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Hello, i purchased this script but i don’t know to use concrete5. Can you help for installation

Hi, sure. Do you have access to your ftp account?

Or can you extract an archive and upload it to your server inside a concrete5 folder packages?

Hi Dove, Looks nice and promissing, will You add search funcionalities like For Categorías or Title ? will You do a Live View to see how it acts installed ? for test Ride ;-). good luck SebM

Hello infocushn, for search, do you mean like having an input box and filtering a map depending on text entered? I will certainly do some updates on this plugin and add some new features at some point. I will also set up a live preview in the next week.

It looks like your api ran out so can’t preview the map.

Hey I bought this, but when I drag it into an editable area, nothing happens. I’ve tried setting up child page with details on it. Nothing happens. I would prefer a plugin that gives you the options in the form.php, not have to jump through a bunch of loops to get it to display. Which I can’t even get it to display.

All options will be in form.php. I will check later today and will push updated version.

can you use a custom static image for your map

Hi, there is no option to generate static image from the map in this version.

I can send a animation instead of a tag ?

Sorry didn’t quite understand what you try to say.

I wand send a ‘blink’ in part of map… like a light turn on and turn off.. like a ping.

Sorry, it doesn’t support custom animations yet.

i have a web in html, not concrete5, can i include the map on it?

Hi. This plugin is built for Concrete5 so you would need to modify the plugin quite a bit in order to make it working on your website.

Hello there, can you please tell me if there is an export option to use my map on multiple website ?

Hi, no, currently there is no such option.