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Hello Bricktop,

realy great extension do you have.

BUT: I can not upload images with more than 2 MB. Is there a possibility to solve this?

Thanks for the purchase, this sounds like a limit imposed by your hosting provider, something you should be able to work around. Could you let me know the error message you’re receiving so I can give you the relevant code.

Unfortunetly I did not receive any error message. Only the red cross is shown and the messages”Please select a file to upload.”

Is an error log file created in the directory where the script is running? Some hosting companies output errors to a log file, not to screen.

Hi bricktop, have a nice day, great script, but i’ve got error, this:

Undefined index: fct in upload.php on line 513

Undefined variable: content in upload.php on line 263

Thanks :)

Thanks for the purchase, this is because you have E_NOTICE warnings switched on in PHP. If you add the following to the very top of upload.php (after the first <?php ):

error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);

This should fix it.


Hi, noticed your main site is not secure and thought I would mention. If you select: you will see. You just need to insert a index.html blank page in each directory and you will be safe.

Thanks, and thanks for your purchase.

Please, I’m very interested also have the button:


Next to the “Delete Image” and “Rename Image”

How can I do it?

Thank you.

Already. But I want the script should be a button to reload the image.

Thank you.

(You want me in private?)

Yes, please email me directly via my profile, thank you.

Solved: Personalized service and excellent support.

I would like to be able to Overwrite images. Thanks for your help!

Hi, please could you contact me directly via my profile so I can email you the changes required.


nohm Purchased


ist es möglich die Anordnung der Bilder zu ändern?

Das neueste soll immer oben stehen. Das älteste Bild immer unten.

Hi, not by default, if you have PHP experience you can modify the script to put the files into an array before outputting them. You can then sort the array.

Hello, someone knows how to implement the upload of the new webp format

  • my website is wordpress and I use automatic social media pluging ( to push the content from my wordpress to my social media pages ).

the isuue socail media pages skip some of my images ( imean it post the post without images ) and iwant to Quranty to push my images to socail medias incase if the post content images ( by automatic resize images after ubloaded or what ever ) is your pluging can do that ? My Reqards.

Hi there, this script simply uploads images to a defnied directory on your web server. I don’t know how your website or social media plugin work so cannot give any further advice I’m afraid, thanks for your interest.

what username n password for demo pliss author you seller alert this probem

As per the item description page:

The Username and Password for the live preview are both “admin”. Please note that you will be unable to upload, delete or rename files in the live preview.

why not upload, delete or rename files in the live preview.?? you developer set after 10 min reset all stupid developer