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Hi, everything is fixed and working now, the only problem I have is this, we just have 9 users in our site and they didn’t even scrape much and we have the “Search Engine has caught you” problem, I have bought proxies from instantproxies.com as well and when i use it, still the same error. And no one is being able to scrape, I know people can individually buy proxies and use it in the website, but can you tell me a solution like how can I add the proxies to the web hosting so when one ip gets blocked it gets switched to another and it works smoothly without getting blocked? I want it to work for every user in the site. Otherwise if its blocked right now and no one is being able to use it, it’s useless, right? Please help me with just this and the rest is working fine!


I have no idea about how to add proxies with the server directly. I don’t know any way to add with server directly. You can talk to the proxy provider and hosting provider how to do that.

Anyway we planing to update the script by giving option to admin to add proxies for all user. So all user will automatically get the proxy of admin. And settings for this Proxy in the application. I can’t say any specific date. But we will try to do soon when we will get a few free time.



Yeah that update would be great, its like adding proxy to http code i’ve seen that in instantproxies.com but have no idea how to do it, thanks! I will be notified when the update is out right? But till then what do i do? I can’t keep changing servers, ikts been 14 hours the ip is still bloked, but i checkecd with mass blacklist companies and the ip is not blacklisted, not even on google, but still showing “Search Enging has caught you”.

The IP is when you accessing the google.com , search in google is different thing. I found a lot of proxy that works for scrape google.com/search but not work for google.com/search?q=something.One of my client also face the issue. Instant proxy change the proxy in that situation if you call their support.

But honestly we have to do with the google blocking. It’s not in our hand. Our code is Ok. But when google can detect it’s scraping and from any ip, they just redirect to a captcha page. It’s actually not blocking. It’s capcha challenge, that our bot can’t break.

We will try to do centralized system for proxy management for admin in future.



Hey, As we are having issues with proxies, eagerly waiting for you guys to roll out the new update with the admin proxy settings, Till then can you tell me where to change the code so I can disable or remove “Google” as a search engine option for now? I want to launch my website tonight and I only want to keep Bing as an option until you guys update the software, I have opened a ticket but no reply yet as I’m in hurry as well, Let me know, thanks!

Here is link to ticket- https://xeroneit.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/266

Hi, no you got me wrong konok, I am not complaining haha, was just in hurry, Thank you so much for all the help you guys have been helping me with! I really appreciate it, eagerly waiting for your new proxy update, how will I get updated about the update?

Ok i removed it, everything works like charm now, I will edit the Google VS Bing Dashboard for now, what if I want to re add google back when you guys roll out the new update? i just add it back to the database as it was and everything should be good right? and Bing doesn’t block IP’s right? Eagerly waiting for you guys to roll the new update, thank you so much!

Thank you very much. We always try our best to help our client. But you know we have deal with many support from other buyers too.

Anyway when we will update application, an automatic email will be sent from codecanyon by default.You will get email from codecanyon. Don’t worry.

We will try our best to update this script as soon as possible.

Bing is not so aggressive to block. It’s usually don’t block IP. When you want to give google search, just insert the data again in database that you deleted.

Have a nice day



Please when I change the slides, some write up still shows there, how do I completely change the slides and text

You can change from application\views\aes_website\index.php

Please I use proxy but it is always saying “Search Engine has caught you. Please rest some time !! Try after hour or more.” and I have not even given it out yet for sales to clients to use, how do I fix it

We are in support vacation till 17th October. We may not resposne in a regular basis in this period.

Please open support ticket to https://xeroneit.freshdesk.com/support/login

Thanks :)

Hi, it shows below when i tried to set up the script. How to fix it? Thanks

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: core/Loader.php

Line Number: 346

replied to support desk

Hello Sir,

i was install you Programm under marketing.myDomain.de and delete the Sub-Domain (i was make a error – google has set it on index) and install it new under http://scrap.myDomain.de/aes/ – But i can´t take my purchase-code.

Error show´s: “You always use it under marketing.samuria.de”.

Thanks for help

Try now :)

Creat – time to scrap. Little Tip for a missing Plugin. A Auto-Like, if a user is logged on Facebook and visit a webpage.

Thanks for the tip :)

Hi Friend, I want to purchase the script but Im confuse with 1 thing: What is the difference between your 2 scripts “Advanced Email Scraper – SaaS Pack” and “Advanced Email Scraper (AES)”? sorry for the question, thanks.

the cheaper one?

Yes, Actually the expensive one’s price is not high. We increase the price intentionally not to buy this one as we don’t provide support for this application anymore. This application has dependency on proxy for search in google. So i want say if you use the google search in your website, you may need to use some good google proxies that support google search.



Ok, thank you


I’m looking for a tool that can extract all group members. 1) Emails 2) FB IDS e.g. from this group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1584172785161839/

Can you assist?

Kind Regards

Sorry, That’s not possible with our tools.

Thanks Konok

Hi, I was able to run one scan scrape about 700 emails, but now all I keep getting is: “Search Engine has caught you. Please rest some time !! Try after hour or more”.I guess I need to set up proxy server? How would I do this? Thank You

Hi, Yes It’s recommend to use proxy if you search in google. But you need to use any good private proxy that support google search. When you search , there is option to put proxy and Proxy format will be like IP:Port



can you recommend one? thanks

Some of our buyer used http://instantproxies.com/ and i got their from some of our buyer.



i must be doing something wrong because this very much isnt working for me, not getting any info in the test site

Demo has some restriction. And for google search, it may need good private google proxy to work .



where are the emails collected saved? I need to download them all

You will find a table named email in database, you can download from there directly if you want.

there is no demo? i try to sign in for 7 days free but i didnt get a confirmation mail.

thanks for answering. 1. you can avalaible Hebrew? i will pay for it extra. 4. please answer to this question for verify that i understand what this feature does.

I didn’t check with any RTL language. You can check in demo if you can write in Hebrew correctly.



the demo dont work even in English !! i search “football” for example and dont get nothing !!!