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kwnash Purchased

I am still waiting for a response on a question I asked at least a week ago. Please respond or refund my money. Thanks


For Email Scraper to search in search engine, you need to use some good private proxy that support google search. Any public free proxy will not work for google search. Google is very sensitive to crawl. So all proxy will not work for google proxy.

Again when you are using proxy , make sure the port of the IP is open in your server. All server has 80 port open by default. But if the port is other than 80, then you need to open the port for outgoing request.

And the format of the proxy should be like : IP:PORT

For any query , please contact to info@xeroneit.net .



Are you having issues with people logging in to their AES sites? I have been unable to log in for the last week and have not received a reply to my support ticket. Yesterday, I was able to log in, today I cannot. I have not made any changes to the install during this time. Thanks

Sorry for delay.

Please send app link,admin login and cpanel details to info@xeroneit.net

We will check :)

Friend, can the script work with a single proxy? I want to extract emails from google, and I only have a proxy

It should work until the proxy is live and not blocked :)

Hi, I’m having problems with email validation. When I enter a small amount it displays a window to view the results download. But when I enter a larger list it processes all the records but only gives me the option to close the window and does not display the results for download. You can verify? Thank you. http://prntscr.com/f5svky

Thank you sir :)

Your script is powerful. The server is dedicated and flexible, so when I’m going to make use of the script, disconnect and power on with configurations for better performance. 16 Memory RAM, 8 cores. With half of that, he had already managed to get the most out of his research. In search pages with locations, (FBSP) always got 600 search results. Only in unsuccessful email verification (AES). Not even with 250 emails searched he can make the file available for download.

140 is the maximum he can verify.

Is it necessary to use the activation license for this script?

Yes, it is :)

How can I extract as many emails as possible?

I have verified that the script is very limiting it just extracts 600 emails.

How can I change these values Search Range: Page 1-10?

10 means 1000 result. In each page 100 search result. Google doesn’t provide more than that in one search.



Hi, I can use it to extrac emails form FanPages comments? Thank you.

You mean facebook fanpages? If the email is publicly displayed and not with js then you can grab it. Otherwise not. Please check demo for your requirement.



I buy 10 ip´s (instantproxies), but message persist: “Search Engine has caught you. Please rest some time !! Try after hour or more”.

Did you applied proxies when search?

Also make sure the proxy ports are open in server.

is they scrape email from google and bing if i have private proxies ? what is the guranteed ?

It will work as soon as your proxies are live and do not get caught.


zino Purchased

Hello, i just purchased your script and test it. The problem is that WHO IS does not work at my script while on your demo works for the same domain. How it is possible? Do i miss some configurations?

Not sure , Yes, i found that some server has problem and who is request not accepted by some server. Anyway we can change the link by connecting our server for who is search if you want. For that send the application link, admin credential and ftp to info@xeroneit.net




I bought the AES and i like it very much but thing is i am unable to scrape url’s more than 250 or 270, If i enter big list it stopped working after 250+ even i have increased RAM to 1GB for this script.

Please help me to resolve this issue asap as i am willing to pay for support. I have about 500K domains list that i need to sort out. It should support at least 5k or 10k url’s at a time.


— Regards, Athar Rasheed


Pleas try by making max_execution_time = 0 . Zero means infinite. It’s actually not any issue of script. It’s fully depended on server. I hope it should work well.



Do you have any working demo where i can scrape large number of url’s? If yes please let me know, I am willing to pay

I am extremely sorry, but we don’t have any demo like this.

now check the error when search …. https://ibb.co/kQzfFv this is very bad i always write keyword and it’s always throw error check this by yourself

That’s for some error of timeout issue in your server. Make sure your server has no timeout issue. Check in console, it will give error why it is not executed the process. There may be problem of 504 bad gateway or 520 origin error, that some server face it from cloud flare.



i don’t use cloud flare etc … dedicated server i used and please let me try to solve this issue ! kindly just let me know what is the required changes to be made to solve this issue

If you send me the application link and email and password of the application to info@xeroneit.net, then i can check what error is occurring Then i can make sure about the issue.

Please during sending sms, give a brief about your issue that we can understand that you send it.


Konok .

Why is this one more expensive? Https://codecanyon.net/item/advanced-email-scraper-saas-pack/14851978?s_rank=11

Which one should I buy?

AES do not have support AES Saas has. AES SaaS is SaaS (Software As A Service) means you can resell it as service to end users and can receive monthly payment from them.


f4ouzi Purchased

I buy 10 Proxies from (instantproxies), but i still have message : ”Search Engine has caught you. Please rest some time


When you are using proxy , make sure the port of the IP is open in your server. All server has 80 port open by default. But if the port is other than 80, then you need to open the port for outgoing request.

And the format of the proxy should be like : IP:PORT

You have to register your site IP to proxy server admin panel.

See the snapshots:

http://xeroneit.net/demo/envato_support_files/proxy/1.png http://xeroneit.net/demo/envato_support_files/proxy/2.png http://xeroneit.net/demo/envato_support_files/proxy/3.png http://xeroneit.net/demo/envato_support_files/proxy/4.png

Thanks : Al-amin :)