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Are you still supporting this plugin?

I haven’t seen an update in a year.



Hi, is there an update coming? I’m having lots of problems with this plugin lately


swandke Purchased

Hello, my plugin is not returning any search results. i get the blank white screen. I have seen you suggest this is a PHP issue. What PHP should we be running? Is this compatible with the latest Wordpress core update? I have a feeling the functionality stopped on my website sometime between 5.0 and the latest 5.2. The site where it isn’t working is

Hello swandke,

can you provide us further informations about the error? Are there some errors in errorlog?

The plugin requires at least PHP 5.6 but we suggest to use PHP >= 7.0.

Best regards


swandke Purchased

No, there are no errors in the error log. We are using 5.6 and I tried to upgrade the PHP but it still didn’t work (and broke an important slider plugin, so I went back to 5.6 for now.) Can you please try the link I provided and see if you can figure out why I get no results?

iam plan to create website based on woocommerce docotr directory can i creat search form by this plugin as this website : or can u customize it for me , i want to search by category and city and specialty


mickdpi Purchased

Hi – I’ve installed Advanced Custom Search PRO on my WP site but it doesn’t work, I just get an error “The site is experiencing technical difficulties”.

See for an example.

Can you help with getting this working? We have used the extension before without issue…

Does this plugin work with ACF fields that are registered via PHP or JSON instead of the database?

I can see all the fieldgroups but not the fields in the fieldgroups in the admin page. I am loading the ACF fields via PHP file.

Hello, I’m trying to use your plugin because I think it may be helpful with what I need to search on my backend. I’m using it together with advanced custom fields, it works with standard fields but I can’t see Repeater fields (sub fields), is there any chance to enable or support them? Thank you

Your plugin populates the wp_options with acs_session rows every page refresh. That makes a normal mysql server crash and spam the database with useless information. Why do you need to store data in database for a simple search? Can’t be moved in the $_SESSION ?


Am interested in your Advance Custom Search Pro. Will need it for about 3 or 4 sites.

My question is this: Can I customize search results to display only as text?


Date of Post Title of Post

There would be no graphics, just straight text tied to the link of a post.

Thanks for your time, Timothy


est il possible, avec votre module, de faire une recherche par date sur un champ date acf dans les articles dans l’admin ?

Merci par avance pour votre réponse.