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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you!

Great module for cms pro nice work

Glad to hear it.

is there a way of setting it so you chose both locations? where you are and where you want to go?

Sorry for the delay. This is not possible because the main feature of the module is geolocation and cannot be disabled. If geolocation fails it requests the user for input of address. If you really want this feature, contact me using my profile page to customize the module to your needs… Happy holidays.

Awesome looking module. But you have way too many configuration options. It’s confusing as hell.

I recommend setting 3 options only (Global Animation, Global Delay, Global Type).

Then i would buy it in an instant.

Also, please make more modules. Real Estate, etc… Alex is slow as hell.

It’s Advanced Google Maps. Without all these options it wouldn’t be advanced. The documentation covers all the options. If you’re still having problems i could answer directly.

Additionally there will be more features in near future as users request. Happy Holidays.

We are in talks with Alex for some modules to come.

Hey Minamoto19

Is this still working on 4.10 update of cms pro?

I had no idea about the update.
I will make some tests and let you know asap.

Its OK to update.
You can download a small fix in “Item Details” under Changelog session.
Just unzip the fix and replace the file in CMSpro 4.10.


thank you :)

How can you add multiple markers to one map?

Hi. Right now you can’t. Only two markers displayed per map. One set via admin panel and one automatically from user position. I’ll upgrade the core of the script on the next update so multiple markers will be an option.

Thanks, any idea when this will be available. I have many markers that need to be added to a single map

Sorry, there is no due date set yet. It will be a huge update so it is going to take a while

Install went fine. When I try and add a new map, I hit “add map” and it just hangs. Never saves. Ideas?

What version of cms pro have you installed? What’s the php version running on your server? Is the plugin folder of advgmaps writable?

Could you check why it does not woks on http://www.disfracesdelujoespana.com/html5/page/nosotros/?

Hey pymagen,

Have you made any changes to theme’s or module’s css code?

live preview link is dead.

Well sorry about that I’ll upload it again in the next update

hi can you please reupload the fix for 4.10 please. thank you

yes will do next couple of days. Sorry about that.

do you have a Live Preview – the live preview link is down on code canyon

Sorry for the delay. Now its back on

Hello, how are you ? When I’m adding a map, nothing happens, it’s working and nothing appears. Therefore, no maps added in the plugin section… I have to add it manually directly under PHPMyadmin…

Have you applied the latest version of the module?
Have you set plugins/adv-gmaps/ folder to writable on your server?
Please contact me via my envato profile page for further assistance.

Thanks for everything, you’re pro Mike

No problem, Diego. Happy to assist you.

Great work! Good luck with sales! Looks clean and unique.

Thank you

Configuration file is missing. Upgrade can not continue

I did not see this file

$configFile = BASEPATH . "lib/config.ini.php";
require_once (BASEPATH . "lib/class_db.php");
require_once (BASEPATH . "lib/class_registry.php");