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psaju Purchased

Hi. I’ve found out one more todo: after you filter a grid containing multiple galleries, when clicking to see a large image preview, the images from all galleries are present on the bottom.

Example: You add a advanced grid style, select post type attachment and add a gallery. You give it the term A. You repeat this two more times, giving the terms B and C. You sort by random. Everything shows up fine, filtering works etc. You filter by A, only the A images show up. You click one image to see a larger version of it, it pops up, but in the slider underneath it you can see all the images, not only A.

Hope you can help with this :)

Thanks for understanding. Nothing is about trouble, we will always like to make it better, just need some more talk see if there is a different opinion. :)

We will have another update for it in these days, noworries about it.

Hi, just to tell you that we have it fixed. You can check the demo to see how it works.
And this v1.5.2 update will be soon available for download once it is approved by the review team.

Hi guys,

Grid thumbnails dont seem to be clickable on mobile device.

Happy to provide link in private.


Thanks for the feedback, I just tested our demo site, it works, can you send me a link through my ID?


nielsbe Purchased

Hi! Is there an option to maintain hover/overlay effects, but disallow a click through to the hyperlink related to a post? We’re trying to build a simple portfolio, but without click-throughs.


No, this plugin is built to list posts. But you may like to use image gallery(attachment). This post type list any of your Image Media items. Check demos page here:

Hi There

can i input video in to portfolio? something like vimeo


HI PalaBari,
Nice to see you again, Video media is not working with attachment post type now, but this is a great idea and I will think about it for the later update.
I will update here if we have made it.


psaju Purchased

Hi Could you please tell me how the Sort by Custom Order works? I have multiple image galleries and I am trying to sort the images by name NATURALLY, but I’m having a problem with that. Please help! :(


psaju Purchased

Nice to see that you reply quick as always :)

Let’s say that I have an array of images: im 1, im 2, im 10, im 20, im 22. The way the images are sorted is logically – the numbers are just part of the string that is the name (that is because that’s the way SQL sorts). The sorted array looks like this at the moment: im 1, im 10, im 2, im 20, im 22

Natural sorting would be im 1, im 2, im 10, im 20, im 22.

I know that PHP allows natural sorting (the functions strnatcmp or natsort for example), so after getting the array of posts (images) I could use one of PHP functions to sort the array and then pass the array, but I don’t have enough knowledge to figure out where I should do that.

The big problem is that I have about 5000 images which are chronologically set and either named like: image (1), image (2) or using the camera names. I can’t sort by date, because they have all been modified at one time or another… And the worst thing is that my client would prefer me to install the site today or tonight (it’s 18:00 here right now) :(

Alright, haha
So you want “im 1, im 2, im 10, im 20, im 22.”
Not “im 1, im 10, im 2, im 20, im 22”

But I am sorry I couldn;t finished it in the comming 24H.
Could you please also send me your link that shows the inconvenience, so I can pass it to my partner see if a better way doing this? by PM me or replying here.

I forgot to mention I am a frontend developer and project leader, the backend PHP part is by my friend, we work out all WP developing together. That’s why I couldn’t finish it by myself, and it’s during holiday in my country:)

HI, this is urgent. I just buy this and Im trying to activate the plug in but it appears this “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”


Sorry I missed this comment.
This plugin only works with Layers WP and You will need to turn your theme to “Layers WP”.

Hi, I cant use the plug in. I have a Php of 5.3 and I saw in the forum that I need a php of 5.6, my server cant use a php of 5.6 so can I use a lower version of your plugin that supports php5.3?? thanks…

I’ve been trying a lot to solve this problem because this plugin is half of my page… Thanks!!!!!

In your downloaded file, there is an older version which will work with older Layers WP.
Personally, I’d suggest you use a popular hosting service, it will always support newest PHP version and MySQL, and is more stable.

I download version 1.1 and it shows the same error, what is the version I have to put in order to work with php 5.3.28?? thanksss

1.1 will only work with older Layers WP, if you use php5.3, it means you have to go with older Layers WP too.

Hi, do you know how can I get older version of layers wp??

Yes, you can get older versions here:

Something has to mention, by going this way you may also need older version plugins that are built by Layers WP team, or older WP.
I still suggest move to a featured hosting.


I was wondering if I could remove the ‘All’ filter and choose the default starting filter instead for my masonry grid of images?


Please let me understand you well, what you meant by “default starting filter”?

By default, the plugin adds in an ‘All’ filter and it shows all images in the grid. What I would like is to remove the ‘All’ button/label (which I have found in the masonry-filters.php file) and then have category ‘A’ be active and only show those images when it first loads instead of all the images. The reason being is to save on page load times and the size of the initial grid.

I don’t think this way works fine since the masonry plugin is based on JS not HTML, All the listing grid items are hide/show by JS. However, the behavior is different from the masonry plugin. If you like to do something make it work, you may like to visit the github here:https://github.com/desandro/masonry