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Hi, I contacted you a while back asking “Hi M3nn0, Just installed 1.4 and i works great, I was wondering is it possible to login a user in straight after registration automatically?”

What I mean by this is. Can a user be redirected straight to the profile page after successful registration without re—entering the credentials?

wow, thanks M3nn0 great help 5 STAR service!

No problem, and sorry for the late answers.

hey no probs.. Like i said amazing service…

Documentation of PHPMailer SMTP configuration, please.

Could you tell me what your problem is? Or what you don’t know

I’ve installed your script again, changed the password from admin to something else, logged out and in again but couldn’t.

I copy pasted the pw so there is NO way of misspelling it.

Then I reset it but upon logging in again, I got “too many logins” (changed it from 10 to 3 upon setup).

How can I reset this so that I can at least log back in and finish the customizations?


Could you also tell me how I can hide content for logged in users?

I’d like to remove the login invitation link for those who do log in.

This will be on the same page so I only need the code that hides content.


Same code but the first line should be:

<?php if(!is_logged_in()) { ?>

Thank you again M3nn0!

Just to be sure … anything between:

<?php if(!is_logged_in()) { ?> conent here <?php } ?>

Will NOT be seen by logged in users?

can I know does this script create can create multiple users and multiple folders protection,

for eg. I have a specific functionality, where I can create clients username and password and I want to give access to that particular client folder, not all the folders

Yes you can create multiple users but you can’t protect a folder, you can only protect files.

But if every file in the folder is a PHP file, they can simply all be protected.

Hi M3nn0,

When I access members only content, I can not refresh the page. Doing so will log me out.

I’ve double checked on multiple browsers. Even admin will ask to log in again after refreshing the members page.

The page in question is at the root level (where my /login dir is) and I have this script on top of the page as it should be:

<?php include(‘login/includes/api.php’); logged_in(); ?>

Reloading the apps (which are located in sub-directories) does work. No problem there. I do not get kicked out.

When I log in with username and pw, I do get forwarded to the correct page. But when I reload that page, it will log me out.

I’ve did a master cache flash on the server and double checked the PHP header for the pages in question just to make sure that the login/includes/api.php script is accessible.

The weird thing is that it works for the apps!

Anything you can recommend?

I think it’s solved.

The issue might be the way my .htaccess file does caching.

when I clear the browser history, it seems to work so the issues is definitely on my end.

Other than that, your script is perfect and rock solid.

Alright, so not a problem anymore?

No, the issue is the web server and my .htaccess file which is optimized to get the fastest loading times possible ( www.pingdom.com ).

The chrome browser on a Mac is not ideal but …. it is what it is.

Thank you for all you help. Your support is always 110%

Hi M,

Is there a way to charge Canadian Dollars instead of US?

Thanks M3nn0

No problem :D

I’m happy you make so much use of my script.

I switched the third option GBP to CAD and can’t wait to get rich!!!! ha ha

ooops, didn’t see your last reply.

Basically, for an online music school, your script is PERFECT! Advanced Login & User Management PHP/AJAX works so well that it feels as if you made if specifically for us. :)

i want to make a membership reward for customers register, after login they put the ticket number and amount, this is stored in the data base. wold this be easy to achieve with this.


I get a message saying 500 Internal Server Error on this script? Permissions? What permissions is needed?

Folders have 755 and files has 644. Can i get some help here?

I got your script working. Error in the .htaccess file. Now i have it installed and is trying out the functions. But then i saw that when i log in as Admin and want to create a user. It says user created successfully, but a user is never created.

Same goes for registration. Says that the user is registered, but a user is not created. I need this fixed.

Hi, can you contact me through my profile and provide me with more info? Like your server info and domain. Or if you want to you can send me FTP info so I can take a look myself.

When installing this script under Wamp on Win7 I get “The file config.php is not writable, please chmod it to permission 777”. I set the permission level as full control and unchecked read only attribute.

Any ideas on getting this to work under Wamp? I would like to change the look of things a bit and want to do it local first.

Go to /includes/functions.php and set $success to 2.

If you’re stil having problems with the installation let me know.

Ok good tip to know, For those that would like to run this on wamp create a virtual host and then you can run the login folder within the sub folder of www. So the login folder will not have to be located in the root. Works perfectly fine. Just a bit of feedback on this login system from M3nn0, I have been searching the web for the last 3 weeks downloading and installing several different login systems and once I got it figured out on how to run on wamp and install on the live server this has to be the best login/reg/protection system I have found.

Great job M3nn0 and hopefully you will continue the work on adding the paypal permission level feature as we sure could use that as I have 3 different permission levels and each one has a different membership fee associated with it.

never mind

Had download again since i did not receive every file when i downloaded before.

I get an 500 Internal Server Error when trying to go to any file in the script. Cant get the script installed.


M3nn0 Author

Hi, sorry for the late response, have you managed to install the script? Or is this still an issue?

This is still an issue.

Great Script!

However, I would like to see in the next version:

- Paypal permission level feature (ie 3 different permission levels and each one has a different membership fee) - Simple 2-step auth (optional, no SMS BS just web/mail method) - MOST IMPORTANT FOR ME: API so I can “ping” from other domain (with my ie API key) and ask if user exist, if does exist, show me info.


M3nn0 Author

Hi, thanks for the feedback, I’ll look into it. The Paypal feature is already planned.

Hi i move it to another host (nginx,php7.0). We can update an exist account information succesfully. When i register a new account, it display register succesfully! But the new data not in the table


M3nn0 Author

Hi, can you contact me through my profile and provide me with FTP access to the /login folder? It’s impossible for me to guess what the problem is.

We do not enable FTP . I can send the folder to you. Could you give me your mail? or I can upload it to google drive.


M3nn0 Author

That won’t help, because it is a server specific error.