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Hi, I think there is a bug when you add a Required check box to registration form with a placeholder. If the box is unchecked when user submits the form, it is returning a PHP validation error from Posthandler.php. I am able to reproduce this on your demo site.Thanks in advance for looking into this.

That’s not a bug, when a checkbox is required it means that it has to be checked, this should be used for something like a Terms of Condition check.

Correct me please if you mean something else.

Yes, I am using it for a Terms & Conditions check box. It provides the error from the registration settings BUT it also fails with “Notice: Undefined index: TestCheckBox in /home/menno/domains/effeiets.nl/private_html/login/includes/posthandler.php on line 2456”


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When I register a user, I get the following response back:

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; ReCaptcha has a deprecated constructor in /home/ftmhospitality/public_html/login/includes/recaptchalib.php on line 41 link|||/login/login.php?m=2

Is there a fix to this in the new version? How can I get a “Success” response?


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I renewed my support. Any solution?

At the moment the best option is to disable PHP E_DEPRECATED errors or turn off error reporting at all.

I will look into it.


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hello before to buy your product, I want to know if french language exist? or easy to do it? I want to use your script for music educational course :is it possible to use paypal? manage it with paypal button? if somebody payed the course he can view a protect page? last question I see in the online manual : level, if level 2,4,5…Idon’t see the levels in the demo ?or is it some something like that admin=1, etc..how to deal the number?

best regards dup

At the moment you would have to implement such a feature yourself by calling a script after the payment is done that validates the payment and then gives the user another permission level.

About the levels, those you can find in Settings -> Permissions and the first column it shows the current level of the permission.

I am very interested in one of the new upcoming features “New payment system to charge users for permission levels” ... Any idea when the new version will be released?... thank you

There is no set date when the new update will come. Could you tell me which payment methods you would like to see?

paypal and Stripe would be fine for me.


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Hello, I posted some questions 4 days ago without answer..so I decided to buy this product closed eyes : Impossible to install it on local “easyPHP” : Same problem as other here with config.php not writable so I create a base and import the *sql and delete the files as sais but now when I go to the xxxx/login/login.php I have a lot error of msqli

msqli error in functions.php on lines 119,120,123
msqli error in login.php line 15,16,20,38,
hope for a solution quickly best regards dup

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Hello, thanks for the reply yes but don’t work! Fianlly I install it on my website exoprt sql and than recopy all in local and change the stteings in the cinfig.php and now it works. But now I want to use your script with a template I bought inside there is a small roll down form like

<div class="dropdown-menu" style="display: none;">
      <form method="post">             
 <div class="form-title">  <h4>Login Area</h4> <hr /> </div>
   <input class="form-control" name="username" placeholder="User Name" type="text"> 
      <div class="formpassword">
    <input class="form-control" name="password" placeholder="******" type="password"> 
           <div class="clearfix" />
  <button type="submit" class="btn btn-block btn-primary">Login</button>                                  <hr /> <h4><a href="#">Create an Account</a></h4>
what must I write in ? to use your script with on the top of the page:

best regards dup

Could you send me an email so I can send you some instructions there?


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Ok I pm you thanks for the reply


dup Purchased

Hello I am trying to open your login.php via a modal js(featherlight) but the path of the posthandler.php is wrong : The requested URL /xxx/xxx/includes/posthandler.php was not found on this server. best regards

This path can be edited in /assets/js/functions.js on line 393.


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jist bought your scrip. but the documentation site is offline. great! why dont you put it in the scriptfile?

Hi, it should be available again. The reason it’s online is because I can update it any time without inconsistency.

Can you add recurring payments? I want to charge my users X per month instead of a single registration fee. Thanks

hi, I just purchased this today, and I can’t get it to login no matter what I do. It is able to find the database that I created for it when installing with install.php and successfully configure to it, because it says it is able to connect to the database and I can go in afterwards and see that there are tables there, but when I then delete install.php and the .sql file as instructed and try to log in, admin/admin does not let me in. I am using PHP 7 and I verified that the php-mcrypt extension is installed, what else could not be working? I’m hoping you have some ideas, if you can’t think of anything I can change the passwords so that you can take a look around.


