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Is there anyway to have SSL on this? Is it secure enough to go on a live production server?

Sorry, I need to repost so I could receive emails on this comment.

Hi curotec,

Sure you can have SSL . Just purchase one, setup on your server, and then install the script in your secured server folder (on PLESK it is usually under HTTPSDOCS instead of regular HTTPDOCS ). You don’t need to change anything in script in order to run it under SSL .


Great Plugin…works fantastic.

Are you planning to implement a “Search” option, this would help a lot for the clients and domains section…especially when you have 1,000 + domains to find…

Hi Adecor,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

We do have plans for search functionality and several others, however there are other updates which we need to release for our products before we’ll be able to release update for domain manager.

Getting this in CRON email:

% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed

0     0    0     0    0     0      0      0 -:-:- -:-:- -:-:--     0
0     0    0     0    0     0      0      0 -:-:- -:-:- -:-:--     0

i used cron command exactly you gave, additionall i talked to hosting support and they added some curl or more commands to test but still no result….


Well in this case I can only suggest 2 things,

1) try different email address (just for testing purposes..)

2) make sure there are expiring domains since you received last email. I mean, if you already renewed those domains – and there are 0 domains to renew – script will not send anything.

can’t really think of anything else… If you didn’t change anything in code it supposed to work correctly (you even received 1 email before, so script works fine on your server, must be some kind of other issue)

First of all i have 3 domains expiring in15 days.

I setup CRON for 31 days and run it in every minute to test now. I did change email, but no email from SYSTEM . Only getting emails from my cPanel regarding CRON Running notifications.

Please send us and email with all the details ( link to the installation, ftp and admin access to script) through codecanyon profile – we will then take a look and try to debug this issue on your server.

hi, i am running v1 but getting an issue (will upgrade but i’ve made some changes). It has been working fine however I am getting “oopsy, error occured when tryin to update domain. 4” whenever i am trying to update the whois information. Could you let me know what has changed so that I can manually change it? Many thanks!!!

Sorry, it’s impossible to let you know what we’ve changed. Last update was year ago …

P.S We will release updated script in beginning of February, so you might want to wait until then..

did this get updated at the beginning of feb?

Hi modedigital,

No it wasn’t. Next update scheduled for end of march 2012.

Hi is an update scheduled? Would invoicing be a part of this?

Hi syshack,

There is no ETA on the update, though we have started working on it. There are several other scripts which are waiting for an update to be released first.

Looking forward to the udpate. I hope you can make it so the reminder email goes out per domain not per admin?


Thank you for purchasing.

We might add such feature, though we didn’t have it on our list before, thanks for suggestion.

I guess I will wait for the end of march update before giving another go at the script… (.fr fixed ?)


I cannot confirm this right now, however it seems that there is fix already for .fr .de .nl .au domains. Just need to do some testings, add fix to the package and release it (after bookingwizz v5.2 of course)

Hi, great tools. it will even better if you can add hosting as well instead of just client and domain. my clients always come with both products. hope for the upgrade soon.

Hi, thanks for the feedback! We have “hosting” feature in queue for updates in mid-May for this script.

Is there way to add multiple domains at once? I got 1000s of domains to add.

Hi silentg,

At the moment there is such option only through phpmyadmin, you can use CSV import for example. In future we’ll definitely add such functionality as well as many others (end of April/beginning of May)

Still waiting for that March 2012 update…. any idea when it might be released?

Tomorrow we will submit Elavon US Terminal Update, then on the weekends (hopefully) v5.1 BookingWizz, then Domain Manager update (small one, just to update WHOIS library which will fix several TLD ’s issues.), then couple of new plugins for BookingWizz, if everything will go as planned.

  1. Can you provide more information on how to set up the cron on debain? - Should I be using: lynx, or curl, or wget? Are there any special options that need to be setup?
  2. Also how to protect this so that it can’t be called from the browser and overload our server? Maybe using apache?

Solved issues above by asking the questions on serverfault:

Hi exactweb,

Thank you for sharing this info with us.

how do i license it. one of my cousin purchased it and gifted it to me. now I can not license it. part of the license.txt file is as below, please help.

LICENCE CERTIFICATE : Envato Marketplace Item

This document certifies the purchase of: ONE REGULAR LICENCE as defined in the standard terms and conditions on the Envato Marketplaces.

Licensor’s Author Username: Convergine Licensee: Jim Hague

For the item: Advanced Domain Manager Item ID: 89496

Item Purchase Code: Hidden, Will provide in private mail or securly

Hi mehedym,

Unfortunately, your copy of the script is not valid in this case. You must purchase Advanced Domain Manager BY YOURSELF under your account.

Were you able to publish the updates to ADM ? How do I know when you make updates to your programs? Does CodeCanyon notify me in some way?

As soon as we will release update to the product – we will create new blog post on our site, and we will change description of the file, as well as thumbnail. CodeCanyon does not have options to send notifications on product updates.

Just want to say this script has made my life incredibly simplified. I manage over 150 domains, so this is SUPER helpful. I have one recommendation though: Instead of displaying all domains as pages, list them all on one page. If you try to sort them alphabetically, then change the page you have to re-sort then alphabetically, it’s sort of a clumsy way of doing things. I like the way the domains display per client – all on one page. :)

Thank you for your feedback and your suggestions Matt. As soon as we will release update for BookingWizz – we’ll release update for Domain Manager as well with more features and improvements.

Where is the announced update, still worthless for .nl domain?

Coming soon, this month, closer to the the end of it.

It supports domain names .es (spain)?

No, unfortunately .es domain whois lookups must be authorized by – they do not allow anonymous .es lookups as far as we know.


si6 Purchased

Hi, I just purchase this script.

I’m having trouble to install it. I can’t find where is the “backups” and “config” folder.

Can you help me to install this script. Thanks

Hi si6,

Thank you for purchasing.

Please open support thread on our support forums –

i am waiting for new release update … :-/

Unfortunately, we’re still working on it Saliver :/