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looks innovative.

Thank you.

Very nice work, big sales to you :)

Thank you.

Good work… Good luck for your sale…

Team CloudBerriez

Thank you.

nice one ! I wish you good luck with your sales and a nice weekend :) :)

Thank you.

hi i have a litle problem with the template i have set the template and extensions and generate sucess fuly but the blue start screan will not go off syncronly load screan

Hi sunaozoral,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

I have been preparing the demo project including the database sample for your reference on how to implement this template into your project properly.

I will release the updated file within this one-two days, and you will be notified when the updated version is available.

I’ve just uploaded the updated version to CodeCanyon, and the status is now waiting for approval.

You should be notified when it has been approved.

Hope this helps.

The latest version which has included the demo project and some new Extensions (updated on June 22, 2017), is now available.

Please download again.

fantastic work! best for your sales in 2017

Thank you.

Hi Masino, I purchased the template and my code is d423e6cd-db5d-4648-9d70-6ec756522009 My question is: When I use custom files and check ‘Include common files’ theme won’t be loaded. It’s like there is no Header with menu nor footer. What am I missing?

Hi TattyAleph,

Thanks for purchasing.

Please make sure you always refer to the demo project.

There are some tables you need to include into your Database and project. They are:
- breadcrumblinks
- help
- languages
Hope this helps.

I started a new project and import the above tables, add a custom file and now everything is oké. The first time I started with the standard template, add the tables above and then I switched the template to the Masino template. Probably this wasn’t the way of working. I also installed the demo project so I can learn a lot from this demo project. You did a great job, just fantastic and well worth his money. Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome. Good luck with your project.

There is some future project to make it work on PHPMaker 2018??

Congratulations for the outstanding job!

Thank you very much.

You’re right. This Advanced Horizontal Vertical layout also will be available for PHPMaker 2018 Template.

I will release it within a few next days. You can purchase it from separated link of this, and I will let you know when the time has come.

So, stay tuned! ;-)

hello dear,

I am a developer in a IT company, I have a question, regarding customizing your template. Fortunately, almost parts of your template is what exactly my company wants, however for some minor parts it does not work. is it possible to change or modify some part of template ? if yes, would you please tell me in what IDE we should work?(for example in phpmaker or other IDE’s such as intellij Idea) we already work in intellij idea.

I would appreciate it if you could help me asap.

Regards, Hosein

Hi Hosein,

Thanks for your comment.

May I know, in which part of the template it does not work for you?

Of course you may change or modify it by yourself, after buying this template.

Regarding the IDE, there is no specific IDE to work with this template. You just only need the text editor application such as Notepad++ or your favorite IDE to modify it, and you just only need the browser with Javascript enabled to run this template in action.

Hope this helps.

is it RTL support ?

I will buy both 2017 & 2018 when RTL is available ;)

Sure, thanks. :-)

Now the RTL is available.

In your Template, I enabled the ShowPHPMakerBreadcrumbLinks option – but the PHPMaker Breadcrumbs are not rendering beyond one level. Please Advise.

Exactly. PHPMaker Breadcrumbs does act like that. It has nothing to do with the PHPMaker menu structure. Just FYI, PHPMaker Breadcrumbs is best to be used in Master/Detail page.

That’s the main reason why I created my breadcrumbs (Masino Breadcrumbs), so that we can manage and adjust the breadcrumbs level and will fit to the menu structure.

My original intent was to use your breadcrumbs. But even after reading the instructions and studying the demo app, but I’m a difficult time seeing how the Breadcrumb tags in English_demo.xml, your Breadcrumb Table, and your BreadcrumbLink PHP scripts relate to your demo application’s menu. One of the most challenging things to understand what numbers should go into the Lft and Rgt columns in your Breadcrumb table.

The breadcrumb phrases in .xml language files are intended to support multi-language. The breadcrumb table is intended to store the breadcrumb records, and they are managed by the 4 .php script files for add, move, delete, and check the position of each breadcrumb (via related Stored Procedure).

However, if you want to understand the numbers should go into the Lft and Rgt columns of the breadcrumb table, please read this article:

Hope that helps.