Hi—I’m still having problems. Whenever I try to create a new user it says that the user was successfully created (whether from the registration screen Or the control panel) but a user is not actually added. http://polispectrum.us/login/login.php

Can you please contact me via direct message? Thank you.

Hi, I can’t contact you through direct message, you have to contact me through my profile.

Hi—I just sent you a message through your profile, thanks. It is still not saving any new users even though registration apparently succeeds on front-end. Pls see msg, thank you so much!


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because in the SMTP configuration it tells me that it was configured correctly and at the time of sending the mails do not arrive?

I’m affraid that the problem is with your SMTP server. When you save it in settings it will check the connection before applying the changes.


If you remeber, i made the DE Language for you. My client wants to get an Email (to Admin) if someone register. I have still the older Version (where could i find the version number?)

Could you please help me?


Version Number of the software ;)

I try to put the Mail Code in Posthandler like the way you mean.

But i get this Error on registration sending.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare PHPMailerAutoload() (previously declared in /www/htdocs/czeter/v04/login/includes/phpmailer/PHPMailerAutoload.php:24) in /www/htdocs/czeter/v04/login/includes/phpmailer/PHPMailerAutoload.php on line 31

I try to use this code: between row 2496 and 2506

// Extra check if registration page is not disabled if(getSetting(“disable_register”, “text”) "false") { // Check if there are any errors if($errors 0) {

// Jacksenn Check for Email to Admin
        $email =   "look@jacksenn.com";
        $subject = "Registrierung im Händlerbereich";
        $message = "Moin Cheffe, es hat sich jemand registiert!";
        $subject = utf8_decode($subject);
        $message = utf8_decode($message);
        sendMail($email, $subject, $message);
$activate_code = md5(sha1($username . mt_rand(100, 1000000))); // Create random activate code
mysqli_query($con,"INSERT INTO users (username, email, password, registered_on, ip, permission, active, activate_code, paypal, banned, type, sid)
VALUES ('$username','$email','$password','$registered_on','$ip','$permission','$active','$activate_code','','0','website','')");

A hint would be nice!

Push ;) I will pay you!


I’m so sorry, I think I read over the notification of your comment. The only thing I can think of right now is to change the following in functions.php (that file is also inside /includes/

In version 1.4.1 line 296, in other versions you have to search for function sendMail and change the line under it.

Change require to require_once

The version number can be found in footer.php since version 1.2, if it isn’t there you have version 1.1 or the first release version (1.0).

in the demo user user doesn’t work

Fixed it

Hello, the file profil.php I find very complicated and have problems editing. I would like to create my own design for the file, can you give me a blank file with all functions without CSS and JavaScript?

Thank you in advance


I think the best option is to copy the parts you need for your own design to your own file or just restyle the bootstrap classes for the current profile.php.

Hello Menno, sorry to trouble you. Bought product with support package and installed with ease via FTP to public html using its folder name of login … no new folder created by me. however i cannot seem to gain access to the URL page to install ie: I can send screenshots of install set up, failed URL page and hosting server settings if required. Thanks Paul

Hi, please contact me through my profile with the information so I can take a look myself.

Hello, I purchased your login scripts. I can’t figure out how to install it. The install is broken. I have tried following your directions backwards and forwards. Please fix your installer.

Where is the Home variable stored? I don’t understand the fascination with hard coded directories with no option to redirect.

Adding a user doesn’t work. I added a user manually just to experiment with the platform.

The redirect for the admin can be editted when you edit the Admin permission (in settings -> permissions).

The default link settings can be found in settings -> links

Is there any error shown when you try to add an user? Try looking in your browser console in the network tab to see the response (the request goes to posthandler.php).

Yeah, I think I’m going to ask for a refund. This really isn’t working out for me. Thanks for your help though.

when you release new version

i want to purchase this script


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Hi there, is it possible to use my own login page frontend? I cant quite figure out where the input fields are on the included login.php form?