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Hi there,

I need to ask that is this plugin allow to filter results using ACF, and I also want a range feature where I have properties and they have beds so I want to search a property which have 2-10 beds and same for pricing?.Is this plugin allow this feature ?


You need to setup the plugin and enable it for the post type you associated the ACF fields to. You can follow this guide:

Hi, thanks.

Custom fields are now working but now it isn’t showing me the range feature for my number fields. Is I am missing something? I have also seen the doc and there is number of field types are mentioned but how to show it in admin.

It is showing me only this:

Please help me in this regards.

Kind regards, Neil

Hi, the number field only shows a range selection for the front end view, in the admin panel a comparison drop down is used instead.

From the screenshot I can see that the price field is a string and as such, it shows a “like” comparison button, each field type has its own comparison list relevant to the field type.

You can edit the search form in the “Admin views” page from the “Advanced Custom Search” menu and add the fields you need.

Hello, I would like to know if it’s possible to link fields. In few words if I check a specific option, another field group is activated.

Thank you!

Hello, conditional fields are not supported, but you can insert all fields in the html code and dynamically show/hide them according to a field value. It requires a very easy javascript script. If you need help we can support you.

deleted duplicate posting.

I’m unable to search with a custom taxonomy field.

I created a custom taxonomy and populated it with some locations. Next, I created a ‘locations’ field utilizing this taxonomy via the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. I then created a couple test posts and made sure to select locations. I created a search using this ‘locations’ field and a search button. I confirmed that I had set the search to utilize the proper custom post type. Unfortunately, when I search using the ‘locations’ field as a filter, nothing shows in the results. However, when I create a search using another field (a non-taxonomy field) then the search works as intended.

Hello, could you please give us more details, for example a public url where we can test the form you implemented?


A few questions:

I’m using Advanced Custom Fields with the advanced search.

- Is there a way that that I can setup the dropdowns/select boxes so they only show options that have values?

- Is there a way to convert the dropdowns/select boxes into unordered lists so I can style them better?

- Is there a way to change the URL that is appended upon a search? Something more SEO friendly based on the options that were selected for the search.



It seems a copy/paste problem; your inclusions are using the wrong quotes (” instead of ” and ’ instead of ‘) and select2 is not really included.

<link href=”” rel=”stylesheet” />

<script src=””></script>

<script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready(function () { jQuery(’#acs_wp_taxonomy_location_value’).select2(); }); </script>

wow – WTF – that was the issue. Thanks, it’s working now!

for anyone else that’s having issues … to fix the issue I went through and retyped each quote … the copy and pasted quotes were wrong for some reason.

hi, is this plugin compatible whit Opal estate theme ?

Hi bilaweb, the plugin should be compatible with any theme as long as it comes with an archive.php file which is needed to show the search results.


How can I make infinite scroll work with this search? Also, if this isn’t an option then I’ll need help trying to get the ‘previous posts’ link to show up in the pagination.



ACS only filters your original WordPress archive query, so your theme (and precisely your archive.php file) needs to support the infinite scroll. The pagination system is also determined by WordPress and archive.php file.

I’ve imported about 15,000 records (programs). I can clearly see the locations (taxonomy) has 300+ programs under the option ‘United States’ and I can see them in the backend. However, when I search using Advanced Custom Search on the front-end I get no results.

the page is located here:

I can give you admin access if you need.

I’ve figured out that I was using the wrong field. There were two fields with locations and I used the wrong one.

29d145b4-374f-49d9-8cf4-73bfcf903623 i just bought it with theme tried default wp theme twenty seventeen and twentyfifteen

none of them bring results from advanced custom fields ? why?

i made 2 posts one with blood type A+ and another with dropdown custom field AB blood type none of results appear, says no results

and both posts are published

Did you read the documentation? Did you select the right custom post type in your search form editor?


also the advanced search in the backend doesn t work, i have ltest version of wp, advanced custom fileds and your plugin only installed, in wamp, looks very promising your plugin but doesn t work :(

i cannot wait 5 days for a reply, thsi should work out of the box

please issue a refund

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We found the errors:

1- You need to specify the post_type inside the Search Form Builder (in your case, select post from the post type).

2- You need to actually insert the form inside a page, using a widget or the shortcode (in your case it’s [acsform id=”23” title=”ACF”] ).

3- Options with the ”+” character are misinterpreted: + is used as a string concatenator in html post/get parameters. Generally you should avoid special characters in your fields values, so you can change your ACF field options to save fields in a different way, for example:

na : Αγνωστη

Onegative : 0-

Opositive : 0+

Anegative : A-

Apositive : A+

Bnegative : B-

Bpositive : B+

ABnegative : AB-

ABpositive : AB+

We can send you screenshots of your wordpress admin correctly configured, if you need; just give us a private contact. You can even access to with your username/password and check the settings. This host will be removed in the next 24 hours.

Thank you

I am having trouble troubleshooting a site we built with I have set fields and categories up however the filtering search results seem to not be accurate. It almost seems that if it doesn’t find a criteria I specify, that it will display the latest 20 posts I have made that are completely out of the category the search parameters are set at. Any help with this would be much appreciated.

thanks, Ryan

Hello Ryan, can you give us a public URL where you used ACS Plugin? We didn’t find anything on

Anyway, maybe your archive.php is developed to show latest 20 posts if nothing is found: could it be possible? Remember that ACS is only filtering the pre-existent archive/search query.

Thank you for your purchase.

Well we actually started the development at and moved it to last week. I don’t think the archive.php is set up that way but I can certainly look. Do you think something happened during the site transfer? It appears to be doing the same thing on the old site as well. Ideally if nothing is found we would like a message to say “no products found”.

We can’t find a ACS Search Form on your site: can you give us the actual url of the page you inserted the form in?


Why no demo? It is so hard to decide to buy your plugin or not. Tsk.

Anyway, is your plugin can develop this kind of search concept?
Check screenshot:

Hello jedlarosa,

we don’t have an official backend demo, but you can try the plugin frontend at

Fields you can see in the form are built with ACF and WooCoomerce.

We took a look at your screenshot and we can confirm that you can build a form like that; you’ll have to create three fields (Year, Make, Model) with ACF and link them to your wordpress custom post.

Best regards.