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Hi there I purchased your plugin for a client a couple of years ago. It use to work well. However now, we dont get any results. Can you advise how i can get it to work again please? Richard

Hi regsavon,

it seems a problem related to WooCommerce; we are investigating the problem and we think we’ll provide a new update in a few days.

Hi regsavon,

we’ve uploaded a new version of the plugin and it should be available for download in the next few days.

Thanks. Perfect. The plugin now works pefectly.



Will this search repeater with sub-fields in ACF? Thanks. Scott.

Hi scrimu,

due to how the data is saved from ACF for the repeater field it is not currently possible to do a search on that type of fields, we are working on a way to support it but we have no ETA for that feature.

Hi there I purchased your plugin for a client a couple of years ago. It use to work well. However now, we dont get any results. Can you advise how i can get it to work again please? Richard

Check the answer to your previous comment.

Hello, Will this work with 4.9.x.? Is there a plan to update this plugin? Thank you for your time.

Hi marogiannisgiannis,

the plugin works with WordPress 4.9.x.

I get an error on installation even though permission are set to write – any help would be appreciated – the error is [ASFB] Please fix permistion folder cache! And re-active plugin.

Hi JJK28189,

the error you are reporting is not related to our plugin.

How do I translate the word “All” in select in search form?

Hi lukasnes,

you should be able to change the default option of a field by filling the placeholder in the edit page.

Hello, unfortunately I did not find it anywhere. Could you send me a screenshot?

Each field has its own placeholder that can be changed in the visual builder section of the edit page.

(It’s not possible to upload files in the comments)


I just bought Advance Custom Search.

I use Extra from, and the theme don’t have achive.php, so how to create this page?

Regards, Ayub

Hi ayubboesono,

you will have to create a file named archive.php in the main folder of your theme and then open it and insert the code that will display your results, something like the following should get you started as a base archive.

<?php get_header(); if(have_posts()) : while(have_posts()) : the_post(); the_title(); echo ’< div class=”entry-content”>’; the_content(); echo ’< /div>’; endwhile; endif; get_footer(); ?>

You can edit the code to better suit your theme.

Hi Vardumpsrl, already create archive.php and input your code above, but still no search result appearing. You can try in this page: . Please use searchbox find (CARI) with the blue header. Waiting your response soon. Thank you.

Hi ayubboesono,

can you send us access to your site at so we can do some testing on your activation?


I have files attached to a cpt via ACF Pro repeatable field

Is it possible to search files titles an display all cpt corresponding ?

Thank you

Hi dweb,

you can’t search for file titles using this plugin.

Hi there,

If a ” or ’ is entered as part of the search criteria, when the search results are returned this character gets mangled into something like \\\ or \\\’

Before: After with ”: After with ’:

Looks like a character escaping issue to me. Would you be able provide a fix for this bug please?

Thanks, John

Thanks. For reference, we don’t have any double encoding issues elsewhere on the site.


jhob101 Purchased

Hi support, have you had a chance to look into the double-encoding issue?

It seems that wordpress double-encode some data when used in a SQL query. We fixed the problem and we’ll release a new update as soon as possible.

I only want to use this plugin for the backend but it seems to modify the default public wordpress search too, as I had made changes to that but this plugin breaks them.

Is there a way to turn off the default public search being affected by this plugin?

That doesn’t seem to be the case on the site I’m working on. It was set to just search one CPT, but after enabling the plugin (with no active search forms) the search had reverted to only search posts. Can provide URL privately for you to take a look.


jhob101 Purchased

Hi support, do you have any update to this?

Can you send us some details of your wordpress by email at

I get the following error on the front of the website when I activate your plugin: [28-Mar-2018 07:50:53 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Undefined constant ‘ARRAY_FILTER_USE_KEY’ in /home/bgonyea02/public_html/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-search-pro/advanced-custom-search-pro.php on line 609

I am using Advanced Custom Fields PRO and specifically just upgraded to Version 5.6.9 but still have the error.

Hi hcamelion,

that error occurs because you are using an old version of PHP, the plugin is compatible with PHP 5.6 which is the oldest supported version as you can see here:


How do I remove this message “Your theme doesn’t have an archive template (archive.php); make sure to create one or Advanced Custom Search Pro won’t be able to show the search results.” I’m unable to dismiss it, I’m using Flatsome Theme.

Also is there a way to submit your search as Post Type Archive to a specific custom post type page ? e.g

I am using Advanced custom search Pro,, Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the result any more.. Please help