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Your timing is good. I was just looking for this exact type of plugin earlier today. :)

Great :D Please rate the plugin!

Great work! Good luck mate ;)

Thanks a lot! Good luck for you aswell! :)

Please see my comments in your support forum. Thanks.

We just did nopez4you,



How does this integrate on woocommerce site?


Well you just download the plugin, install it and you will see Paxum Payment Gateway in woo commerce -> payment gateways settings. After this you just need to configure a few easy settings, check out our documentation for a guide for this:

Ups sorry, this was a rong answer. Though we were on WooCommerce Paxum Payment Gateway Plugin. It works 100% on woocommerce site.


I purchased and download it, but I can’t find out any instruction on the installation. Please let me know how to install and add any guidance on the installation and user manual in the downloaded contents.

Hello v2park,

Thanks, all you need to install is to go to WP-admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Select upload tab -> and select the ZIP you downloaded after purchase.

After you try it out, don’t forget to rate. Thanks!

Congratulations, great work! Wish you best of luck.

Thank you very much. I wish you the same !

I have a website with custom posts, type SINGERS, ALBUMS, SONGS … Think possible with this plugin to create categories as GENRE SINGERS, THE ALPHABET LETTER for ALBUMS RECORDER as to how MUSIC GENRE?

Yes, this plugin will enable you to do that!

Hello, I love this plugin and I’m a beginner and i’m in the market for exactly this plugin. But I do not know how it works and the Pictures doesn’t explain much better so when will the Live Preview be up?

Additionally, I wan to use this for a Celebrity Database so if this plugin can do that then I’ll seriously need the live preview. Thanks

Well at the moment, I can’t provide a live preview. As you know this plugin works mostly on back end, and works with taxonomies. The plugin does what the video says. If it wasn’t reliable or working it wouldn’t be in code canyon,

Can I assume that your plugin does not have a way to display these custom taxonomies on the front end?


Without touching the code no, but I can create a tutorial for this if you wish :)

There are a few available online so there is no need unless you want to have a tutorial for your customers. Thanks for the quick reply!

No problem, I might add one since you are not the first pesson requesting this.

No problem, if you do buy this useful plugin don’t forget to rate it. Thanks


just some pre-sale question. if i want to make a company register i could create a taxonomy called “companies”. so i can create for each company an item assigning to the companies taxonomy? how can i display these items on the front end?


Hello Tassadan,

Yes you can do that, you can display them with wordpress existing functions for example get_terms.

For more informations check out this link.

If you need help on displaying it in the frontend I will be glad to help you out.


do you have a front end demo to look at? The demo link doesnt go anywhere other than a description page.

Im looking for a way to create custom tags for products, and then be able to filter in front end by tags. Need images for the tags.

Is this possible with this plugin? Thanks

Yes you will be able to do this.

Try the demo link here.

Can you check the login info as it wont let me login to view demo. Also, I would be looking for a way to filter the custom tags in front end so they bring the attached posts up using ajax (no page reload) – do you know if this integrates with another plugin for this function? or can it be done as custom work?

The login info should be fixed now. Filtering custom tags and bring attached posts via AJAX needs to be custom.


Hello, two questions: do you got more demo videos? can I create with this plugin a taxonomy group like: country (and a list of countries) another called: Authors (and a list of authors) I’m planning to use it with the “Taxonomies Filter Widget” to display the book according this parameter group. Do you think I can do this with your plugin?? Regards

Yes absolutely, you can see a working example on the demo site.


Hi Mr Author, I’m definetely going to purchase this, but I want to Know how I can display the custom meta or taxonomies I create to list them under the page content and if I can also style them.

Hello CobbyNelson,

You can display them using wordprses get_terms, then you loop it and you can use Advanced Custom Taxonomies get_act_meta function which is explained here:


Hi, the demo is not working. I want the plugin but i can not try. I want to see how it looks on the post page


You can try it now.


There is nothing in the demo admin panel ?

In the demo version you can only see the results of usign the plugin. To see the results go to Posts -> Book Categories


Would this work with existing custom taxonomies created through code/plugins?

Yes, adding metabox and meta fields is possible to any custom taxonomies created from different plugins.

Thanks!! Good job.. This does what it needs to do..

Thanks for the comment. I’m glad this plugin was useful to you. :D


I just purchased the plugin. I thought this could be displayed by using shortcode, but nothing seems to display using your sample code on the documentation page. If this code needs to be exported is there not an export utility included with this plugin?

Thanks M.

The meta value of the taxonomy is displayed using the shortcode or the PHP function. If you require further assistance on this please create a topic on the forum. No there is no export capability available right now.

Do you know of any csv importers that would work with your plugin? Specifically for importing the custom metas. Also where are the meta stored?

Hello, Everything is stored in a different database table. So you need to export from the database.

How do you display the custom fields on the term page? Can we display them selectively? Can we add some kind of code in the taxonomy template?


By default, if you add some meta with the plugin, it will display the custom fields on the term page. You mean the term page template?


yeah I mean term page template. Also if it is possible to edit/change the layout of the meta fields.

Well if you add meta fields with Advanced Custom Taxonomy you will be able to see it. Only with CSS