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Are you going to approve the refund ???

Also, we did confirm the refund request by Envato support team.

I have contacted them and created a ticket we are waiting on you to approve it

Rowell (Envato Market Help)

Jan 24, 17:30

Hi Manoj,

Thanks for getting in touch. I’m Rowell, an Envato Help Officer and I will be helping you today.

I’m sorry to hear that your experience with the item: Advanced Layered Navigation Extension for Magento has not been ideal.

Please be advised that I am now checking with the author to confirm the refund. Once I already have the confirmation from the author, I will definitely go ahead and process the refund for you.

I appreciate your patience in dealing with this matter.

Best regards,

Rowell I’m from Manila, Philippines. My timezone is GMT+8.


As I said above: “we did confirm the refund request by Envato support team.”

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Hello, can you provide me instructions on install this on a Magnium template.

Thank you.

Hello. Please see chapter “Using extension for a different Magento CE Theme / Package” from Documentation.

Basically, you need to copy the files in your theme.

Let me know if you need more info.

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I already try that, the nav shows up on the home page but not on the advanced search page. Thanks

Hi. Advanced search page it’s a bit different than category or home pages (see

Layered navigation is based on the attributes of products from current selection. In Advanced search page there are no products, so no attributes to create the layered navigation.

I can’t see a simple solution right now, but I’ll get back to you if we can find a working model.

Have a nice day :)

Hello, I want to purchase your plugin. I just need confirmation that your product supports Magento

Hello sammy,

It should be compatible with Magento 1.9.x series, but I don’t have a Magento installation to confirm. You can buy it and if you have any problems you can ask for our support or request a full refund.

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I want similar to this:

Will it work for 1.9? Please let me know.


I think you can achieve a similar design with some custom CSS, and our extension has similar functionality.

And yes, it’s 1.9.x compatible.

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hi does this extension work with magento version

are you sure it is working properly? Because when I test your demo than we get endless loop when loading the filter


Yes, please use SSL version,

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ok. And are you sure it works with because in other comments I have read otherwise. but thos were old comments


Latest version has support for 1.9.x.

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