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Good luck with selling! :)

no demo ?? bad .. give an link demo please.

demo coming soon

Hoping to see a Demo

demo would be good

any screenshots or demo for this?

definitely interested in purchasing this script

working. on our server for demo

hello. added. I think

please leave us a login URL and demo username and password or it is of no use! :-)

ok. updating now

Demo plz. Sounds good but need demo…..

yea lets see demo or at least screenshots!

The demo is available just register.

click on live preview and register

Activation email not working…

Nothing… please check on your database pedrocduarte@yahoo.com.br

Nothing… please check on your database pedrocduarte@yahoo.com.br

ok. let me check

No screenshots. No demo. No refunds. No buy. Shame, was hopeful.

what you mean

It means you have like no information to actually try to sell this thing. Check the other top sellers. They give everyone the information they need to know pre-purchase. Hard to take a chance on something that has a no refund policy.

Information is readily available

This is a stupid way to sell, no wonder you only got 1 sale in 4 months!

1. Add screeenshots

2. Add demo login details in description

3. Offer refunds for customer piece of mind

everything provided

Is that all you have to say? If everything was provided then I would likely purchase.

This ment I set the demo data

Confusing.. How does this differ from the fb business extractor? You need more info bro

PM Via support for support. Then remember this is a demo so many functions disabled

I did. Please tell us what is disabled in demo. This will help you make more sales of product, because a confused buyer doesn’t buy. Just sayin and most likely why you only have one .sale.. You have to give people a reason to buy and make it easy to understand.

Looks like you have great apps that people like me need, but no one can figure out what the hell DOES what and IS what. A small bit of time invested will yield you way more sales

-Don’t get lazy and take 10 minutes and add screen shots of gui, and app interfaces. -Make sure demo is working at all times and state what demo lacks from full version -Clearly state differences between versions, cost and make it easy to buy

These alone will help you sell more. Reach out via PM if you need some help branding your software. I think it’s great and has much more potential than what it is displaying now :)

Ok. Thanks Will really do This

script stopped working and appears needs an update as graph 2.0 is defunct in 4 days.

Will update before the deadline goes

app to obtain access token is broken

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Is this working now? Demo seems to work, but I just want to be sure.

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