post this comment and nobody answering I will try again I belive sombody will answer

Hi Bogdan01, we answered to your previous mail pleas check if it’s in the Spam folder, by the way we just answered this new mail.

Hi PrestaNitro, i sent you an email to with access to BO and FTP in order to solve the problem with the module that doesn’t work. No feed back or confirmation received yet. Please contact me ASAP

We just answer your email. Regards

We did not receive your email. We checked spam folder aswell. Please forward your message to or paste your comment here. Thank you.

just before this comment i receive an answering email from you, i just answer it too.

When I try to delete a product is a white screen and therefore does not clear the product .

how do I fix ?

news? support slow!!!!

We didn’t receive any email, please send it again to Regards

you can not not get the email , we exchanged several emails and time is wrong, really strange !

I sent the data with other mail address , let’s see if this gets.

I urgently need support please. It’s been two weeks

Hello, I use “advanced stock management system”. 1. Can I change product combinations in orders? 2. After editing the order can I send new mail to the client with the edited order? 3. When I change a product combination with another or when I delete a product from the order It will change you automatically quantities in store?

Hi Matrix55, sorry for the delay. Answering your questions, 1.The module allow you to delete the products and add new ones so you can change the products in the order. 2. Actually the module don’t send new emails when the products in an order are edited but we will include this option in the future 3. Yes, it changes the quantitys of the products

you can change the type of payment from an order ?


sent mail for quote. I await a reply…Thanks

Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender, why?

Please send us another email to

Hi! It is compatible with PrestaShop version ?

Yes, it is, so you shouldn’t have any problems. Best regards

Hi I have installed but can not edit any orders…. I can see the order list but selecting an order does not show the order lines ….. Help please

Hi Did you get our original email sent about 2 weeks ago? We have just resent it again as well.

This is getting silly 2 weeks ago we purchased the module and it does not function correctly we send an email to the above address and receive no response at all in over 2 weeks. We need to either get this module working ASAP

Hi clive_riches, sorry for the delay, we had a problem some days ago. Please could you resend the mail to

Best regards

Hi, Please advise if it is possible to add a column for customer telephone no. in the orders list so search can be way easier.

Thank you

Hi, we can adapt the module to your needs, please if you still being interested contact us in Best regards

Yes, I am interested. Kindly advise how to proceed further

Please contact us in

Best regards

Can we please get some support we have emailed to the address you gave

Answered in the previous message.

I’ve tried to install it in but it isn’t working anymore….it stops after trying to confige it. Can I get some help?

Please contact us to check it: Best regards

Just sent you an email with some questions before purchase

Just answered.

Best regards


El modulo ya incluye una columna para transportista, en la demo la podrás ver como (carrier) ya que esta en ingles. Un saludo.

The demo doesn’t show any products to edit in the backend. How would product editing work?

Hi bluecafe, this module is for edit orders, to edit products you can use “Advanced Product List”: Best regards

Is it possible to show, in the list order, the date of the last status of order?I want to view the date only of the last status that order has got. Thanks


Actually the module don’t include this feature but if you are interested please contact us in

Best regards

Hi there! Loving your modules!!! Quick question for you. Is this fully compatible with PS Thnx for your time :)

Wonderful. You´ve saved my day, then. :)

PD: You might wanna update descriptions then. As most of them only say to be compatible with version 1.6.0.x instead of 1.6.1.x

Just changed. Thank you for the advise! ;)


I would like to search my orders by invoice number, how can i do that ?

kind regards


Actually the module don’t include this feature, but if you are interested we could adapt the module to your needs, please contact us in

installed module but can’t see any order in list need help.


Please contact us in

Best regards

Hi, I’m using Prestashop 1.6.1 but we have added some columns to the order table and to the order_carrier table. The module will work the same (without managing these new columns)? And it will be difficult to let the module to manage these new columns too?

Hello ioclaudio,

Like you said the module will work the same (without managing these new columns). If you are interested in include this columns please contact us in to give you a quote to adapt it. Best regards

Is it possible to add a product to an existing order ?