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I purchased the plugin hoping to have a advanced search feature in my site that searches ACF meta’s. Unfortunately ACF Group isn’t included in the plugin feature. Another feature lacking is to have availability for the user to choose category base on parent and children. I would like to ask a refund since I can’t used this.

There is currently no way to do that with the plugin, if you want a refund you will have to ask for it in the appropriate section.

Thanks vardumpsrl!

Thanks for checking out our plugin.

I have three different custom post types and I’d like to place search form in different page on my CPT, can use this search form to search and display results for each post type?


Ok then i will ask fo refund

i’ve sent the refund request, please approve

Refund approved, thanks for trying our plugin.


microb14 Purchased


i purchased your plugin only for ACF.

I create a custom type in wordpress and this custom type uses ACF. I need to create a search engine in this custom type tio filter the content by city.

i created a search form with your module and i put it in my php file. i see the form but always no result.

have i forgoten something ?


Hi microb14,

can you give us a link to the page where you have the search form?

I installed this plugin to search trough custom fields in the admin, but get the error: Warning: Parameter 2 to AdvancedCustomSearchPro::postsWhere() expected to be a reference, value given in /www/htdocs/theerenf/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 286

Can you help?

Hi sytheveenje,

we are looking into the issue and will get back to you as soon as we have an answer, in the meantime you should still be able to use the plugin.

Hi sytheveenje,

we fixed this issue in the latest version of the plugin, be sure to update.

I am having problems with the search using a taxonomy and check boxes, no results are being returned if any of the check boxes are selected. From my experience if a search has check boxes it does not return any results.

Hi christine_merrifield,

we are investigating the issue but we couldn’t replicate the problem, could you give us a link to the page with the search?

The Search seems to work fine but for one field it returns nothing. Its a field with data and is similar with checkboxes to another but just returns a blank page.

Any thoughts?

Hi andvines99,

could you send us an email with access to your WordPress admin so we can debug the plugin on your activation?

I believe this has to do with the hosting Pantheon and creating the table. Do you offer paid support to get this working? This is what Pantheon provided: Accessing Database on Patheon – Here is some info:

Also, how do I provide info that is private?

You can write us an email at

Is there a way to make a multi select dropdown with this plugin?

Hi cmasolutions,

multiple selections are shown as checkboxes.


atrejuNe Purchased

Hey there,

I have a warning: “Parameter 2 to AdvancedCustomSearchPro::postsWhere() expected to be a reference, value given in” is that a Bug?

Another issue; i need to select a default category in each form search, if the check box or select menu, gave me by default a blank option, doesn’t work for me.

I’m sorry but, without those issue solved, i need a refund. What it’s the process?

Thank you.

Hi atrejuNe,

we fixed the warning issue in the latest version, just update the plugin to have the fix. We don’t have a default option for the fields but you can achieve that using javascript.


CertaWeb Purchased

Hi We recently bought the plugin, but we can not activated it. It shows a error “Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘AdvancedPostSearch’ not found in..”, I can send you the complete error code in a private message. We are running Wordpress 4.9.6

Hi CertaWeb,

we uploaded a new version of the plugin with the fix for your issue.

Hello, I just bought your product and after activation it says

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘AdvancedPostSearch’ not found in /home/adam/Documents/WordPress/argo/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-search-pro/advanced-post-search.php:585 Stack trace: #0 /home/adam/Documents/WordPress/argo/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-search-pro/advanced-post-search.php(590): AdvancedPostSearch() #1 /home/adam/Documents/WordPress/argo/wp-settings.php(305): include_once(’/home/adam/Docu…’) #2 /home/adam/Documents/WordPress/argo/wp-config.php(39): require_once(’/home/adam/Docu…’) #3 /home/adam/Documents/WordPress/argo/wp-load.php(37): require_once(’/home/adam/Docu…’) #4 /home/adam/Documents/WordPress/argo/wp-admin/admin.php(31): require_once(’/home/adam/Docu…’) #5 /home/adam/Documents/WordPress/argo/wp-admin/edit.php(10): require_once(’/home/adam/Docu…’) #6 {main} thrown in /home/adam/Documents/WordPress/argo/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-search-pro/advanced-post-search.php on line 585

Please can you have a look at it?


Hi DavidHotar,

the latest version of the plugin has the fix for this issue.