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Hi, I want to purchase the script. Just need a couple of questions answered for clarity:
  1. Can I switch off the avatar system somehow as I didn’t find any setting in the demo?
  2. “Allow users to send and read messages” – this setting is there in the demo but I don’t see any messaging system in the demo. What is this setting for?
  3. If I set manual Admin activation, will the user be sent an email after manual activation?
  4. If a user registered using social login, will he/she be asked to fill the rest of the registration fields including custom fields?
  5. Can I link the user ID’s with my own database tables?


Sorry for the late answer:

1. No this is not possible at the moment.

2. In the profile page, users can message each other if this setting is enabled.

3. No but this wouldn’t be hard to implement if really necessary..

4. Yes, after the first login he/she will be redirected to fill in a form, but this will hapen only on the first login

5. I don’t see any reason why not, the field will not be modified after creation, so you only have to handle when you delete a user

Do you have DEMO with “Paypal or Stripe fee enabled”?

It seems super simple! – I want to buy a lot, but I’d like to know if this script has recurring payment for the stripe?


At the moment it only supports a one time PayPal/Stripe fee on registration.