Advanced Custom Search PRO

Advanced Custom Search PRO

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Advanced Custom Search PRO is a WordPress plugin for anyone who needs an advanced search for posts or custom posts in WordPress admin or in frontend, without additional code: just drag and drop in the Visual Builder. You can perform complex queries directly from the posts list and use specific filters for each field. Search in WordPress built-in and custom post types by any default post attribute, or other fields added using Advanced Custom Fields (required when searching by post meta). Specify which comparison operator you want to use.

  • Advanced search for posts in WordPress Admin
  • Visual Builder for frontend search forms with Drag & Drop
  • Works with Advanced Custom Fields, WooCommerce and WPML
  • Uses your posts archive and does not need a custom template
  • Include forms in your website using Widget or Shortcode (works with other Visual Builders)
  • Optionally customize forms with CSS

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Advanced Custom Search PRO lets you easily perform advanced searches for posts; in every posts list of your WordPress backend there is an Advanced Search button by which you can open the search form.


Advanced Custom Search PRO lets you create search forms for your website visitors. A Search Form allows the users to search and filter a post archive. Building a search form is a very simple process; thanks to the powerful Visual Builder you can simply build the form by dragging and dropping the fields you need in the form container: Advanced Custom Search PRO will do the magic.

Build your search forms in seconds!

Plugin documentation


  • The plugin does not support searching into ACF Repeater Fields.
  • The plugin requires an archive.php file. If your theme doesn’t have one, please find out how to create it.