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Mult succes cu vanzarile! Salut.

Salut. Multumesc mult.

Is it multi user? Can anyone register and input their domain names in their own profile only? Thanks.

Next update will be with multiple users.

Hi, the multi-user version is uploaded.

Hello, The script doesn’t fetch expire dates for .se domains. Will this be fixed? Also, is it possible to see expire date and not only days left on the overview? Thanks.

About date- its very easy to put date instead of days on main screen. Regards.

Next update come with multi user feature.

Hi, the multi-user version is uploaded.

Hello. Nice script. What about multi user?

Now its v1.1.

Next update come with multi user feature.

Hi, the multi-user version is uploaded.

Welcome to the party, Good wishes for your sales :)

Thank you, sarah23 :)

Hi, the multi-user version is uploaded.

demo login not working ???

demo is working. Login= admin pass= password

Next update come with multi user feature.

Hi, the multi-user version is uploaded.

Can’t log in to demo

Hi, demo is working. Try lower case keyboard: login= admin; password= password

Next update come with multi user feature.

Hi, the multi-user version is uploaded.

Hi, did your app support this:

- define specific views for specific user - users have their login e password - every user can have many services

thanks for your kind reply

So you want to limit users to make changes- just disable the add/edit/delete buttons. Its easy to do. Regards.

perfect! this can be done via admin area or modifyng script?

Need to change few code lines. I can do this for u. Not a problem. Regards.

Hi, I create database, db user and install. Now I only get “false”. Any help?

I can help you thru teamviewer, please send your teamviewer ID and password to

I just did! Please help me to figure out this problem

replyed by mail

Use without CPANEL?

I already maked db / user, After manual install index.php showing “false”

ok i know this situation, its about your server configuation. I’ll fix this later. Try to write in browser yourfolder/login.php instead of yourfolder/index.php

Hi, sorry for delay. Thank you for patience. So, about false on blank page: Just delete the word “echo” from inc/security.php file. WAS: echo $valid_admin =’false’; CHANGE TO: $valid_admin =’false’; Thats it.

Hi, i’m trying a manuel install….the etc directory does not exist. if i create it myself and create the etc.php file with all the right settings i ge a blank page after login in login.php

in login.php you have include(‘formsimple.php’); but there is no formsimple.php

answered by email.

Is the cron job is already automatically set by the software or we have to configure manually? Really handy software.Highly recommended it!

Hi, thx for purchasing. All is automated. Cron jobs is create/delete automaticaly. Just set hour in settings page.

And i have a recommendation,as per the current settings we have to check the whole inventory to find the domains needs attention(alert message) and the process will be tedious if the inventory contains lot of domains.So adding a filter option will helps. 1)Filter Domains-Filter and view domains upon the “Labels” E.g Expired,Alert(Filter and view domains with alert message).

Rest of the things works just fine

Thank you for suggestion. Will be implemented in future update. Have a nice day.

Pre-Sale question:

1. Can be installed without cPanel?

2. What is the differences between these two versions:

3. It’s possible to have the user interfaces without the background images? Can a user modify (customize) it?

Thank you -Enrico

Hi, Enrico. 1- yes, but need to have somehow the mysql database installed on your server. The version 1.6 (not pro) can do ALL without any touch cPanel. Just input the admin login/passw an ALL WILL BE DONE AUTOMATICALLY. 2 The PRO version have MULTI-USER feature and a lot of ONE-CLICK features, so in PRO you need just to input the domain name and your email address. EVERYTHING ELSE WILL BE CREATED AUTO!!! 3. Yes, it easy to replace background images with all you want- one color, gradient etc. So the best for all 3 asked points is to try the demo. Regards.

Hi, I have installed and customized your software. I notice that there is a bug on sorting by remaining days. Can you give me an email to send you my login and password to check the problem?

Thank you

Hello, just wondering how to view the domains that a user has?

AS ADMIN: for example the user “user, ID 12” shows 29 domains, but where do you click to see these domains, or add more? or does the user only able to do this?



the demo is not working

Domains & Hostings Manager Remainder v1.5 or Advanced Domains and Hostings PRO v3 Multi-User work for me?

Hi, I’d be interested in this tool, but I am interested if you could add a Notes field in the management of each domain, and in the dashboard listing all domains, you have a column of each domain’s IP. Something you would consider?

Do you still support this?

salut, vreau sa-l iau si eu sa pun domeniile .ro la check/reminder pentru a le cumpara … mai exista suport pentru script sau nu ? Multumesc.