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Hi! Before purchasing this plugin I would love to know if it’s possible to use tags as value in the “select” fields? “select — used in fields that have a specific set of values (i.e. post status, taxonomies, etc.).” Best regards! M.

Hello Micha_Meedom,

in Wordpress tags are just taxonomies with a non-hierarchical structure; you can show a Tag filter with checkboxes or with a <select> depending on what type of search you want.

Hi! Ibought your plugin, and it works great in the begining but now, i got a BIG issue.

The problem is the following:

I using the search engine to a real state site. I create some critera to the search plugin. For example, one with tags, to identify characteristics of the propertys, one with categories to find the location, another also with categories to search the type of transaction (rent, Sale) exclude some of mayor categories an its subordinated and in each case and works great.

I get paid for my work and finish, but now my client call me and said that the some search “boxes” or weathever you call it, are duplicated. For example the section “Type of property” replicates itself a number of times, and when i enter to edit the form erase them and update the form new sections are created, and dont end there if i click update again it generates new and new and new sections to the form.

I think it´s very weird when my client call and i think “there may be a mistake”, but its in facts the things that happen. Its like a bug in the plugin? or you can give me an answer or solution to this issue?

Its very important to solve this :(


Hello, it seems very strange and it could not depend on ACS: if it worked well for a while and then the problem appeared, maybe your client performed some “actions” (updates, changes in settings, etc) and messed up with ACS or WordPress itself.

Can you give us the url of the site and (if you want) an admin user to login and check backend settings?

Thank you

I bought your plugin and nothing shows up under search forms, admin views and settings. Please let me know what’s happening.

Hello. What do you mean with “nothing shows up”? Entire blank page? Empty WordPress admin page? Can you give us other details (maybe with screenshots)?

Did you get some errors during the installation of ACS?

Thank you


I’ve a problem with a relational field, this field link a post type to an user(wordpress user)

when i search for a post linked to a specific user, acs doesn’t find anything, Instead when i search for any other field all works well.

how can I solve this problem?

Hello sgrunfo, we’ll do some tests and get back to you as soon as possible.

We’ve made some tests and we haven’t found any problem, you can try the sample page and filter by owner to see a working example.

It could be a configuration problem on your site, if you need further help please give us more details on the problem.

Could i do a post search within categories (ie: car brand) and subcategories (ie: car model) as in this example: with your plugin?

Hello mertxe,

the plugin can show a single field, either select or input, that can search within all categories, there is no way to have two separate fields like in the example site.


We’re getting the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function AdvancedCustomSearchPro\ACF\acf_get_field_groups() in /nas/content/staging/sitename/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-search-pro/core/acf/fieldgroup.php on line 121

Hosted on WPEngine – Any ideas?

Hello Imedia2012,

what version of Advanced Custom Fields are you using?

The latest version: 4.4.11

There was a compatibility problem with the free version of ACF, we’ve uploaded a fix that is waiting for review and should be ready for download in a few days.

Let us know if you need further assistance after the update.

Dear .. I just purchased the plugin ..

when I go to ACSP > settings .. it gives me an error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function boolval() in /home3/almarsomi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-search-pro/views/settings.php on line 20

Can you please give me a solution?

Hi aliabdulbaki, it looks like it’s an old version of PHP, what version are you using?


ofredon Purchased

Hi, Can’t access to Settings ! Message : Fatal error: Call to undefined function boolval() in /home/ on line 20 Kindly, Olivier

Hi ofredon, what version of PHP are you using?


ofredon Purchased

PHP version is 5.4.45

ACS requires at least PHP 5.6: older versions are deprecated and may expose your site to security vulnerabilities. WordPress itself recommends PHP version 7 or greater:

We strongly suggest to update your PHP version.

Hi there. Presale question. I pretend to use it with a property site (custom theme) I think I can create an advanced search with your plugin that fits my needs. But … Can I get Statistics of the visitor’s search? Like … most searched keyword, or most searched range price … Is this possible?

Is not possible at all? in any search plugin? ... Your plugin looks so awesome … please!

We don’t have any search statistic, we don’t know about other plugins.


domadoo Purchased


On my website i use “Custom Sidebar” to have custom sidebar on different pages or posts / categories of the blog. I created a page for home automation tutorials, and a custom sidebar for this page, where i have your advanced search. So visitor can have the last tutorials, and the search form in the right. But when we do a search, we’re going to a news page, with the slug configured in the advanced search form. It’s ok. But how can i put a custom sidebar to this page, because she’s not really exist ? I’d like visitor have always the search form in this section of the website. Second question: do you have an code example of css to put in the CSS Style section of your plugin, only to view how it works. I don’t often use css, sorry, and the Query style doesn’t seem work for me.

Hi domadoo,

you need to add the sidebar in the archive file, it can be the generic archive.php or a specific archive if you are using a custom post type.

You can check out the following link to see an example of CSS:

the same CSS is used for the search form on the right.


domadoo Purchased

Thank you very much for the css, it’s perfect ! But for the sidebar, it’s a little more difficult. I dont want to have this sidebar on all archives, only on the Custom post type “Guides” archive, and on the result page of ACS that have the slug “resultat_guides”. -> If i modify archive.php, i have the sidebar on the ACS result page, but also on all archive page: it’s not what i want -> If i create an archive-guides.php : i have the sidebar on the guides archives only, but not on the ACS result page It’s the last thing i need, and all will be perfect :D

The archive file actually used is managed by WordPress: it should use the archive file specific for the post type, if you select only one post type in post type field inside the search form configuration. In your case, WordPress uses the archive.php instead: we already solved this issue, that occurs in some cases, and sent Envato the new version of the plugin for review; it will be ready for download in the next few days. If you need to solve it urgently, you can include the sidebar inside the generic archive.php checking if the GET variable “acs-action” is defined, so it will be shown only in search results.

Hi. Two things regarding Advanced Search Pro:

1. If I add two “Categories” fields in form builder, after saving it will generate more “Categories” fields (instead of two fields, I have three and so on). Bug? 2. In Chrome, the arrows for the drop down type fields don’t display.

Thanks for looking into these.