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fantastic work, very well done ! ;)

Thank you :)

Thank you:)

great plugin, but please add an option to remove the fee row in cart and checkout if the fee is not applicable.

also an option to insert a personalized message insted of the world “fee” will be great

for me these are two major upgrade absolutely needed to use this plugin :)

Thank you. This is really important, we are fix this soon

Thank you. This is really important, we are fix this soon

Hi, we fixed some issues in new version of our plugin

Definitely great work. Goodluck :)

Hi. Can’t choose the limit for each coupon by it?!

Hi. this plugin don’t get coupons

Hello! Have this plugin any frontend with information of user discount and info how much user spent in shop? Thanks.

There is informations about ‘discount’ in order page. Information about the spent money to appear in the next version

Hello, where is 1.0.2 version? 02.02.2017 – ver 1.0.2 After download it’s only 1.0.1 version without “add frontend row in Cart, where customers will see how much money they have already spent” function. Customers now can not see money they have already spent. Please, upload correct new version ASAP. Thanks.

Hi. Thank you for reply. I wrote for admin and upload current version 1.0.2 again. Thank you.

I thought i can add several discounts. Not just one. I need to add -5% when customers has bought more than 200€, -10% if customer has bought more than 400€ and so on. Is it impossible with this plugin? It is kinda pointless if i can only add one discount of every type.

You can add one discount of every type, thank you for questions.

Okay. Im guessing i cant have a refund?

On Sunday I can send you hardcode for your discounts. You can’t change it, but discounts will be working correctly

Hi there- this doesn’t seem to show the discount for the first order despite checking that box? Help?

Hi. First order dicsount show for registered users only

Dear author, Advanced Discount plugin has been installed and setting has been done. It seems not working. Its not showing any discount option in checkout.

Purchase code: 835d33b6-356d-4166-9708-96faeb27524c

Dear author, Advanced discount plugin is working for logged in user for first order discount well.

Hi Can this discount plugin in be triggered by a coupon code

we want to only offer the discounts to select customers coming from a select group Thanks Marcus

Hi, Marcus. This plugin doesn’t work with coupons and users group. In plugin description all discount options are described

Hello AN2-Studio, I have a question before buying your plugin. Is it possible to add a 1% discount on the second product you buy whatever the product category is, a 2% discount on the third item, a 3% discount on the fourth item etc and to fix the limit to 9% on the 10th item and + ? I really want a different discount percentage on each item and not simply a cart discount. Thank you

Hi. Unfortunatly, there isn’t this functions in plugin. Only one discount for some number of sales

Thank you for your answer ! Have a nice day


I use your plugin for the first time. After the installation, i configure the plugin to set a discount of 10€ over 30€ in cart. But nothing happened when i select my product and put it in the cart. Did you have an idea ? Thanks

Hi, uoa are logged in site or buy product like guest?

Hello, I have a question before purchase. Is it possible to make discounts by zip code or country? Thank you in advance

Hi! Unfortunatly, this plugin hasn’t this function