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Hi. pls help- didnt received license text file. AND NO DOCUMENTATION ?? WHY?

Hi Vitalie,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

You can download the license key in DOWNLOADS section, here on codecanyon, by clicking on download button next to our product (in YOUR DOWNLOADS section) – and select License Certificate. License key = item purchase code.

For any other questions/requests please use support forum located at

Hi, any news on the update yet? Here’s another feature proposal that would be awesome to have included in your Domain Manager: Would it be complicated to add support for basic API features of big registrars like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Dynadot, ResellerClub and so on? I would love to be able to see which nameservers are currently set for the domains in Advanced Domain Manager and also to change them without having to log into the different registrars websites. I’m sure you could charge extra for this as it makes managing domains way easier and quicker! ;-)


Thanks for purchasing our product. Unfortunately – no, no news about update at this time.

Thanks for feature suggestion, we’ll look into it.


The auto grab details such as registered and expiry dates as well as registrar names doesn’t seem to be working for .uk domains, or .eu either.

Help please!

Cheers, Karl


Thank you for purchasing our product.

Please use support forum for any support related questions.

Do you have the function to reminder about the hosting & domain ?


You can setup CRON task which will send you email with domains expiring soon (“soon” can be defined by you, if you want to receive email about expiring domain 7 days before expiry – that can be easily done.) You can setup multiple CRON’s as well.


I need a system to sell subdomains from two specific domains only, does your system can manage this?

Best regards Nor

Hi npinelo,

Thank you for your interest in our product!

Unfortunately no, our script is not suitable for such purpose.

I had seen a new version with a new layout in your demo, But now I see the old interface. Is it changed back to old ?

Hi bolits,

We haven’t touched demo for a while. Are you sure it was our product ?

Hi, happy new year! Another 3 months have passed and I still would be interested in an update with some new features. ;-)

Hi m2ecomm,

Happy New Year to you too! We’ll post schedule for product updates within January on our blog. At the moment I cannot provide ETA on this update.


First, I didn’t get the purchase confirmation email from Envato, I only got the Receipt for Payment email! So, I don’t have my license key text file! Second, I don’t have an idea where I can get my purchase code to register at

I’ve installed at my server and got stuck cause I don’t have the license key!

regards Yasiph

Hi yasiph,

You can download your item purchase code from DOWNLOADS area, here on codecanyon. Go to downloads, click on download button next to our product and select LICENSE CERTIFICATE – inside it you will find item purchase code which is your license key.

Got it! Thanks.

After installing everything seems to work correctly except the adding the domain names. I don’t have a “add domain” button so that I can add a domain after creating a client.

What do I need to do?

Hi ttaylorm2c,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

You have to go to edit client screen and then scroll down – “add domain” will be there.

For any further support inquiries – please use

Nice script.

Rapid question before of buy:

I can add clients (good), so I can send email reminder DIRECTLY to clients to alert them of the upcoming expiring domain? That is: system alert me as admin, but can alert client too?

Another question: where I can see the email template admin (and client, I hope) receive?



Thank you for your interest in our product. At the moment, notifications are sent to admin only. We will be releasing an update to this product most likely in April which will include client notifications as well.

So, please add the features that client must click YES or NOT to renew his domains.

If click on YES, admin kbnow his client want to renews.. If click on NO, admin don’t bother on renew the domain.

Nice idea, don’t you?

Sounds good, thank you for your suggestion. We’ll try to accommodate this one as well.

Well I can’t reach your “support” by any means after sending messages here and to evanto. I ordered this almost a month ago and STILL have not been able to use it because my serial number was sent to an old email address that I am no longer able to access. So maybe someone can finally contact me one of these days, I am not going to buy another one.

Hi morrisgreenwood,

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

Please see this article from envato help section:

For any other support requests related to our products – please use support forum located at – we provide support within 48 hours after receiving the request and only through the forum.


I have tried to contact you through both your profile page and your support forum, but no reply. Maybe here I’ll have better luck?

I just started receiving an error while trying to update domain details via the Auto-Whois, it throws the following error: Warning: Illegal string offset 'handler' in /home/blabla/public_html/domains/php.whois/whois.gtld.php on line 64

Recently my server was updated to php5.4, I dont know if this is the cause?

Hi islander,

Thank you for the follow-up on this.

Unfortunately, we had to pause the development of this product for a while. We’ll get back to it as soon as new BookingWizz (our booking system) will be released, along with Advanced File Management.

Any news regarding updates to this program?

We’ve released Advanced File Management update and moved on to the other long outstanding update for BookingWizz. As previously communicated – we’ll get back to domain manager after that is done.

Hello, I would like to buy your product but first I want to know if I can create individual accounts for my clients so they will can login in their accounts and see the information of each one of their domain names?

Thank you.

Hi augustocastaneda,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, no, there is no such functionality as you described, at the moment.


You have problems with your live preview.


Hi coddec,

It works fine, I just checked it. What kind of problems do you have when you’re trying to view it?

I host my the websites of my clients on my webserver for which they are paying an yearly fee. Can I use your app to send them an email 30, 20 and 10 days before they need to renew their hosting plan?


Hi Radu,

Script sends emails only to admin at the moment.


Can I setup email reminders to my customers? So, I need to send email Reminders when expiring date is near.



At the moment – no. Email reminders are going only to admin currently.

Hi There,

Any chance to add hosting expiration and notifications?

IF can send direct email to clients, it would be even better.


Hi AndrewCHK,

Such features were requested couple of times and most likely we will implement them, but unfortunately, I cannot provide any ETA at the moment.

How do we login to your demo???

Hi munklefish,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

You can use the LIVE PREVIEW link ( and username is admin password is pass

Hi, What’s your time plan for an update? It doesn’t work with PHP 5.4 and some TLDs are not working as they should.

All right, I had to set short_open_tag = On in php.ini and increase the FcgidBusyTimeout value so the script wouldn’t timeout during updates.

Now I’m just left with loads of warnings in the error log. But anyhow, at least now it works for updating the domain expiration dates. I actually had to tweak some of the script files related to whois some time ago.

I think you should release a minor update to start with. Focus on maintaining the existing functionality, i.e. make the code fully compatible with PHP 5.6 and make the whois engine up to par with all TLDs etc. This way you can continue to sell the script here without getting complaints about basic functions failing. Then later on you can release new functions in a major update.


Hi dblomster,

Thanks for your suggestions. This script is scheduled to be updated after several other updates pending to other products. Unfortunately, can’t provide any ETA’s for that at the moment.

CVS upload for domains.

Thank you for purchasing pjalonen – that is on our to do list.