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Looks good but I don’t understand what the green bar is showing

hi . thnx , actually the green bar shows you the played time . it’s just look like youtube red bar.

Very nice plugin aryas.
I am looking to replace a music player that I use, all I need is one that plays MP3, not interested in M4A or OGG
Also, does this one allow just a single song or multiple songs in the playlist?
Good Luck with sales

hi kaledonder. thnx , its just mp3 player because flash and html5 is common in mp3 files. playlist isn’t working now but next project is wordpress music gallery,which you can use it soon. good luck

Hi there!

Is it possible to add multiple players in the same page?


hi solosoma . not playlist is not working . our next project is music and video gallery . you can wait for it . good luck

Dear aryas,

Pls, I would like to know if is can play only the audio without the skin. Only play music in the background without the panel. Pls see the picture (similar this one):


Hope to receive your feedback soon.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Karimito , this music player can not play in background and withaout this skin. It’s working just like soundcloud . good luck

hai can i use playlist and multiple songs with this player?.if not will you add that in the next update?

hi ajayraju20 . Playlist isn’t working now . this plugin has one music in one page. But next project is a wordpress music gallery, which you can use it soon . Maybe in next update , Maybe in next Theme project. Good Lock

nice job!

hi synceremedia . thnx a lot . good lock

i can’t see the demo lol :P:P

hi axakor. the demo url is . if you can’t see the player please send us a screenshot . thnx a lot

Hi. How can I publish the player on Facebook? how it works?

Hi LuigiLibet.
Install the plugin.
Go to AMP -> New Post menu and create new music post.
Copy the music post URL and share it on Facebook.
It can play on facebook like soundcloud.
good luck

Thank you for this player! It’s by far the best one I’ve found. Is there a way to increase the size of the related image? Currently it shows as a 20×20 thumbnail… Also, what’s the best way to make it 100% width? And as testimonial, if you added a few more customizing features, someone like me, I’d be willing to pay up to premium $40+ dollars for it! I work for CBS radio and the easy (non flash) plus iframe use of publishing audio with this plugin is very convenient. Thanks!

Hi mrminjarez. No , you cant change thumbnail size.
BUT We’ll create new powerfull audio player plugin soon (i think about one month).
So I suggest that wait for new audio/music player plugin and use the new one , because new version of this plugin has so many options like custom image size , playlist , etc .
thanks a lot for purchase and your suggestion.
good luck.

Can this play shoutcast or icecast streams?

Hi rhaney21, No , it can’t play live programs.

pre-sales question. is it possible to configure it to read a podcast RSS feed, and (with some control over what is shown, like title, length) play from that?

Hi authorsontheair , srry it cant do it.

Hi, great plugin. One question pls…i need a player for a web radio for live music…can i use your plugin for that…

in order to see what i mean pls visit..

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

Hi xrisxal2000 . Thanks for your attention, this plugin is not good for live music . We are working on a new multipurpose theme. I’ll say you when ready. good luck

Ok, thanks, send me info! Kind regards xrisxal2000

the player does not show up on facebook, is there something im doing wrong or does this just not work anymore…if so i would like a refund as i only bought this for its facebook capabilities

Hi, thanks for purchase. please give me your website link , i have to check it.

hi dear, interested to buying your player. but please can you guide if our player will serve my purpose.

i need an audio player which i can use on wordpress with voscast stream link.

the player will remain ON even someone browse through the site, it should not stop streaming, player should stay active on bottom.

pls advise if you can help or i can use your player.

awaiting for your advise and reply.

kind regards

Hi Sagalian , I think my plugin is not a very good plugin in this case. I think it’s better to use some other plugin for your website. Good luck


Is there anyway with the plugin for a user to also download the podcast should they wish too?

Are there any limited on the podcast size, could it handle a 200mb file ?

Hi Matthewbird, I think my plugin is not a very good plugin in this case. I think it’s better to use some other plugin for your website. Good luck

Look great, good luck!

Cool! Good luck with sales!!!

i have already install another music platform script. can i use this script in sub folder. this is my website –