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I have a problem after install. I get this error:

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-taxonomies/includes/class-act-core.php on line 87”

Can you help me?

Do you still have this problem?

I don’t know, because i delete it and install wp types. I lost money for your plugin :(

Well if using wp types was all you needed then ok. This plugins is more focus on the upload and gives you more control over the uploader, with a bunch of hooks.

Curious to know if the plugin can solve the following…

I have 2 custom post types:

1. Offers Location (taxonomy) 2. Businesses Location (taxonomy)

I want to sort both offers and businesses by location but don’t want to have to duplicate all the locations or add a new location to both custom post types. Is there a way for me to LINK the Businesses custom post type to the “Offers Location” taxonomy?

Hello, Yes it should be possible to relate them.

Hello! This plugin seems great, we purchased it for use with Woocommerce to create advanced taxonomies for products.

We are working on a development server and will be adding a very large number of items and taxonomies before moving the site to it’s live URL. We noticed that when adding images to taxonomies, it appears the URL to the image at the time of upload is being hardcoded (bad practice) into a text field instead of being dynamically referenced (good practice). Is this the case? When we move the site from the development server to the live server (changing the site URL), will the taxonomy images remain intact or would all images of all taxonomies have to be manually reset with the new URL? (This would render the plugin useless, so we hope this is not the case!)

Please let us know!

Yes the image field works by absolute URL. In some cases this is useful, which it was when the plugin was done, and other cases it isn’t.

Hi. I need to create new custom taxonomies in woocommerce, for example Actors, like I have now Authors & Publishers that came with my theme. Screen shot:

As well i want to know how later i add these to the site search for the users to search by Actors.

As wll is there a way to export the current authors and publishers taxonomies into this plugin so they will be independent and will let me switch a theme.

Thank you

Is there a csv import option? I would like people to search via zip code, which requires about 50,000 entries..


It doen’t work with the following error:

Total Queries:108 Total DB Errors:4

SAVEQUERIES must be defined to show the query log. Database Errors

SELECT * FROM wp_act_meta_boxes ORDER BY index_order ASC
Table 'myshop.wp_act_meta_boxes' doesn't exist
SELECT * FROM wp_act
Table 'myshop.wp_act' doesn't exist
Table 'myshop.wp_act' doesn't exist
SELECT * FROM wp_act
Table 'myshop.wp_act' doesn't exist

Could you fix that or I should request withdrawal? thanks

just purchased the plugin and followed exactly the video tutorial – but after filling the custom taxonomy first step – nothing happen list of taxonomy is empty/not registered any idea? thanks

Plugin doesn’t work – refund please!