Advanced FAQ Extension for Magento

Advanced FAQ Extension for Magento

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Advanced FAQ Extension allows your customers to find answers for common questions in FAQ page with Multi-Store & Multi-Website support. Define questions into categories. Search questions and answers based on content. This module enables merchant to solve customer queries quickly by providing relevant FAQs. This module includes FAQ categorization, accordion style, sorting, search block and much more.

Easy to use and Intuitive interface. FAQ Extension does not overwrite any Magento core files. Work with custom templates.

Frontend Sandbox Demo | Backend Sandbox Demo (Username/Password: demo/demo123)

Main Feature

  • Unlimited FAQ Categories
  • Unlimited Questions/Answers
  • FAQ landing page, Category pages with search options
  • Search questions and answers based on content
  • Configurable FAQs listing type Accordion/Simple display options
  • FAQs landing page and category pages with page layout options (1 column, 2 columns with left bar, 2 columns with right bar, 3 columns)
  • SEO friendly URL links for main landing page and category pages
  • Simple CSS & layout to set custom view style
  • Frontend section combined with Search, FAQ Categories and listing of FAQs
  • FAQs sorting by display order as per setup in admin
  • FAQ text WYSIWYG editor
  • Page URL, Page Title, Page Layout, Listing Type, SEO/Meta data, etc? configurable from backend
  • Multi-store & Multi-Website supported
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Meets Magento programming practices
  • 100% open code

Upgrade Notes

If you are upgrading FAQ extension version to 2.0 from 1.0.3 or previous then please edit all existing FAQ categories and save theme so they can accommodate new url structure.


ver. 2.2 (18.10.2016)
- Added: Added responsive styling for image and iframe video in the answer content
- Fixed: Fixed to have Disabled text instead of blank in FAQ grid if FAQ item is disabled
ver. 2.1 (10.10.2016)
- Fixed MySql Escape String in FAQ search
ver. 2.0 (06.07.2016)
- Fixed conflict of not showing FAQ in single store site if default store is removed and using new store
- Fixed issue of loading FAQ related JS/CSS in other site pages
ver. 1.0.5 (09.06.2016)
- Fixed some variable warnings or notice generated in the error log
- Fixed issue of redirecting FAQ landing page to https url automatically if SSL is enabled for backend
ver. 1.0.4 (25.03.2016)
- Upgraded Extension for Magento Version -
- Added FAQ main url slug in FAQ category pages url for better URL structure
- Fixed some warnings generated in the error log
ver. 1.0.3 (01.11.2015)
- Upgraded Extension for Magento Version
- Added SUPEE-6788 Compatibility (See for more information -
ver. 1.0.2 (27.09.2015)
- Added Include jQuery Library (Yes/No) option in configuration.
- Updated category management with new options - 2 level categories, URL Key, Page Layout (Empty, 1 column, 2 columns with left bar, 2 columns with right bar, 3 columns) and SEO information data.
- Added Multi-Website & Multi-Store support for main landing page url and categories.
- Added category landing pages with separate SEO & URL key data.
- Added FAQ landing page URL supports for Multi-Website & Multi-Store.
- Left & Right sidebar (Category listing) added for 2 columns or 3 columns page layouts.
- Added Search function category wise.
ver. 1.0 (26.05.2015)
  - initial release


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